Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 11 - Hypnosis

A sense of danger surged into his heart. The sixth sense cultivated by Fetal Respiration was strong. Every cell in Jiang Li’s body was breathing and he was almost certain: “This man is suspicious, definitely suspicious.”

“Hello.” The wealthy girl in shades had good eyes and could tell this youth wasn’t the average person. Of course she wouldn’t reject his attempt at a conversation so she smiled, “You can have a look.”

“How may I call you miss?” The youth’s smile was absolutely captivating and had a huge attraction on girls. Jiang Li also had never seen a man as handsome as him.

“This guy is so hot.” Moona Lin thought to herself but suddenly discovered that Jiang Li’s facial expression didn’t seem right, ”what’s wrong? Junior


“Nothing, let’s observe first.” Jiang Li waved his hand and pretended that he was going to buy the extravagant items. As he pulled Moona Lin around for window shopping, he kept his senses focused on the conversation between the youth and the rich girl.

“My surname is Xue.” The wealthy girl offered her hand and shook hands with this handsome man, “How may I address you?”

“My surname is Feng.” The handsome youth said, “Miss Xue, how about we have some tea together and make friends?”

“Okay.” Miss Xue waved her hands and told the bodyguards beside her, “You guys can go back first, I will drive back home myself.”

“Uh…..” The two bodyguards hesitated. At this time, the youth scanned the two bodyguards and they nodded immediatel, “Then we’ll be gone miss.”


In that instance, the hairs on Jiang Li’s body stood up.

The moment that handsome youth glanced at him, he felt he was being glared at by a ferocious beast. It was so dangerous that his spirit was wincing. If it was someone else, they would not have this feeling. But he had trained a long time in Fetal Respiration and his spiritual awareness was more sensitive than those with a life force of 1.

It was also very strange that Miss Xue just accepted an invitation from a stranger and even sent away her bodyguards.

“Could it be!” A though rose from Jiang Li’s mind, “Is this person the fugitive? According to the files, the fugitive was a hypnotist. Those two bodyguards were also hypnotised by him? This Miss Xue is also hypnotised by him? But this person looks nothing like the fugitive? Did the fugitive wear a masquerade? Did he change his muscles and bones?”

Those strong cultivators could temporarily change their bones and muscles to work with their masquerade. It was no surprise if they changed into another person in a matter of seconds.

This person was definitely vicious especially with the almost suffocating feeling he gave Jiang Li.

He was almost certain this was the fugitive. No wonder he couldn’t be caught, his masquerade was impeccable.

“Senior Schoolmate, let’s go outside.”

Jiang Li suddenly dragged Moona Lin outside of the shop quietly.

“Did you discover something?” Moona Lin was confused but still cooperated. In the three days they spent together, she knew Jiang Li was a calm and collected person with a strong spiritual cultivation. Many people in university were not a match for him.

The average life force of university students were just 0.7-0.8. This was the limit for the normal people of this time.

However, Jiang Li’s life force was infinitely close to 0.9. This exceeded a lot of university students.

“I think I found the fugitive, it is that man.” Jiang Li said, “Don’t look at him, his spiritual capabilities are very strong. He will sense any eyesight. I’m no match for him, we need to call headquarters. Don’t move. I believe his target is the wealthy girl.”

“That’s not really possible right?” Moona Lin frowned, she had great impression of that graceful young man. He was handsome.

“Believe me, my spiritual capabilities are of the extent that I can go into Deep Sleep whenever I want.” Jiang Li found an excuse.

“What? You’re a genius like that?” Moona Lin was surprised and looked at him like he was some sort of monster, ”There are barely anyone who can enter the second stage of Deep Sleep even in university.”

“Senior schoolmate. Call the headquarters and inform them of the situation. I’ll have a look and see what’s wrong with that man. I can constrict my spirit so that he won’t notice me. This man is extremely dangerous, it won’t be good if he attacks you.” Jiang Li planned.


Moona Lin acted according to the plan

BUzz buzz….buzz buzz

A sound came from the computer of the investigation squad in the police department. A policeman stood up abruptly: ”There’s a target.”

“Really?” The middle aged policeman walked over doubtedly, “These students found him? Let’s not make an embarrassment by identifying the wrong person. Connect to the surveillance video, I will talk.”


“A three dimensional image was shown. It displayed everything in that shop and the 3D projection of the young man appeared in the centre of the huge office of the investigation squad. The police department could connect to the surveillance of any place in the city at any time.

“Jiang Li, Moona Lin are you sure it’s the fugitive?” The earphones in Jiang LI’s ears sounded, “This person does not look like the fugitive at all.”

“No, the Miss Xue should be a wealthy girl. The first time she saw the man, she sent away her bodyguards. The bodyguards didn’t want to leave but the man just glanced at the bodyguard and they left immediately.” Jiang Li explained, “My spiritual cultivation tells me that that man is extremely dangerous.”

“Really?” The middle aged policeman ordered, ”Search the index.”


With the speed of the computer, all the information were examined within five seconds: “Report, the lady is called Xue Bear, she is the elder daughter of the Xue family! Xue family operates in housing estates, supermarkets and apparels. They have over 100 million star coins in family wealth! The appearance of the young man is not in the records and thus couldn’t be examined.”

“Not in the files?” The middle aged police officer’s face transformed into excitement and smashed his fists on the table, “That is a major point of suspicion.”

Ever since humanity united, everyone had an identity chip and went into the records of the state. The fact that the young man was not in the records meant that he was in masquerade and therefore could not be found in the system.

Sounds of footsteps could be heard

All the members of the investigation squad gathered knowing that there was a major breakthrough in the investigation. An unregistered face was certainly a fugitive. They could arrest people just with this point of evidence.

“Notify everyone immediately, lock down that area of the commercial district. Attention, this fugitive is highly precarious, and we must not alert him. Surveillance, keep your eyes fixed on this person. Notify Jiang LI and Moona Lin, tell them not to move, they have accomplished a major feat!”

The voice of the middle aged police officer was almost twisted and started making arrangements immediately.

“Report…. Xue Bear and the suspect went into the toilets on the surveillance. What do we do? The suspect may hurt Xue Bear.” The surveillance person suddenly said. They could see the situation with a 3D image, and even conversations could be heard.

On a quiet sidewalk, the handsome youth smiled to Xue Bear, “I’m sorry I need to use the bathroom.”

“”I also need to use the bathroom.” Xue Bear smiled but abnormally as if she was actually hypnotised.

“Not good.” The eyes of the middle aged policeman pulsated. Xue Bear had a very high status. If something happens, the Xue family would trouble the police department. In order to appease their anger at that time, he would probably be relegated.


At this moment, something dangerous happened and the surveillance screen suddenly went black. Nothing could be seen.

“What happened?”

“The surveillance equipment was damaged, we can’t see the situation there anymore.” Another policeman was beginning to worry.

“Damm!” The middle aged policeman rushed over immediately, “Jiang LI, Jiang Li……”

A familiar voice came from the chip, “Sir, what is it?”

“Order, I want you to stop the fugitive to the best of your abilities. I won’t allow him to assault Xue Bear, this is an order. If you stop him successfully, I will give you first rank merits.” The middle aged officer said worriedly. He didn’t care that much at this point. Jiang Li was the only hope.

“Yes! I will obey the order!” Jiang Li’s voice sounded like a professional soldier allowing the middle aged officer to gasp in relief. In reality, Jiang Li could have rejected because his mission was accomplished. Retreat safely should have been the order.

“Even if there wasn’t an order, I’m going to stop the fugitive!” Jiang Li closed the mic and moved out rapidly as he saw Xue Bear and the handsome youth walk towards the toilets.


He yelled loudly concentrating all of his spirit and directed it towards Xue Bear hoping to wake her up. Frequent cultivation in Fetal Respiration allowed his words to have an intangible authority. The sudden explosion of sound woke her up.

“What happened?” Xue Bear’s body shook and her whole body was fazed as if she just woke up from a dream.


At that moment, the handsome youth turned around and his eyes spewed out an eerie green glow as he looked at Jiang Li.

His temperament suddenly changed as if he had become an astral demon.

Instantly, Jiang Li felt like he was suffocating as if he had entered an endless nightmare. His nose couldn’t breathe. He was like a fish that had left the water and couldn’t live for long.

From an outsider’s perspective, Jiang Li and the handsome youth were just staring at each other. The handsome youth had eerie eyes while Jiang Li was like the walking dead. His face was becoming gradually pale and he waved his hands and feet as if he was insane.

This was hypnosis. It made Jiang Li’s brain unable to control his breathing which could lead to death by suffocation or insanity.

Two hundred years ago, the hypnotists could only hypnotise people into sleeping. Now the average constitution of humans had increased significantly. Dangerous people who knew the arts of hypnosis could control people’s movements and even induce brain death just by looking into their eyes.

As Jiang Li descended into a dangerous situation, suddenly, something near his chest seemed to have moved.

It was the opaque stone!

He stored it right on his chest.

The moment the stone moved, a pulse of spirit energy seemingly entered his brain!

Huah! He opened his eyes and his eyes suddenly became extremely piercing. It pierced into the eyes of the handsome youth. This was a pure spiritual battle. It was perilous.


The handsome youth, the vicious fugitive cried out in pain and shut his eyes tightly. Two streams of blood trickled down. His hypnosis was met with a counterattack from an anonymous spirit energy. It caused his nerves to collapse while increasing his blood pressure. The blood vessels in his brain exploded and he lost his sight.

In an instant, this fugitive was heavily wounded.

“Fuck, what is this? How could there be a spirit energy so strong…..” He sprinted outside desperately and started escaping with high speeds. He was reckless.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li felt at this moment that the opaque stone underwent some changes.

“Don’t leave!” In the spur of the moment, he followed his instincts and pursued.

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