Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 20 - The hand sign goes, the illness disipates

Jiang Li nodded his head and walked to the bedside, “Miss Xue Bear, I’m Jiang Li. That day you saw me.”

“It’s… you. I remember you, I wanted to thank you but I’ve been sick the whole time. It it wasn’t for you I can’t imagine what the criminal would have done to me.” Xue Bear looked very feeble, however she was still courteous, and presented herself as a gentle and well-mannered young lady.

“No need to be tense. I’ve come today to help fix your problem, please believe in me.” Jiang Li also wished to save this girl from suffering.

“I believe you,” Xue bear’s body moved a bit, as if grasping onto the last straw that will save her, “How should I cooperate in your therapy?”

“What’s the quality of your sleep right now?” Jiang Li asked.

“Very bad. Almost 0 every night,” Liana Xue got out a measuring instrument, “Nightmares throughout the whole night, with incessant activity from brain cells. Even Elementary Hypnotists could only raise my sister’s quality of sleep to 20.”

A sleep quality of 60 passes the threshold; 20 was extreme sleep loss.

A sleep quality of 0 was basically slow suicide.

“Have you not attempted to hire Secondary Hypnotists?” Jiang Li asked.

“Secondary Hypnotists?” Liana Xue shook her head, “It’s not that easy, for there is none in the whole of Xinhua City. We must try from outer regions. A few days ago we did get in contact with one, but he is busy with something else and can’t come.”

Even the lowest of Secondary Hypnotists could enter the third stage of Deep Sleep, Statis. After long periods of training, they would be powerful men that could transfix people with every movement. These type of people were inherently rich, and thus why would they be hired for hypnotism so easily? Plus inviting them was a fee in a caliber of its own. The most important thing was, they reside in the army working for the government, and would hardly come out.

Though the Xue Family were plutocrats, inviting such people was still not easy. Getting in touch with a Secondary Hypnotists was lucky enough.

Jiang Li knew his capabilities.

His current hypnotic powers were not enough to heal Xue bear’s spiritual damage.

Illusory Fox’s strong mental stimulation had made her suffer from nightmares every day. Apprentice Hypnotists were in no position to help, as it was very likely Illusory Fox was a hypnotist close to Secondary Hypnotists in power.

However, if he risks it, and contemplates the Brain of the Universe whilst performing the [Spiritual Emperor Seal], there was still hope.

The [Spiritual Emperor Seal] was already amazing without contemplation. It it were done together with contemplation, what would happen?

Jiang Li could not imagine the effect, and so he wanted to experiment.

Of course, he was not willing to damage his brain cells, and so he made a few requests.

“Liana Xue, when I apply therapy it is very taxing on my brain cells and spirit. I hope you can supply me with some high-grade nutritional supplements.”

“That is of no problem.” Liana Xue gestured at Lightning Dong, “Go and get some Green God Nutrition Serums. If you can truly heal my sister, I’d even give you Lunar Essence.

“Lunar Essence?”

Having heard this, Jiang Li licked his lips.

In ancient times there was a term called ‘Solar and Lunar Essence’.

Modern technology has discovered what it was.

The gargantuan Sun and Moon Corp specialised in high-tech biological technology which would make medicine based off emission rays inside of the moon. People can receive life-changing benefits after consuming the condensed physical form of these type of rays.

People feel refreshed after basking in the light of the moon. This was due to the reflected sun light and the inherent emission rays, which put people to peace.

The Sun and Moon Corp have used modern technology to produce the mythical Solar and Lunar Essence.

Of course, this essence also created hallucinations within people. Just like a drug, it was very possible to become addicted. The addiction was also many times stronger than normal drugs, and thus this essence could only be consumed whilst the recipient was in Deep Sleep.

There were none in proper markets for it was a banned substance. Only in black markets could it be purchased.

Green God Corp was a branch of the Sun and Moon Corp, showcasing the power of the latter.

On the black market Solar and Lunar Essence cost at least 150,000 star coins per bottle.

The essence could be split into two categories; Lunar Essence and Solar Essence.

Lunar Essence could be consumed as long as the recipient could enter Deep Sleep. Solar Essence, however, required the recipient to be able to enter the third stage of Deep Sleep.

Even with wealth Jiang Li could not purchase them. He must brave the dangerous Black Market to get his hands on them.

A short while later, Lightning Dong came back, carrying with him dozens of nutrition serums. He also brought a little box, and within there was a small bottle with clear liquid that shone brightly. Jiang Li thought he saw moonlight sealed inside.

“This is Lunar Essence? So pretty!” He silently admired.

“This bottle contains Lunar Essence. 10 grams, 150,000 star coins,” Liana Xue commented, “I can give you 1 gram now, mixed with other serums to supplement your body, and make sure your at peak condition. This way you can go full out in your treatment of my sister. However, you must sign this contract. If you can not heal my sister, you must pay for the loss.”


Though the conditions were a bit steep, Jiang Li still decided to gamble.

Liana Xue took a drop of Lunar Essence and mixed it with another nutrition serum, passing it to Jiang Li.

“Give me the other thirty or so serums as well.” Jiang Li was very direct, and poured all the nutrition serum in a nearby cup.

“Your not scared of overdosing?” Liana Xue was shocked, “This… No matter how much stamina you expend in a day, a bottle of nutrition serum is sufficient.”

“Don’t worry about this. I’ve signed the contract right? If something happens to me it’s not your fault.” Jiang Li gulped the liquid down like a pig. Glug glug glug...

He immediately felt a strong sensation circulating around his body, as if he was about to burst.

It was a like a person on the brink of starvation saw delicious food; consuming mouthfuls which would result in death.

If it was anyone else that did as Jiang Li did, they would definitely overdose, and suffer from kidney failure, and possibly even necrosis. All sorts of diseases would erupt, because consuming nutrition serums was not the same as eating food.

But Jiang Li was different. His life potential had been severely depleted, and was in need of replenishment. The more he drank, the more his life potential would recover.

The damage Fetal Respiration had done could only be remedied via large amounts of nutrition serums.

Sure enough, after drinking it down, he felt his bodily cells wriggle and absorb large amounts of nutrition. He did not feel any discomfort, in fact he felt extremely good. A cool chilly sensation that travelled up to his spine brought him to a climax, a pleasurable domain which made him want to dance with the wind.

“Must have been the Lunar Essence, however the hallucinations are pretty strong. Brain of the Universe, contemplate!”

Jiang Li quickly started to contemplate, and as expected his brain cells were ten times as active. He did not get a blood nose this time.

Large amounts of nutrition were being digested, and white vapour arose from Jiang Li’s pores. This was the whole body in cellular respiration.

“Miss Xue Bear, look at my hand?” Jiang Li suddenly bellowed, like a roaring lion - majestic and righteous.

Xue Bear was surprised and her mind shocked into excitement.

Jiang Li suddenly started to perform the hand sign, like a butterfly flying amongst flowers, bringing about a touching charm.

Xue Bear’s eyes became transfixed.

Her breathing also became steady,

“Huh?” Liana Xue also stared at Jiang Li as she wanted to see how he would perform therapy. She didn’t expect him to suddenly form quick hand signs that were extremely beautiful, and could not help but be transfixed, her mind attracted to it.

“What a strong hypnotic hand sign.” She wanted to see the style of Jiang Li’s hand sign, but as soon as her pupils are fixed in it her mind became involuntarily drawn to it.

She quickly closed her eyes, and did not dare to look at it again.

But, the wind that came from performing hand signs still reached her and made her feel as if she was being hypnotised.

“What? Sound hypnotism!?” She was shocked, and only felt a bit better after covering her hears.


After half an hour, the sound stopped.

She opened her eyes to find Jiang Li sweating heavily, his body spent. Xue Bear was sleeping, her life signs peaceful; long and steady breaths, heartbeats, pulse movement.

“No way.”

Liana Xue was a strong character, and could be ranked in the top ten of the school. She was proficient in every subject, and knew life signs inside out.

“Everytime my sister slept, her breathing was rapid and her heartbeat and pulse fast. The nightmares were chipping away at her spirit, yet it is now so steady…” She grabbed a measuring instrument and moved closer to her sister to test it.

No long after a line of words appeared on the instrument. “Life Signs steady, Quality of

Sleep: 100.”

“Deep Sleep!” Liana Xue was extremely pleased, “This is practically a miracle! A secondary Hypnotist had said that my sister suffered from nerve damage, and healing the damage done by Illusory Fox via hypnotism was impossible. How did you do it?”

Jiang Li merely smiled. This time he went all out, and the speed at which he formed hand signs was fast than ever. Coupled with his contemplation, it formed a strong charm that attracted Xue Bear into thinking about it over and over.

The initial stance of the [Spiritual Emperor Sign] symbolized an immovable mountain that pierced the skies and touched the heavens. When Jiang Li first saw it, he felt at peace, and felt that misfortune, evil, horror would never befallen him. It was like a giant Buddha that warded off all evil, giving people a sense of security.

Jiang Li critically trained this technique, and had since gained a similar aura and charm which could be effectively projected into a person’s mind.

Though he had not been practicing hypnotism for long, if he were to take the test contemplating the Brain of the Universe, without doubt he would pass as a secondary hypnotist.

“Miss Liana Xie, your sister’s condition is a product of exposure to horror. Her mental state is very weak. Now that I’ve hypnotised her, there shouldn’t be anymore problems.” Jiang Li looked at Xue bear’s life signs, “Soon, she will wake up. Let's go out so as to not disturb her.”

“Ok ok ok…” Liana Xue almost cried tears of joy.

“Phew, [Spiritual Emperor Seal] indeed had the power to get rid of dreadful feelings and steady the nerves. The first attempt was a success…” Jiang Li also let out a sigh of relief.

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