Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 29 - Huge Compensation 1

“Big brother, are you really going to see Zheng Wenbing?”

“Of course.” Jiang Li reassured her, “Little sister, stay home and wait for mum and dad.” He walked out of the door.

In a luxurious box, Zheng Wenbing, Zhang Yue and Yang Wu were drinking together. They had a few ladies by their sides drinking with them. They were laughing out loud as if everything was under their control.

“Bing brother, you’re really good with the ideas. You turned Jiang Li into an obedient puppy, when he comes here later on, just watch how we humiliate him.” Zhang Yue’s tone was cruel. He was originally the class captain and was high above everyone else. Unexpectedly, a Jiang Li popped out of nowhere and knocked him unconscious in front of Lara making him lose all his face.

This time, with the help of Zheng Wenbing’s shenanigans, he could get his revenge. He was planning to humiliate Jiang Li when he arrives.

The door sounded.

The three men sat up but the person who entered wasn’t Jiang Li and was a bulky man instead. His countenance was cold and he wore black clothes tailored very precisely to his body. His body gave off a sense of explosive power. What was more amazing was that his temperament was full of battle Qi. His eyes appeared as though they could pierce people’s spirits at any time.

Two attendants wearing singlets followed behind him. They were also teeming with ferocity as they stood calmly without speaking.

“Boss Sha is here.” Zheng Wenbing stood up hurriedly and shook hands with him.

Subsequently he introduced, “They are my two brothers, Zhang Yue and Yang Wu. This is Boss Sha of the underground boxing arena of Xu Hua city. He came specially to cooperate with us.”

Boss Sha swooped his hands, “Zheng Wenbing, where are the two boxers you said you were going to introduce to me? I want to see them. If they really can fight, I can pay a higher price for them and we can even talk about match shares. However, black market boxing has a extremely high fatality rate. The boxer you find must be willing to fight otherwise I don’t want to be dealing with problems.”

“No problem, both of their life forces are 0.9. They’ll definitely put on a good show, how bout it?” Zheng Wenbing laughed, “They’re two brothers, obediently controlled by me. They don’t dare to rebel against me.”

“That’s good then.” Boss Sha cracked his knuckles and moved slightly as his iron like muscles bulged, “Where are they, I need to verify them personally.”

“Don’t be hasty, they’ll be here soon.”

Zheng Wenbing had a cruel and playful look on his face.

30 minutes later, Jiang Li came to the door. He pushed the door open and saw Zheng Wenbing, Zhang Yue and Yang Wu in the room as well as Boss Sha and his two attendants.

He didn’t know boss Sha but from his bulky figure and ferocity, he could tell that boss Sha was not a friendly person.

“Zheng Wenbing, you are so contemptible using these shenanigans!” Jiang Li stared at everyone and said it word by word.

“Contemptible?” Zheng Wenbing laughed, “I told you, you won’t be able to beat me. What now, you’re all soft?”

“Jiang Li, you humiliated me. I will take my revenge 100 folds.” Zhang Yue stood up suddenly and wanted to release his spitefulness.

“Wait.” Zheng Wenbing waved his hand, “Brother, don’t be hasty. You won’t gain anything from beating him up. Let’s force him to become an underground boxer. That’s the way to earn money. He isn’t a person now, he’s just a commodity. Boss Sha, you may check him.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go for now. You better fight well in the underground arenas otherwise, your parents are going to suffer in the prison! Right now, your parents are just being investigated but soon they will be apprehended.” Zhang Yue sat back down and had a face full of satisfaction.

“This is the product you recommend me?” Boss Sha looked at Jiang Li and signalled with his hands, “A Hong, go up and test him. See how his battle experiences are.”

“Yes, boss!”

The man called A Hong walked up and suddenly leaped like a ferocious leopard in front of Jiang Li. He smashed out his fist.

D rank martial arts, [Heart Seeking Fist]!

Jiang Li didn’t even look and thrusted his fist in retaliation. He also used a D rank martial arts, [Military Exploding Fist Thrust]. He extended his arms seemingly softly but bringing a concussive force with it.

Their fists clashed like lightning in the air

Ka Cha Ka Cha……

The attendant A Hong’s whole arm was fractured. His body flew backwards and smashed onto the table spilling the wine on the floor.

“What?” Boss Sha rose up sharply, “What do you want to do?”

“Nothing? I’m just defending myself.” Jiang Li folded his arms and looked at ease.

“Very strong.” Boss Sha’s eyes beamed as though he found a treasure, “He can earn big money for me, Zheng Wenbing, he is good material. We can sign a contract.”

“Very well.” Zheng Wenbing face Jiang Li and said, “Jiang Li, from now on your life doesn’t belong to you. You are underground arena Boss Sha’s henchman. Go apply for exit at the school and then follow Boss Sha to fight at his underground arena every day and earn money for me. Do you understand? This way, your parents will be fine for the moment.”

“What are you guys talking about? How come I don’t understand?” Jiang Li’s face suddenly smiled.

“Jiang Li!” Zheng Wenbing smashed his hands on the table, “Looks like you don’t shed a tear until you see the coffin. Looks like I need to ring my brother to greet your parents in the police department.”

Beep Beep Beep Beep……

At this moment, his phone rang.

Zheng Wenbing smiled bleakly and took out his phone, he answered it and immediately a person appeared. He looked like a careers manager, however, his face was pallid, “Bing brother, things went wrong. I don’t know why but the big manager of Xue Corporation Lei Dong suddenly started investigating this matter. He went through all the records and found out I faked it immediately. Now, I’m being called to him, hurry and use your connections to bail me out. If I’m apprehended, there will be serious consequences!”

His figure disappeared thereafter.

Hearing this voice, everyone in the room except Jiang Li felted oppressed and anxious.

There was big trouble.

“Zheng Wenbing, my parents are already home resting.” Jiang Li said slowly, “As expected, it is you who set my parents up. How are we going to deal with this? I have recorded everything already. With Lei Dong’s investigation results, the evidence is clear and I’m afraid you will be going to the jail for a walk this time.”

This phone call made Zheng Wenbing’s face change rapidly.

“Head manager Lei Dong of the Xue Corporation!” Zheng Wenbing knew of Lei Dong. He was a significant figure who had a lot of power in the Xue Corporation. As for his friend, he was just the CEO of a branch company. There was a huge difference in rank between them.

“Bing brother…… what do we do?” Zhang Yue and Yang Wu was dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Li spoke once again, “Zheng Wenbing, coincidentally I have some connections with people in the Xue Corporation. You heard the phone call too. This is so unfortunate, you had a great future ahead of you but now you’re going to jail.”

“Jiang Li. You!”

Zheng Wenbing suddenly signaled Boss Sha, “Boss Sha capture him!”

“Zheng Wenbing, it seems you have played with me on this matter. You said it was a boxer who was obedient to you but things turned out like this. I came here for a deal not for a kidnapping. In Xing Hua city, I’m a good citizen who follows the law.” Boss Sha could easily see what was going on and stood up facing Jiang Li, “Brother, I’m just an outsider, everything is irrelevant to me. This is my card, maybe we can cooperate in business. I’m from the Boxing King Corporation of Xu Hua City. Let’s be friends. I’ll let what you did to my men go.”

“Okay, you’re an outsider, I won’t trouble you.”

Jiang Li took the card and signaled them to leave with his hands.

Boss Sha eyed his other attendant who carried the injured man on his back and they left the room together.

Boss Sha didn’t want to be involved in this. Xing Hua City wasn’t like the black market in Xu Hua City, there were laws here.

“You girls leave too. What happened today does not concern you.” Jiang Li waved his hands.

The girls were scared shitless already and left crawling and rolling.

“Jiang Li, I couldn’t tell you had more means that your brother!” Zheng Wenbing had calmed down at this moment, “But don’t think you have won now. There will be a time when you will regret this.”

“Bing brother, there’s no point in talking to him. Let’s capture him together. Audio recording evidence? There won’t be evidence if we destroy it.” Yang Wu suddenly walked up, “All you have to do is get your man released and everything will be set.”

He had always wanted to fight with Jiang Li and was eager to try.


He took a stance and abruptly took a step forward, his palms reached for the top of Jiang Li’s head with crushing force!

C rank martial arts, [Great River Palm].

The sun befell on the long river.

Jiang Li didn’t even look as his hands pushed upwards and parried Yang Wu’s hand. Next, his other palm flinged outwards suddenly.


It was another slap and it was harder than when he slapped Zheng Wenbing. It was so hard that it made Yang Wu spin in circles. Yang Wu was very dizzy and just fell down on his butt.

Before, the Super Protein injection, he was no match for Jiang Li. Now, it wasn’t even necessary to note their difference.

“You people are completely outmatched.” Jiang Li folded his arms after smacking Yang Wu out cold, “Zheng Wenbing, Zhang Yue, Yang Wu, this time, your fates will be very tragic.”

“Jiang Li, what do you dare to do to us? This is a legality society!” Zheng Wenbing’s eyes betrayed the horror deeply rooted in his heart. He knew things went wrong ever since Jiang Li called Lei Dong brother.

Although his family was wealthy, they were nothing compared to Xue Corporation. Manager Lei Dong had a lot of power as he was the head manager of the company. He was more connected than Zheng Wenbing. The speed with which he dealt with matters completely crushed Zheng Wenbing’s confidence.

If it was just Jiang Li’s family which was the typical normal citizen, then he could completely toy with them but when things involved Lei Dong, it got out of hand.

Jiang Li was connected to Lei Dong and all Jiang Li had to do was use his mouth and his parents were rescued. How was Zheng Wenbing going to play with Jiang Li?

He felt like that he had lost control of everything.

“Legality society.” After hearing news of his parents, Jiang Li seemed very relaxed, “I won’t do anything to you people, but you set my parents up. Naturally, I will use the legitimate process to deal with you. What the law says will be done.”

Although, he really wanted to kill Zheng Wenbing, his future would be destroyed if he killed or tortured in this society. His parents wouldn’t want him to do that as well. Even then, he only slapped Yang Wu’s face but didn’t injure him or break his bones. He had to do this so they could hold nothing against him.

Since when he was young, his parents like to settle things quietly. They would rather retreat when in trouble.

If Jiang Li beat them up, it would give them something to use against him. At the same time, his parents would be worried about him. However, he was definitely not going to let the three go either. He was thinking of legitimate measures to end them forever!

Of course, he had to make them pay adequate compensation.

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