Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 30 - Huge Compensation 2

Jiang Li wasn’t impulsive; he knew that their families had power and authority. If he beat them to serious injuries or paralysis, there would be a lot of trouble for him. After all, despite having some connections with Lei Dong, their relationship wasn’t that firm.

Lei Dong had already helped him a lot.

“Zheng Wenbing, just you wait, you’re about to go in jail.”

After Jiang Li finished this sentence, he turned and was about to leave.

“Wait!” Zheng Wenbing calmed down at this moment.

“What, you don’t plan on making me stay do you?” Jiang Li turned back, his cold expression was freezing their hearts.

“Jiang Li, we don’t have that much feud between us, why take things so seriously?” Zheng Wenbing’s tone was smoothed downs “If you use your connections to apprehend us, I can tell you right now that that won’t be possible. Our family has some power. But there is no need to make the fish die and the net split. We’re all year 12 students, we have a great future ahead of us. It wouldn’t do both of us any good if we get into trouble. How about this, as a symbol of my sincere apology, we can compensate you with money and what happened before can all be forgotten.”

“All be forgotten!”

Of course Jiang Li wasn’t going to forget things but he wanted to hear what they had to say. His intention was to rack some compensation.

“We’ll do it this way. I’ll give you 10000 star coins compensation and everything between us will be even.” Zheng Wenbing gave out a number straight away. He believed this sum of money would be adequately enticing.

“10000 star coins…” Jiang Li gazed at him in contempt, “Zheng Wenbing, you think I haven’t seen big money before or are you shooing me away like a beggar?”

“Then how much do you want?” Zhang Yue yelled, “Your whole family probably isn’t even worth 10000 star coins! How can you be so greedy?”

“Really?” Jiang Li pressed his chip slightly and a voice sounded from it, “Your current balance is 19000 star coins. This month’s expenditure is 114,000 star coins….”


When the three heard this electronic statement, they almost jumped. He actually spent 120,000 star coins this month. Even they couldn’t imagine spending that much money in a month.

“You think I would care about your 10000 star coins?” Jiang Li swiped his hands, “Zheng Wenbing you underestimate me. You think such little money can just settle things? Whatever, even if I continue this, you three may have connections that will avoid you jail but this will be on your record. I believe you won’t be able to apply for Astral University. I can just destroy your future.”

“You……..” Zheng Wenbing was scared about this. If Jiang Li pursued he was scared of the trouble. This was the last year for Astral University making it the utmost important. Even if there was no serious problem, it wasn’t worth to get himself into trouble.

“Then how much do you want, give me a number!” Zhang Yue took a step forward, “I know you want money.”

“Hmph, you guys can wait, I have to call my bro Lei Dong to determine whether or not I let you go.” Jiang Li walked out leaving Zhang Yue, Zheng Wenbing and them to look amongst themselves. Their faces were so bleak that water could drip out.

Jiang Li still had to consult Lei Dong on this matter, after all, he was more experienced.

“What’s up? Jiang Li brother?” Lei Dong asked hearing the telephone.

“Lei Bro, this is what happened…..” Jiang Li told him what had just happened, “I want to send them into jail but they suggested to settle things with compensation, what should I do?”

“Ah….” Lei Dong thought, “Jiang Li bro, I know you really want to send them into jail is that right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Li nodded, “I even want to kill them, they touched my bottom line.”

“Don’t be impulsive.” Lei Dong said hurriedly, “Actually, you can sue them with the proper customs but I don’t support his way. First, the process is very complicated and will cause you a lot of trouble. You’re in the stage to be focusing on your studies. Second, as soon as the lawsuit begins, Zheng Wenbing and their families will do something desperate which would be detrimental to both sides. That isn’t worth it. Third, we captured the manager of a branch company, there is no direct evidence vindicating this is organized by Zheng Wenbing. Even if he was judged as guilty, all he did was force your parents to be held back for ten days. This would only leave a bad record. On top of that, your parents weren’t harmed and were only interrogated in the police department so if you asked for compensation, the court would only support you slightly. I recommend you settle things privately, ask for huge sums of compensation. I believe they would agree. You have a great future ahead of you, don’t waste your time on a few scums.”

“Thanks Lei bro, how much should I ask for?”

Jiang Li nodded his head secretly. Lei Dong was a manager after all and could see much farther ahead than he could. What he had said was fact. Jiang Li’s parents hadn’t been harmed. Everything was done according to legal processes.

“300,000, each of their families can pay 100,000 star coins as compensation. But you should be careful with your words, you must make them bring it up or they might bite you back accusing you of blackmailing.” Lei Dong warned once again, “I’ll send a lawyer to deal with them.”

“They can accuse me of blackmailing?” Jiang Li was warned and felt that could be possible, “I recorded a video just then that could be used as evidence.”

“Yes, keep it safe. I’ll let the lawyer discuss with them, everything will be fine. From now on, you just wait and don’t talk about the compensation with them.” Lei Dong was deservedly the big manager. These small trickeries were child’s play for him.

“Thank you, Lei Bro.”

“No worries, your hypnosis is so strong. My son is still in primary school, he may need hypnosis in the future. The competition is very intense now,” Lei Dong knew it was worth it to invest in such a hypnosis expert.

Huang Dong!

Jiang Li pushed the door and entered back into the room after the phone, Zheng Wenbing stood up, “Jiang Li, just what do you want?”

“Nothing, Lei bro said, this involves the integrity of the Xue Corporation and almost resulted in a scandal. He is going to sue you. But we’re all students, so why destroy your future? Lei Dong’s lawyer is on the way right now, he will arrive in approximately half an hour. You guys can talk with him.” Jiang Li didn’t even bring up the compensation if case he was accused of blackmailing, “I recommend you notify your families so we can negotiate a resolution.

Zheng Wenbing’s face changed, “Jiang Li, you’re very ruthless.”

“Killing and fighting is what brainless idiots do. This is a legality society, we handle things with the appropriate procedures. What should be done shall be done.” Jiang Li said slowly as he sat.

Yang Wu and Zhang Yue didn’t call their families. They knew this couldn’t be known to their families or they will receive heavy criticism and be in a worse situation.

Half an hour later, the lawyer arrived.

This was a scholarly middle aged man with glasses. He shook hands with Jiang Li immediately as he entered, “Jiang Li, hello, I’m the lawyer of the Xue Corporation.”

“Hello, you will be in control of how to resolve this discord. I don’t know law so I will let you deal with them.” Jiang Li said.

“No problem.” The lawyer turned around, “You guys are Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue am I correct?”

“What do you want?” Zheng Wenbing stood up looking anxious.

“Our Xue Corporation has acquired evidence that you and the manager of a branch company have conspired to embezzle the property of our corporation, frame other’s parents and conspired with an underground boxing boss to sell people. This has accumulated to serious criminal offense. We hold evidence and can sue you at any time.” The lawyer said eloquently, “According to the 3751th law of the people, the victim may choose not to sue if you can acquire his forgiveness. Because, this isn’t a public case, it may be resolved in private.”

“You said so much just to ask for compensation, tell me, how much do you want?” Zheng Wenbing already knew their intentions, “I’m admit defeat this time. 10000 star coins, is that enough?”

“This time, that manager has caused significant losses to our company in terms of finance. We have lost at least 300,000 star coins. Our company must chase back this sum.” The lawyer said.

Jiang Li listened on at the side. He felt that a lawyer was indeed a lawyer. The lawyer didn’t mention anything about how much they wanted but instead brought up how much loss the company has suffered.

There was no way for people to capture anything against him.

He was good.

If Jiang Li negotiated with them himself, he would ask for 300,000 star coins straight away and that would put him under the suspect of blackmailing.

“300,000” Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue almost jumped, “Why don’t you go rob someone.”

“I said our company has lost 300,000 and we must have this sum back.” The lawyer’s tone was cold, “Or perhaps you have conspired with the manager of the branch company and have also received a part of our company’s money? If so, I recommend you return it to us and we can choose not to sue. Otherwise, we can only chase it back with the legal procedure.”

“You…..” Zheng Wenbing couldn’t find any flaws in the lawyer’s words.

Yang Wu and Zhang Yue also stared at Jiang Li and the lawyer deadly. There was nothing they could do.

“Fine, 300,000 then!” After long thought, Zheng Wenbing made up his mind, “We will compensate. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement and settle things.”

“After, the company’s loss have been returned, we can choose not to sue.” The lawyer took out a document, “Sign this and make the transfer.”

“Zhang Yue, Yang Wu, we will each pay for 100,000.” Zheng Wenbing stared at the agreement and negotiated.

“Bing brother, that’s all my savings….” Zhang Yue’s heart ached at the loss. 100,000 star coins was not a small sum for him. This was all his pocket money he had saved up since he was small. Although his family was millionaire, they couldn’t stock all the family’s resources on him.

It was decent enough that they could even bring out 100,000 each.

“Don’t talk bullshit, let’s get this over and done with first.” Zheng Wenbing said.

“I need to ask my big brother for 50,000.” Yang Wu hurried to his phone.

Jiang Li stared at the three coldly as they tried to gather the sum. He didn’t say anything, 300,000 couldn’t ease his hatred. If there was the opportunity, he would make sure they would suffer heavily.

In just a moment, Ding Dong! The three had successfully transacted and the lawyer made them sign the agreement. After they left, there was an extra 300,000 star coins on Jiang Li’s account.

Jiang Li was going to give the lawyer some tips but the lawyer quickly shook his hands: “You’re Lei bro’s brother, how can I do this? I will try to accomplish what Lei bro has set me to do. These three are only students, they don’t have much societal experience. Taking them on is easy.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Jiang Li expressed his gratitude once again.

“Fuck! Fuck! Now the three of us are all broke!”

The three were all furious on their way back.

“Bing brother, are we just going to be blackmailed like this. Is there nothing we can do?” Zhang Yue was unkempt.

“What can we do? I was going to talk with Jiang Li and make him say a price and then try to get him to say some words that he shouldn’t say. That way, he can accuse him of blackmail. But who knew that a lawyer came and his words didn’t have any flaws!” Zheng Wenbing felt all his tricks were unable to be used.

“What fucking company loss? They just want to blackmail us.” Zhang Yue smashed his fist on the wall.

“Their losses could easily be forged. Even though we knew we were being blackmailed, there was nothing we could do.” Yang Wu’s head was still fazed. It was a huge humiliation for him to be slapped by Jiang Li but he didn’t dare to go take revenge.

“Wait for it! Our feud with the Jiang Li brothers is to the death!” Zheng Wenbing bit his teeth hard.

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