Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 24 - I Can Also Whip You


Not just Zheng Wenbing and his cronies but also Lara Luo was dazed by this scene.

“Class Captain Yue, looks like your battle techniques aren’t so good.” Jiang Li looked natural as if defeating Zhang Yue wasn’t such a great accomplishment. After fighting with Illusory Fox, these types of school battles were child’s play, “Zheng Wenbing, I need to ask you for help with me battle techniques, how about it? You called me today to the gym for a spar anyways.”

“[Boneless Jujitsu]. Zheng Wenbing’s eyes were cold and even his facial muscles were under spasm. A gust of coldness surged from his the bottom of his heart. He really didn’t think that Jiang Tao was strong but his useless brother was stronger.

He knocked Zhang Yue out with just one blow. Even he couldn’t do that. In other words, Jiang Li’s power was stronger than his.

“Jiang Li, you….”

Lara Luo frowned, “How did you become so strong in such a short time?”

“I was suddenly enlightened a few months before and my spiritual training has entered the Deep Sleep stage.” Of course Jiang Li couldn’t talk about Fetal Respiration.

“Oh?” You had a breakthrough in your spiritual training?” Lara Luo’s eyes blinked.

If normal civilians who didn’t have enough resources wanted to succeed, their only hope was a breakthrough in their spiritual training.

“Not bad.” Zheng Wenbing’s face spasmed again, “Looks like our school will have another strong person. I will remember what happened today, we’ll settle things later on. Let’s go!”

“Little punk, just you wait.” Yang Wu’s tone sounded cruel and wanted to try and fight with Jiang Li but he didn’t rebuke Zheng Wenbing’s words.

“You’re just going to go like this?” Jiang Li’s figure dashed to the exit of the gymnasium and blocked it preventing them from leaving.

“What do you want?” Zheng Wenbing’s face was cold.

“Nothing, I just want to tell you something.” Jiang Li folded his arms looking at ease.

“What?” Zheng Wenbing’s pupils dilated to the size of a needle.


Jiang Li suddenly moved and rushed towards him. This rush looked like a hungry tiger seeking a sheep. It was fast like lighting.

It was a move from the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]!

Zheng Wenbing hurried to dodge, as he shifted, there was a look of cruelty in his eyes, “Kill!”

His five fingers shaped like a hook suddenly reached out for the throat. If it connected, there was no doubt that the throat would be snapped!

Jiang Li’s body didn’t move. His hands were raised high and swooped down heavily. He suddenly yelled loudly, “Niu!”

He incorporated his hypnosis techniques into this yell.

Zheng Wenbing’s body uncontrollably stopped for a moment as he shook and at this moment, Jiang Li sliced down heavily with his hands blocking Zheng Wenbing’s claws. His arm curled and subsequently, there was a slap.


A clear sound of a smack echoed inside the gymnasium.

Zheng Wenbing kept on stepping as a red mark appeared on his face. He was smacked in the face by Jiang Li.

In less the three seconds, Zheng Wenbing was slapped in the face again.

“I want to tell you! Zheng Wenbing, if my brother can slap you, I can slap you too.” Jiang Li folded his arms. The Zheng Wenbing in his eyes had a bloodshot face as if he was about to pounce on him like an injured beast.

My brother can slap you, so can I!

Jiang Li had experienced life and death brawls. Why would he be afraid of people like Zheng Wenbing? Compared to Illusory Fox, he was little kid that had just learnt to walk.

“You dare to hit me!” Zheng Wenbing spat out these few words.

“You’re not content are you?” Jiang Li continued: “I slapped you in the face just then, what can you do? Get the police to apprehend me? Call a group of people to beat me up? Or tell the school to expel me? Let me tell you, you can’t do any of these three things so all you can do now is endure.”

This was a spar in the school gym, accidents were normal. If he reported to the police, he would only make a joke of himself. It was useless to call people to beat Jiang Li up. Even if he told the school, the school would only think it was normal sparring.

In other words, no matter what Zheng Wenbing did, it would only be embarrassing for himself.

“Just you wait, Jiang Li.”

Zheng Wenbing held his face as he walked out, his whole body quivering with anger that he almost couldn’t hold. However, he couldn’t do anything about Jiang Li for now at least. Therefore, he could only eat this slap in the face up.

There was just Jiang Li and Lara Luo left in the gym.

“Didn’t think that you could improve so fast.” Lara Luo looked as though it was her first time knowing Jiang Li.

“It’s still far from what’s needed for Astral University.” Jiang Li waved his hands, “I’ll go see my sister first, I’m afraid Zheng Wenbing is going to take revenge on her.”

“Is Zheng Wenbing revenging for what happened between your brother and Yelani Lu?” Lara Luo’s eyes were dangerously cold.

“Lara, you shouldn’t interfere with this matter, what you need to do now is train harder for Astral University. Your time is tighter than mine, and there are some things that I can take care of myself.” Jiang Li didn’t want to be too intimate with Lara Luo at this moment. There was not only one person in the school who liked Lara Luo, Zhang Yue was just an insignificant figure.

A few geniuses with a life force of 1 were also interested in Lara.

He only had the right to pursue what he liked when he was strong enough.

“Zheng Wenbing, Zhang Yue, Yang Wu are very narrow hearted. You need to be careful.” Lara Luo warned him.

“Not to worry, in this end of semester test, as long as my life force can reach 1, I will definitely be valued by the school. Then, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to me.” Jiang Li was very confident, “Oh right, you came here for training right? Too bad I can’t afford to train here, it’s too expensive.”

“It’s on me.” Lara Luo said hurriedly.

“That won’t be necessary.” Jiang Li smiled, “You go do what you need, I’ll train back at home myself.”

“Okay.” Lara Luo took out her student chip and scanned in on the computer in front for identity verification. The computer made a sound, “Large scale virtual reality activated, please select the mode, gangster killing mode, 100 star coins an hour, soldier killing mode, 300 star coins an hour, zombie killing mode, 500 star coins an hour.”

“Is there great martial artist system?” Lara Luo asked.

“Sorry, great martial artist system is not open. The energy it requires is too great. Currently, the highest is zombie mode.” The computer’s voice remained calm without any emotion.

“Okay then, activated zombie mode for 3 hours.” Lara Luo said.

“Mode selected, please submit 1500 star coins and another 500 star coins to buy a 3 hour battery.”

2000 star coins was gone like this.

This was 2 years worth of Jiang Li’s parent’s salary. Three hours, it was a game that only the wealthy could play.

But for Lara Luo, this was nothing.

She stood in the centre of the system and suddenly, the scene changed. Zombies appeared from all directions! These zombies had bones of iron and skin of copper, and they had great strength. They came and went like the wind, attacking towards Lara Luo.

This created both a visual and an auditory sense of spookiness.

These zombies were energy bodies and not holographic. This was also a product of the great modern technology.

Those virtual backgrounds were made half real half fake. The modeled humans also had strong offensive power but they were all sustained by energy and therefore, had a high cost.

Now, Lara Luo was in the virtual scene killing those zombies causing great energy depletion. That was why it was so expensive.

If people trained like this every day, their improvements would be substantial. It was simulating a real life and death situation. Jiang Li also wanted to train like this, unfortunately, he didn’t have that much money.

He looked at Lara who was slaying zombies incessantly. She suddenly struck as a zombie was penetrated by her hand blade. That zombie fell to the ground and continued crawling as if it was really alive.

He also wanted to play inside but shook his head and laughed bitterly as he left.

“Damn it…”

In the nursery, Zhang Yue was completely conscious. He shook his head and still felt slightly dizzy.

Good thing Jiang Li didn’t deliver serious blows and only used the vibrational power of [Dragon Claw Subjugation] to throw him into unconsciousness. There weren’t any damages to the inside of his body.

Zheng Wenbing and Yang Wu stood on the sides. When they saw Zhang Yue regain his senses, their faces were bleaker.

Even since Zheng Wenbing was slapped in the face, he fell silent and didn’t talk.

“Bing bro, are you still okay?” Yang Wu didn’t dare to ask too much. That slap not only slapped Zheng Wenbing’s face but also his heart.

“I want to kill the Jiang Li and Jiang Tao brothers.” Zheng Wenbing said coldly.

“Bing brother, don’t be impulsive.” Yang Wu said worriedly, “We’ll ruin ourselves if we kill them.”

“Are we just going to let this go then?” There was no way Zhang Yue could just take it. His facial expression was of enmity, “Ever since I grew up, I’ve never had this embarrassment especially in front of Lara today. I lost all my face.”

“I won’t be impulsive and I won’t get people to deal with these two brothers. I will use appropriate methods to destroy his family and push them into oblivion.” Zheng Wenbing didn’t throw a tantrum, “First check their family’s information. These two brothers’ life forces are very strong, I will find their weak point.”

“Bing brother, I know someone from the police department and can go look at any of their information. From since they were born to now, the police department have all of their information.” Yang Wu said.

“Bing brother, you have an idea?” Zhang Yue seemed to know what Zheng Wenbing was thinking.

“I will find something to control them. In these years, as long as you’re still in society, you will have friends and relatives. Doesn’t his parents work at a branch company of the Xue Corporation?” Zheng Wenbing thought for a while and calmed down completely. He felt his face that was slapped, “As long as I control their parents, I can do whatever I want to these brothers. They’re very good at fighting aren’t they? Then, I’ll send them to brawl in the black market and earn money for us.”

“Haha…..” Zhang Yue couldn’t contain his laugh, “Yes, let’s turn these two brats into our money making machine. They have to do what we want them to do. Only this will,be a proper retribution. It’s far from enough just to beat them up.”

“Of course, what’s the point in beating them?” Zheng Wenbing dialed a number: “Beating them is a brainless act. Hello, is this Tian brother? I’m Wenbing, can you help check something out. Is there a worker with surname Jiang in your company, yes, his name is Jiang Zhendong. He has two sons called Jiang Tao and Jiang Li…..”

After the call, Zheng Wenbing rubbed his palms, “A bunch of povo kids want to mess with me? They won’t even know how they died. Two slaps in the face. I will make everyone in your family pay!”

This thing was just a small incident for Jiang Li which didn’t really affect him.

He didn’t spread news of him defeating Zhang Yue and Lara Luo wouldn’t say it while Zhang Yue himself didn’t say it. Zheng Wenbing and his cronies kept their mouths shut. This was embarrassing news for them. They were actually scared Jiang Li would spread the news.

But after that, Jiang Li became more wary. He was afraid that Zheng Wenbing would do harm to his family especially his younger sister Jiang Xuan. He followed secretly before school and after school.

Since the experience of apprehending Illusory Fox, his spirit was more trained. If someone wished to do him harm, he should be able to feel it through his sixth sense.

It seemed like Zheng Wenbing and them were plotting something.

“I need to go to the black market of Xu Hua City.” Jiang Li thought, “Once I get my hands on the Super Protein, it can alleviate my problems of nutrition deficiency and completely cure the loss of life potential due to Fetal Respiration. No matter how dangerous the black market is, I will still go.”

Jiang Li immediately moved out.

He had a little anticipation. If he really could buy this forbidden medicine, would he be able to contemplate the brain of the universe after the injection?”

He bought a train ticket to Xu Hua City online immediately and at the same time, he bought a ‘cosmetic face’.

‘Cosmetic face’ was a high technology face mask. Its price was very cheap and didn’t cost much. He didn’t need very advanced masquerade. All he needed was for people to not see his face. When going to Xu Hua City, it was best to not show your real face to people. It was really complicated there, full of violence and chaos. There was no law there.

An hour or so later, a middle aged man came down from the floating train and arrived at Xu Hua City.

This middle aged man was Jiang Li wearing the Cosmetic Face.

Xu Hua City and Xing Hua City had more than 1000 kilometres between them but it only took one hour by train. When Jiang Li left the floating train, he immediately felt a completely different world.

His first impression was that it was filthy and chaotic.

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