Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 6 - Test of Ability

One could also earn money as a student.

The school already had connections with outside and students could do some part time jobs such as house chores, cleaning school grounds and cleaning the mansions of the wealthy people. As for the top students, they could even help the police with investigations and participate in military activities.

The high school students nowadays weren’t the caged parrots they were two hundred years ago. They were very capable.

Students with a life force of 0.9 could assist the army and earn high salaries.

The mass and general public had a life force of 0.7.

Those with a life force of 0.8 could join the police or even become a normal soldier.

Those with a life force of 0.9 could become military instructors.

As for those with a life force of 1, they were the highly influential people. This was not only the case inside school. They could also acquire high status even outside of school.

The students before relied on marks and grades. Those were useless. No matter how high your scores were, no one cared about you when you entered society. Now, the grades were the solid and practical life force. This was power. This was the foundation of humanity.

“What job would be better? Private tutor salaries are too low. I need to go see what jobs have high salaries. Little brother was even helping police with crime investigations a year ago and helped them arrest a dangerous figure. For his contribution, he was rewarded with a few hundred star coins.” Jiang Li was thinking.

“Hey! You came this early for school Jiang Li? This isn’t you at all.”

As soon as Jiang Li walked onto the large field of theschool, a tall and stout figured student ran towards him. His height was 1.85m and had a bulky figure. He had a smirk on his face and suddenly accelerated. He used the move [Old Bear Ramming Tree] and rammed towards Jiang Li with explosive power like a swirling wind.

This was his classmate Tiger Ma. He had a life force of 0.8 and loved mischief.

Not long ago, Jiang Li was rammed over by TIger Na a few times and Tiger Ma laughed at him, mocking Jiang Li for being weak.

Tiger Ma was very disliked in class especially by normal students like Jiang Li who was always bullied by him.

A person with a life force of 0.8 could easily beat 3 to 5 people with a life force of 0.7 in a fight. Maybe even six or seven. This was a fundamental difference in power.


Jiang Li snorted and bent his torso. His body swayed like a willow tree branch in the wind and easily side stepped the ram. Finally, his whole body including his spine suddenly twisted as with his muscles. His whole body was tense like a twisted steel rope!

[Boneless Jujitsu], [Twisting Bone Attack]!

His whole body smashed into TIger Ma.


Tiger Ma was like a person rammed over by a car and flew back falling on the runway heavily. He was dazed and bruises all over his face. Finally, he collected himself.

“[Boneless Jujitsu, Twisting Bone Attack]? How can a worthless crap like you with a life force of 0.7 do such high difficulty moves?”

He was shocked.

[Boneless Jujitsu] was a C rank martial art in the school and belonged to the self study course. Although everyone could study it, it was very high in difficulty and had high requirements for bone pliability, muscle elasticity and tendon strength. If you learnt it forcefully, the only consequence would be bone fracture and whole body paralysis.

Just then, the move [Twisting Bone Attack] entwined all the bones in the body together to suddenly release elastic energy. The speed was rapid, the power was great and the angle was unexpected making it hard for people to defend against.

It was already very hard to learn these types of moves. To use it in an actual battle was even harder.

“Tiger Ma, stop trying to play jokes on me again. Remember it. Otherwise, I’ll beat you every time you try.” Jiang Li didn’t even explain. The feeling of being proud and elated was magnificent: “ I don’t need to explain to you how I learnt this.”

He didn’t mind using his fists to teach a lesson to those who picked on weak students.

After finishing his sentence, he turned to leave immediately not even giving Tiger Ma a chance to ask.

“Damn it!” Tiger Ma smashed his fist onto the runway. He was angry and stared glaringly at Jiang Li’s back: “Just you wait.”

Jiang Li didn’t worry about Tiger Ma’s revenge. Little fights in the school were normal and although Tiger Ma’s family was wealthy, they didn’t have too much power. The most he could do was to gather a group and look for trouble. With his current skills, he could take on a few people.

“Bro, you’re good. Even Tiger Ma was beaten to the ground by you.”

As soon as he entered the class, Guo Meng came and patted Jiang Li on the back:” That guy always bullied us because his life force was strong. This time, he stepped on a hard nail. How did you improve so much, did you go into Deep Sleep?”

“Guo Meng, this time I got you your revenge.”

Jiang Li saw that it was Guo Meng. They were brothers in hardship. Once, they were training in the gymnasium and Tiger Ma used the excuse of giving them pointers and beat them up one versus two.

“I feel like I have some breath through recently.”

Of course he couldn’t talk about Fetal Respiration. That was too absurd.

“Can you really enter Deep Sleep?” Guo Meng admired and then sighed, “Too bad I still can’t. Sigh! You have a successful life ahead of you. You can find a goob job and get in a good university graduating with a life force of 0.8.” Guo Meng sighed, “But your little brother is even stronger. Ten days ago, he came into conflict with Zheng Wenbing and was able to beat him.”

“Huh?” Jiang Li listened, “Why? What happened between them?”

In the recent month, he was cultivating every day. He was so focused that he was immersed in his inner world and even skipped some unimportant classes. Separated from the outside world, he trained day and night in Fetal Respiration and was even unaware of what happened in his family.

Zheng Wenbing was an influential person in the school. His life force was 0.9 and had a very big family background with over 10 million star coins worth of assets.

Yet, Jiang Li’s family only had about 10 thousand star coins even after all these years of savings.

“My God, you still don’t know?” Guo Meng patted his forehead, ”This is one of the biggest news in the school, they’re fighting over courting Yelani Lu.”

“Yelani Lu?”

Jiang Li remembered, Yelani Lu, Lara Han, Ling Xue, Sarah Yun were labeled the four goddesses of the school. The number of people pursuing them was uncountable.

It seemed like little brother Jiang Tao liked Yelani Lu and was willing to start a feud with rich kids like Zheng Wenbing.

“Zheng Wenbing is someone strong. My little brother can defeat him?”

“Zheng Wenbing is only strong because he is stacked up by resources. I heard he eats Shui Lian Fruit, Moon Noodles…… for breakfast. Each meal is worth more than a hundred star coins. His set daily diet costs 500 star coins. Yet, how much do we spend on food combined? A few star coins and we are fed really well.” Guo Meng praised in admiration, “That day, Yelani Lu seemed to be on a date with your brother at the movies. Haha, your brother hooked a goddess. I don’t even know how many people are jealous.”

He also imagined himself pursuing a goddess.

“But Zheng Wenbing can take revenge on you if you get into conflict with him.”

Jiang Li thought, “Better find a time to ask little brother and see what’s going on.”

After talking with “brothers in hardship” for a while, the class bell rung.

Stamina class began.

“Let’s go bro.” Guo Meng laughed, “Today is stamina class. We’re in year 12 and there will be a new professor in ancient martial arts. I wonder what we’re learning today?”

“No matter what we are going to learn, I will be able to master it!” Jiang Li thought in his heart. There was a strong surge of confidence between his eyes.

The big gymnasium had 5000 square meters of land with substantial amount of training equipments, sprinting testing machines, punching machines, silicon dummies….. and a large pact of flat ground. At this moment, the 4000 people in Jiang Li’s class all gathered here for stamina training.

The stamina teacher appeared.

It wasn’t Miss Blade, Miss Blade was a spiritual class teacher specialised in teaching spiritual training.

The teacher was a middle aged man with a height of 1.87m. He wasn’t bulky and wore large white clothes. He appeared languid in manner and folded his arms as if chilling in a spa. However, occasionally, his eyes glimmered giving people a sense of lightning piercing through the night sky.

“Silence, silence…..” some students spoken in a small voice, “Lazy Long is here.”

The teacher for Jiang Li’s stamina class had a nickname “Lazy Long”. The students came up with it as he appeared to be lazy on the outside but on the inside, he was a dragon. His fierce claws and teeth were concealed in the deep.

“Don’t make Lazy Long angry! He also has another identity and that is a military instructor. The school hired him with a high salary to be our teacher.”

“He takes double the salary.”

“I wonder what ancient martial arts he’s going to teach us today? I head Lazy Long had expertise in countless forms of ancient martial arts.”

“We’re year 12 now, we should be taught some powerful martial arts.”

“There are powerful martial arts that we can learn ourselves now. The electronic tutorials are exactly the same as the teacher teaching us. But can we learn it? For example C rank martial arts……”


The middle aged teacher Lazy Long walked in front of the students and scanned the mass. Immediately, silence prevailed. His eyesight looked through the four thousand or so people: “This class only has one person in Deep Sleep? Who is it? Stand out.”

“Sir! It’s me. I am the class captain Zhang Yue.”

Zhang Yue proudly walked in front, “My Life Force grade is 0.9, I am open for advice.”

“Very well.”

Lazy Long suddenly threw a fist out.

The arm grew in size rapidly with this punch making cracking sounds as the joints rubbed against each other. The bones realigned and the whole hand suddenly became much bigger.

Zhang Yue was shocked and hurriedly dodged maneuvering his foot. However, Lazy Long’s fist was constantly transforming and it aimed for every inch of Zhang Yue’s body. The punches followed Zhang Yue closely not giving him any chance to catch his breath.


His body inflated and then spewed a gust of breath out, his fist changed into palms and cut many curves in the air that clashed with Lazy Long’s forearm.

D rank martial art, [Parabolic Hand Blade]!

Stud stud stud…….

He fell back many steps yet Lazy Long stood completely still.

This showed the distinct difference in strength. Lazy Long’s power was extremely strong and a cold shiver went down Jiang Li’s back as he spectated.

“Good!” Lazy Long stopped and nodded in approval, “Zhang Yue, your battle sense is good, your spirit is strong, your senses are sensitive and your reactions are swift. Today, what I will be teach you is the C rank martial art [Dragon Claw Subjugation]. This martial art was created by Wang Chao for the military two hundred years ago during the sovereign era. He was the grandmaster and the king of martial artists. He was the king of physical capabilities during that age. I speculate that in the entire class, only you can learn it. No one else can.”

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