Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 21 - The underground black market

The duo exited the room. Lightning Dong was prancing about outside, his heart restless as he was scared that something would happen. “Miss Liana Xue, how is it?”

“It’s very good! My sister is sound asleep,” Liana Xue replied. “You can go now, I’m going to talk with Jiang Li privately.”

“Yes miss!”

Lightning Dong was thrilled and showed great excitement, as it was he who introduced Jiang Li, which counted as a major contribution to the Xue household. They would treat him well.

“Jiang Li, I really have to thank you his time.” Liana Xue rubbed her eyes, and felt happy after seeing her sister sound asleep in the room.

“Don’t celebrate yet.” Jiang Li was solemn. “After a few hours, when Miss Xue Bear wakes up, give her an examination. As the psychological wounds were very deep, she might need me to continuously hypnotize her in order to fully recover.”

“Of course,” Liana Xue was most welcome to this suggestion. “Tell me your price.”

“Not much really,” Jiang Li replied. “This time I legit just wanted to find a job, and came to visit Xue Bear after hearing that her conditions have remained the same. It is coincidence that I just learnt hypnotism, which seemed to have a great effect in the first treatment. As long as you supply me with nutrition serums every time, I will come. Just pay me the same amount as other Secondary Hypnotists.”

Jiang Li was perfectly logical and reasonable.

He wished only to gain money through his hard work and craft, which benefited both parties.

It was a dignified and upright way.

“You want to earn money?” Liana Xue’s eyes beamed. “Where did you learn hypnotism? Can’t believe you hid such talent!”

“Online, however the post has since been deleted.” Jiang Li thought up a random excuse.

Liana Xue continued, “How about this. You saved my sister, so I’ll give you 100,000 star coins. Come here every day in the following weeks until my sister is completely recovered, and the nutrition serums required will be supplied by me.”

“That is in my best interest!” Hearing the proposal Jiang Li was elated.

100,000 star coins was a huge sum of wealth for Jiang Li.

He could now buy countless supplements and medicine.

“With 100,000 star coins, I could even go to the black market to purchase some banned substances!”

Jiang Li thought to himself.

The black market was quite complicated. It was an intricate network specializing in selling weapons, mechs and even banned substances that came from the Elite District. Rumor had it that with enough money, even Genos Liquid was obtainable.

This was an illegal market, but behind the scenes powerful men of the army spearheaded the illicit trade.

However, the black market was not located in Xinghua City but rather another place called Xuhua City. This city was extremely turbulent and contained harmful radiation, a remnant of World War Three. Though reformations had lessened the radiation quite considerably, the government was still unwilling to set up a government branch there.

Over the course of time, the city had become riddled with good and bad people, and the legal system quite corrupt. It formed the black market.

All cities that had ‘Hua’ in its names were part of ancient China.

Researching online, Jiang Li had already been drooling with envy at some of the prohibited substances available at the place.

“I’m going to rest for a bit, as I’m dead tired from prior.” Jiang Li sat down and started to condition himself. As it was a safe location, he gradually entered Deep Sleep.

“Damn, able to enter the second stage of Deep Sleep at will? There are no more than ten people at the school that possess such spiritual prowess. I wonder how strong he is in combat.” Liana Xue was surprised, and waited patiently.

Two hours later, a voice came out of the room. “Liana, Liana…”

“It’s sister! Sister’s awake!”

Liana Xue rushed into the room at great speeds. Jiang Li noted this and recognized her physical strengths.

The moment Xue Bear woke up, he also opened his eyes.

Though he was in Deep Sleep, he had a spiritual awareness of what was happening in the outside world. Even the movement of a blade of grass would have rendered him in flight.

“Liana Xue’s life force is above me, indeed worthy of a plutocrat. Sigh, having this many resources at your disposable is so good. “

The duo entered the room. Xue Bear propped herself up, and it could be seen a lush red color was on her face, a sign of good blood circulation.

“How was your sleep sister? Did you have any nightmares?”

“None, I slept like a log.” Xue Bear was in good spirits. “I’m a bit hungry, could you get me some porridge.”

“Ok, I’ll get it immediately.” Liana Xue was overjoyed. “Man, this is the first time you’ve said you’re hungry in days.”

“This snooze felt great. My spirit has recovered considerably.” Xue Bear looked at Jiang Li, “Thank you Jiang Li, however it will take a while for my illness to recede, I’m scared that the next time I sleep will revert back to the old pattern.”

“Don’t worry, I know hypnotism.” Jiang Li smiled. “Trust me, after a few weeks you will recover. I guarantee your health will be better than ever.”

“I’m really grateful,” Xue Bear’s eyes showed relief. “I’m no longer scared of nightmares plaguing me.”


Footsteps came from outside, and Lightning Dong entered the room. “Miss Xue Bear, you’ve awoken?”

“Mr Lightning, I feel much better.” At the same time, a waitress carried porridge served in an intricate bowl. The rice was like red jade, each glistening, with a pleasant and light aroma that stimulated people’s appetite.

This was the expensive ‘Red Jade Rice’, which was not sold in kilograms but grains. Each grain was worth more than ten star coins.

Xue Bear slowly started eating, and not long after the bowl was depleted. She yawned and stretched, indicating she was in good spirits.

“It has taken a turn for the better! To think she’d recover after fruitless attempts by many Hypnotists and Psychologists. I wonder how happy the President would feel. I’ll tell him immediately.” Lightning Dong was eager.

“Wait up Mr Lightning. First, get 100,000 star coins and transfer it to Jiang Li. This was the treatment fee. We can tell my dad when she has completely recovered.”

“Yes Miss.”

Mr Lightning hurriedly went to transfer the money.

Jiang Li didn’t say anything. He would accept the transfer, for it was natural to get paid for treatment. If he did not, it would instead make people question his motives.

“Cheers.” He took out his student chip. Soon after, the sum of 100,000 star coins entered his account.

To the Xue Corp, 100,000 star coins were merely a few high-brand bags.

“Miss Liana Xue, I’ve accepted 100,000 star coins as the fee for the treatment of Xur Bear.” Jiang Li stated seriously. “This is part of the process. Shall we see the effect after a few more treatments?”


Liana Xue thought for a moment. “I entrust everything in your hands.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll come once every day until she fully recovers.”

Jiang Li did not feel guilty in taking the 100,000 star coins. Of course, he would be diligent in healing Xue Bear. In the process he would also gain a lot of experience hypnotizing, and enjoy the abundance of nutrition whilst contemplating the Brain of the Universe, helping him break through plateaus in [Spiritual Emperor Sign] and contemplation.

At home.

On the holographic computer, lots of data was being processed.

Jiang Li was staring at, and researching about the black market in Xuhua City. A large amount of info appeared, many about disconnected and random things.

Some were selling weapons, others hiring hit men, killers, Hypnotists. A few people were looking for medicine. There were even underground rings and gang recruitment…

The info was a mess.

At the very least however Jiang Li saw many requests for secondary hypnotists, each paying a hefty amount.

In conclusion, the black market was filled with chaos, ambition and potential. It was paradise for criminals.

Of course, it also had substances unobtainable in normal markets.

“Huh? Lunar essence is so expensive! To think it’d be 150,000 – 180,000 for a bottle of 10 grams. A person that had purchased it got robbed after he left the place.” Prohibited substances could not be mailed, for if caught the sender would be convicted as a drug dealer.

To buy them, one must physically collect them face to face in the black market.

“I’m not rich enough to buy Lunar Essence, so I’ll probably look for other alternatives that raise brain cell productivity and increase life potential, which is also within the 100,000 price range.”

Jiang Li searched every website.

Suddenly, a suitable prohibited substance entered his vision.

It was a blue injected serum that scintillated brightly.

“Super Protein Gene Invigorator!”

Jiang Li’s eyes went wide open. The description said that after injecting the substance, it would increase one’s immune system and cell productivity whilst recover lost life potential, slow down aging, excrete poisonous waste and adjust internal secretions. However, as the substance is very powerful, it would cause neuron damage and thus only those able to enter Deep Sleep could use it.

Frankly, most prohibited substances all had strong medical properties, and would all cause neuronal damage. Some, after injection, strengthened one’s body but also caused excruciating pain, whilst others would give great pleasure, and thus could easily addict the user. Both instances would cause mental damage, and only those with a strong spirit could consume them without side-effects.

Super Protein specialized in raising cell productivity.

Jiang Li looked at the description, and then researched info on Super Protein. Turns out the substance was best injected into people in the third stage of Deep Sleep, where they could practice the [Drunken Fist] to disperse the medical properties. This was the most efficient way of absorbing the substance. Otherwise cells would not be able to consume that much nutrition and in fact age faster, causing a chain of damage and deteriorate the liver.

An overabundance of nutrition was more dangerous than being deficient in nutrition.

Too much nutrition would cause things like diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary diseases and stroke. Too much protein would also increase the burden on the vital organs.

Normal people that injected Super Protein would bloat up, and very quickly lose all organ functions and die.

How many people could reach the stage of the [Drunken First]?

And so whilst this substance was expensive, the prerequisite for injection was also high.

“It should be okay. I don’t run the risk of an over abundance of nutrition, in fact I’m lacking in things that will boost my life potential.” Jiang Li set his mind. Though he had not reached the third stage of Deep Sleep, he’d never been abundant in nutrition. “I’ll find a time to travel to the black market and buy Super Protein.”

However, he needed to prepare prior to going there, and not get so cocky. Having researched online, it was apparent there were many gangs and cults in the black market, with almost no police. A lot of people lose their life savings after going there, and women suffered a worse fate. There were plenty of instances of women getting raped.

But since there were many prohibited substances sold on the streets, people still flocked there. Some corporations could only get banned substances via the black market.

“I’ll go to the black market after healing Xue Bear first, empowering myself with her family’s nutrition serums.”

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