Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 25 - Super Protein

This was Jiang Li’s first time stepping into a city other than Xing Hua City.

There was rubbish everywhere as soon as he stepped out of the station. The wind blew rapidly and people of all sorts were there. Most of them had hideous faces and bleak temperaments; one could tell that they weren’t good people. Around him, the tall buildings looked obsolete.

This was Xu Hua City, the haven for adventures, the heaven for criminals, and the underground trade black market.

The main purpose Jiang Li came here was to purchase the forbidden medicine, Super Protein to increase his strength.

The price of that Super Protein Serum was just in his acceptable range of prices.

If he could increase his physical capabilities more and increase the speed of his hands cultivating [Spiritual Emperor Seal], then his contemplation speed would also increase. Perhaps, his hypnosis techniques would improve further as well.

At that time, it would be when he earned the big money.

The Jiang Li from before would definitely not dare to step foot into this land of sin but now, he had courage due to his strength and could further improve his abilities here.

A man who didn’t experience troubles and darkness would never grow and stay like a flower in a greenhouse forever.

“Little kid, stay still! Otherwise I’ll turn you into roast pork!”

At the corner of the station, Jiang Li was searching the map when a person from behind him suddenly charged at him and held his weapon on Jiang Li’s back. The weapon was cold, and it was a high voltage electric metal stick. The person had his hands on the button, and if he pressed it, a current strong enough to shock an elephant would flow through.

“What do you want?”

He didn’t think that he would meet a criminal as soon as he got off the train. This place was definitely the land of sins. The crime rate was extremely high, people could be robbed, tricked, threatened at any time…..

The criminal behind him was a baldy with a tattooed arm that was thick with power.

The bald headed man laughed hysterically, “What do I want to do? Take out your card immediately and transfer! Transfer all your money.”

There was barely anyone who carried cash in modern society and this made it inconvenient for criminals to commit robberies. They had to control the person to do an online bank transfer.

Therefore, the bald headed man didn’t deliver the killing blow immediately. He forced his target to transfer first. If it was in other cities, even if there was a successful transaction, the police could still chase the money back afterwards. However, there were no police in Xu Hua City and therefore, there was no way of chasing the money back.

There was no existence of law in this city. What existed was the subtle laws that the gangs here set themselves.

“So this is a robbery, although Xu Hua City is chaotic, but this is getting chaotic too fast. I got robbed as soon as I got off the train.”

Jiang Li turned his body slightly. His speed was extremely fast. In fact, his spirit sensed the man a long time ago but he wanted to see what the man wanted to do. Since he was robbing Jiang Li, Jiang Li had nothing to say.


He maneuvered to the bald headed man’s back as a hand blade sliced through heavily onto the man’s major artery on his neck.

The bald headed man’s body fell softly. The metal wand in his hand dropped to the ground making a danging sound. He was completely no match for Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s life force was near 1. This was military instructor level power. His fist power reached 0.8 tonnes, and his body was light like a sparrow, agile like a monkey. After extensive training in contemplation, his sixth sense was much more acute than most people and could detect the enemy amidst danger.

After dropping the man with one move, Jiang Li’s face moved. He felt the person’s head and noticed his breathing, and life rhythm. He massaged twice and the man looked like he was about to wake.

He immediately used a gentle voice and said, “Sleep, sleep…. Do you feel very tired?”

“Yes!” Hearing Jiang Li’s voice, the man replied numbly and dozily as if he was talking in his dreams.

“Hypnosis successful.” Jiang Li was rejoicing in his heart and continued his hypnosis, “How much money do you have in your chip?”

“8000”. The man replied drowsily.

“Then hurry up and transfer to me.” Jiang Li’s tone kept up with the man’s life rhythm. It was very light and soothing as he described, “There’s a really beautiful women in front of you, and if you give the 8000 star coins, she will stay with you…”

“No!” The man shook his head vigorously as his body trembled, “What kind of bitch needs 8000 star coins, fuck! Go die! I will kill whoever wants my money!”

Subsequently, he was about to wake up.

“Hypnosis failed!” Jiang Li stared at the man coldly as he was about to wake up. If the person was hypnotized to do something strongly against his own will, then he would resist or even wake up.

Of course, his spiritual training was inadequate. If it was Illusory Fox, he would straight out cripple the person’s will and turn the person into the walking dead.

His hypnosis technique was still inadequate so it seemed.

The man opened his eyes as Jiang Li grappled onto his neck heavily, contracting slowly. The man’s face immediately went red as his legs kicked.

“Transfer all the money in your account to me, otherwise you die!” Jiang Li didn’t bother with hypnosis and used violence instead to bend the man to his will. Then, he released his hands a little and the man immediately gasped for breath, “I’m a member of the Order of Three, how dare you rob me.”

Jiang Li then tightened his grip on the man’s neck.

The man had a face of horror and quickly nodded begging with sounds of whimpering.

Jiang Li released his hands again, “Hurry up and transfer. I’m only giving you one chance! Last chance!”

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it.” The man took out his chip immediately and did as he was told by Jiang Li.

Ding Dong!

8000 star coins transferred.

“Now can you let me go?” The man was about to stand up.

Peng! Jiang Li used another hand blade to knock the man out cold. This time it was much heavier and would probably result in brain concussion. It would be no surprise if the man turned into a fool. Looking at the man spill white foam from his mouth and shake like he was crazy, Jiang Li turned to leave. He didn’t care what happened to these trash of the human race. There was no telling how many people he robbed. Since the law didn’t punish him, Jiang Li didn’t mind him doing it for the heavens. Removing the violent and settling the good.

Running rapidly out of the train station, he didn’t catch anyone’s attention. It wasn’t rare for robbery and murder to occur in this city. Who would care about these insignificant matters.

Walking on the streets, he felt it was funny that his hypnosis was less useful than violence.

“North Bridge Road, 83? It’s here!”

Walking out of the station, Jiang Li didn’t even call for a taxi and just used the map to search. The taxis in Xu Hua City were all controlled by gangs. Perhaps it would turn into a robbery or they would carry you to other places. Before, there had been many females who went on the taxis in Xu Hua City and ended up being abducted. What happened to them was horrible.

Traversing incessantly in the city, Jiang Li’s stamina was great and his speed was rapid. An hour or so later, he arrived in front of a fifty storey or so building. This building was decorated very ostentatiously. Its surroundings were very clean and there was even a fountain. People were hired to manage this. Only a major power would be able to own such a place in Xu Hua City.

The gangsters, criminals, drop kicks didn’t even dare to disturb them.

This was one of the places in the black market that sold and bought forbidden medicine.

On the building were four words “An Quan Da Sha.”

This was one of the credible black markets of Xu Hua City according to online comments. People said it was a military giant’s business. It leaked forbidden medicine from the elite district and earned money in Xu Hua City.

It was one of the major power factions in Xu Hua City. Gangsters who came looking for trouble were literally asking to die.

“Hello Sir, may I ask what you wish to purchase?”

As soon as Jiang Li walked to the door, a pretty female sales assistant walked up and greeted him with hospitality. It rendered a stark contrast between the cold and dark style of the city and gave people a sense of affability.

“I’m here to buy some Super Protein Gene Invigorator. I saw this online.’ Jiang Li didn’t disguise his intentions.

“Oh, please follow me.“ The pretty girl led the way hurriedly. 100,000 star coins wasn’t a small amount. It was also a moderately sized business.

Jiang Li also followed the girl upstairs immediately. There were many floors and he came to approximately the 20th floor. He appeared in a lobby approximately 4000-5000 square meters big. Inside the lobby was full of crystal shelves and closets with stacks of medication locked inside.

“This is a Ruby Brain?” Jiang Li browsed and his body shook with excitement. In the most obvious place, there was a fist sized fruit placed for show. It had a blood red colour and was shaped like the human brain.

He knew of this special type of fruit from online.

This was the fruit harvested from the sacred tree of another planet. According to legends, that sacred tree required pure human blood as a sacrifice for irrigation. It was an ancient totem of the aboriginals.

The fruit it bore was a brain shaped fruit with a blood red colour.

If people consumed this fruit, their brains would be hyperactive and their spiritual power would increase dramatically. It was greatly beneficial to cultivation.

Unfortunately, the pricing made Jiang Li stop.

“5,000,000’ star coins

There was no way he could afford it.

Other than this, there were bottles of liquids further inside that were priced even higher. Jiang Li saw three which were priced over 10 million star coins.

“Mammoth DNA fluid!”

That was a medical fluid that could change the DNA. It was an essence of the advanced human technology. It was created using a mixture of mammoth and human DNA that underwent many scientific procedures. After injection, people’s DNA would be strengthened and would receive a part of a mammoth’s DNA. A year after injection, the body would be extremely strong and its strength would near that of a giant elephant.

However, this type of genetic fluid had risks. It only had 50% chance of success.

If the injection failed, sometimes it would be completely without effect and 10 million star coins would be wasted. Other times it may instead cause conflict with the body’s DNA and result in paralysis or even death.

Even so, there were still quite a lot of wealthy people who bought it. Many decades of hard work couldn’t even compare with one injection. This was too enticing and on top of that, they could use it to develop their subordinates.

Although Jiang Li’s life force was currently 0.9 and his strength was the top amongst his peers, if he met someone who inject the DNA fluid, it would only take one punch from the person to send him flying.

“The Super Protein injection serum that you wanted is here.” The lady brought Jiang Li in front of a glass cupboard. Inside were tubes of a grassy green liquid.

“Sir, how many do you wish to purchase?’ The lady looked at Jiang Li and was quite shocked on the inside. Super Protein was something good but its prerequisites for injection were too high. It required the 3rd stage of Deep Sleep to properly utilize it.

People whose spiritual training were at this stage were all strong.

“I’ll buy one tube first.”

“Okay, please wait for a moment.” The lady took out the medicine and Jiang Li started the transaction.

The transaction went smoothly and ding dong, 100,000 star coins disappeared like that. Jiang Li could not bear the pain. The large sum he had just gotten his hands on was close to nil. He became close to being broke again. But thinking about how the Super Protein serum was in his hands, and how after injection, the damage done by Fetal Respiration would be repaired, he felt that it was worth it in the end.

“I’ve got it!”

When that green tube of protein was in his hands, Jiang Li resisted the urge to inject it immediately and turned to leave.

“Hey brother, could you wait a moment.”

At this moment, a middle aged man with an imposing manner walked towards to him. Conspicuously, this was a high level manager of the corporation. He walked forward and looked at Jiang Li.

“Argh……” Jiang Li turned his head and looked into the man’s eyes. His vision became a bit blurry as he heard his voice.

He was being hypnotized!

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