Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 7 - Dragon Claw Subjugation

“To think it would be created by the Martial Arts Emperor, the King of Stamina, Grandmaster Wang Chao. This must be a very powerful martial technique!”

“But I’m a bit skeptical about the rumours surrounding Wang Chao. Two hundred years ago Earth was still divided up by countries, and resources were scarce. Things like AIDS or cancer could not even be conquered. This primitive society could give birth to a man of such caliber? But official statistics state that Wang Chaos tested his life force during his apex during 2050. It was when he was 70, and adjusted for current standards it was about 9? That’s insane. Are they sure it wasn’t a cyborg?”

“Peak life force at 70? Back then 70 year old people were probably near their deathbeds. I think the officials are exaggerating. No matter how strong people in ancient times were, there's no way they’d be match for modern humans.”

“The average life force of people back then was about 0.4 to 0.5. Now it’s 0.7, almost twice as strong as previously. But the people with a life force of 9 only reside in the Elite District. If my life force was 9, why would I even go Astral University? I’d go straight the Elite District and become a high official, a rank that is a hundred times more extravagant than that of the Xing Hua City Mayor.”

“Fuck off, even if your life force was 0.9 you’d be successful.”

“Don’t talk so much, let me see the martial technique.”

“C rank martial arts.”

“Why? Just because only Zhang Yue can learn this, Lazy Long would give him private attention?”

“It can’t be helped. I think he is the only one out of our class of 4000 with a life force of 0.9. In the whole year level of more than 50 classes, 200,000 students, he’d be ranked in the top 30. The school only cares about potential candidates for Astral University, and people like us are all abandoned…”

A few students talked quietly amongst themselves. They weren't happy, but could not do anything, for the gifted would naturally receive attention.

Lazy Long didn’t care after hearing the mutters.

“I don’t mind if you guys wanted to learn my [Dragon Claw Subjugation]. In fact you can come to me at any time to look at it. But this technique requires bone and muscle elasticity to be extremely high. If learnt brashly, you risk breaking bones and ligaments. This is an army martial technique, and every move is intended to kill, and so it’s not part of the normal curriculum.”

“Don’t worry about them teacher. I will learn it studiously.” Zhang Yue raised his head.

It was true that no one in the class could refute his qualifications in learning this technique.

“Look!” Lazy Long suddenly thrust his hands out, and made a clawing motion in the air with his fingers. Nearby students jumped in fright after seeing his arms.

These definitely were not human arms; thick, strong, with blood vessels that were coiled around it like blue pythons. Muscles, similar to armored scales, covered their entirety. The arm was not of flesh and blood but rather metal and machine!

“Transfer qi onto your arms, and pivoting on your spine tense your ‘scales’! The first move is [Blue Dragon Upsurge]!” Lazy Long shook up and down, his claws like the wind, and his feet like drifting clouds.

“Second move [Returning Black Dragon]!”

“Third move [Ball Play of the White Dragon]!”

“Fourth move [Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains]!”

“Fifth move [Probing Claws of the Sky Dragon]!”

The demonstrations were as fast as lightning. Both hands moved to subdue, with every move possessing killing intent, capable of dislodging bones and limbs. A few students were chilled by what they saw. If they were to meet such an opponent their only fate would be one - to be wrecked into pieces.

“As expected, the bone and muscle prerequisites are extremely high.” Jiang Li watched on on the side. Having secretly learnt [Boneless Jiujitsu], his understanding of martial arts exceeded many people, and recognized [Dragon Claw Subjugation] as a brutal physical technique with swift and fierce attacks. It was even more vicious than [Boneless Jiujitsu].

But [Boneless Jiujitsu] was a type of ‘Jiujitsu’, which places emphasis on coordination. Though it was weaker than [Dragon Claw Subjugation] in terms of attacking power, it was a foundation technique, meaning as long as you’ve learnt it, mastering any other C ranked martial technique would be a walk in the park.

During Lazy Long’s lecture Jiang Li secretly learnt the many ways of transferring qi in [Dragon Claw Subjugation]. Having [Boneless Jiujitsu] as his basis he almost immediately learnt the skills and attacks.

But he silently mulled over them and did not show that he had understood them.

The hour long class passed quickly.

After receiving one on one instructions from Lazy Long, Zhang Yue also learnt this ferocious C rank martial technique in a few hours. But his moves were raw and rough, and could not be used in a real battle.

“Zhang Yue, your talent and physical capabilities aren’t bad, but [Dragon Claw Subjugation] shines the most in close quarter combat. I advise you to learn [Boneless Jiujitsu] for it is a foundation technique. Once learnt, any C rank martial technique can even be self-taught. Also, you bones and muscles need to be strengthened more. Once you go home eat more supplements. If possible try get the ‘Star Body Strengthening Pill’, it will help a lot in your cultivation.”

“Star Body Strengthening Pill, 2000 star coins per pill…” After hearing the name of the supplement Zhang Yue quivered, but ended up smiling, “I will most definitely train the C rank martial technique till perfection.”

“Good! Today's class is nearly over, everyone train at your own pace.” Lazy Long remarked nonchalantly, “Let’s start one on one training to see where you’re at.”

[Dragon Claw Subjugation] could be performed by two people. One attempts to subdue whilst the other tries evade, forming connecting moves which became a technique set.

“Have you learnt much?” Jiang Li’s best friend Guo Meng made a pact with him and each tried to overwhelm each other with [Dragon Claw Subjugation]. Guo Meng only learnt a basic move that lacked power whilst Jiang Li performed the technique naturally.

But of course, in an area of more than 4000 people training, no one would have noticed that Jiang Li understood the essence of the technique.

“Jiang Li.”

Suddenly Zhang Yue, with insolence, treaded towards the pair.

“What’s the problem, class captain?” Jiang Li wasn’t worried. A month ago he would have felt crippling pressure facing Zhang Yue, but now that tension had lessened considerably due to his stronger body.

“I heard that even after warning you, you still met Lara at the Park? How ballsy indeed.” Zhang Yue narrowed his eyes, “Do you dare not to listen to me?”

“Who are you?” Jiang Li fired back quizzically, “Why should I listen to you?”

“You-!” Zhang Yue was wide eyed at Jiang Li’s response. In the same instance a cold sheen glazed his eyes. “Oh, you're strong now aye? If that’s the case let's practice together. As the class captain I’ll school you in close quarter combat to improve your grades.

“Big man class captain, let us be peaceful with our words.” Guo Meng could sense the situation going out of control and tried to defuse the tension.

“Fuck off!”

Zhang Yue kicked out viciously. It was the D rank martial technique [Corkscrew Heart Punt].

As fast as a storm it struck Guo Meng’s belly.

Guo Meng screamed and was sent flying a good two meters before crashing on the ground, holding his stomach writhing in pain.

“Oops sorry.” Zhang Yue didn’t look sorry, and instead wiped his leg as if it was dirtied by Guo Meng. “Fellow classmate, I’m trying to teach you, why are you not focusing?”

“Are you alright Guo Meng?” Jiang Li went over to help his friend up, but deep down he was furious.

“I’m ok.” Guo Meng had cold sweat dripping off his forehead.

“Come here Jiang Li. I still haven't taught you close combat techniques yet.” Zhang Yue walked towards Jiang Li then suddenly lashed out again.

This attack was even faster than the previous, creating ripples in the surrounding air.

D rank martial technique, [Knife Edge Kick]!


Nearby students closed their eyes, whilst some female students even started screaming.

The attack was ferocious, and if hit, serious injury would be imminent. But no one dared to stop it for Zhang Yue had made himself a bastardly reputation.


A arm drew an oval in mid air, stopping the attack mid-way. It also made piercing sounds. It hit head on with Zhang Yue’s leg.

Raw physical brawling always makes loud noises.

Zhang Yue leaped backwards, his eyes full of disbelief.

Jiang Li slowly stood up. “Do you really think you can do as you please in class?”

“You can stop my [Knife Edge Kick]?” Zhang Yue felt that Jiang Li had changed, but he still looked down on him. “I see, apparently you think with that amount of improvement in the past month you can boss me around now huh?”

“It’s true I improved.” Jiang Li stared Zhang Yue down, “You wanted to school me in close quarter combat right? Let’s go then!”

“I’ll make you eat dirt!” How could Zhang Yue restrain himself after feeling his authority being challenged?


He leaped out and threw a punch that was like a bayonet, aiming straight for the opponent’s heart.

D rank martial technique, [Exploding Army Thrust].

Every punch was diverted at the opponent’s vitals, with footwork that could shatter even a wooden dummy. People with Zhang Yue’s life force of 0.9 were considered to be martial experts 200 years ago.

Jiang Li focused his vision and concentrated his mind. The opponent’s moves slowed down in his world. He raised his arm and suddenly jabbed out, claws gleaming, like a returning dragon.

It was in fact the [Returning Black Dragon] of the freshly learnt [Dragon Claw Subjugation] technique.

The long bone breaking claw struck with Zhang Yue’s fists.


There were continuous physical clashes. In just a few seconds the duo had traded more than 10 moves.

Stopping, there were visible bruises on Jiang Li’s arms, as Zhang Yue’s fists had a penetrative power which had viciously pommeled his arm.

But Zhang Yue wasn’t better off. There were blood marks everywhere on his arm, with wounds seeping blood.

This was the result of Jiang Li’s claws.

[Dragon Claw Subjugation] specialises in pulling out tendons and severing meridians. It was even possible to instantly cut off major arteries of enemies in just one exchange, making them bleed to death.

No one gained the upperhand in the exchange; both were wounded.

“My battle experience is still lacking! Though Fetal Respiration can help with my body, the lack of nutrition means that it was watering a pot without plants. Without sufficient nutrients, cell growth is also limited.” Jiang Li originally thought he’d be able to beat Zhang Yue, but once he started fighting he could feel his lack of experience, missing good opportunities to strike back. If it wasn’t for the heightened senses that was brought by long term Fetal Respiration, he would have been a lot worse off.

This battle made him understand that though Fetal Respiration was marvelous, it still needed sufficient nourishment in order to strengthen cells.

Relying on the opaque stone to reach Fetal Respiration without nutrition cuts down the effectiveness by more than 90%. In comparison the masters that could enter Fetal Respiration, his version was a hoax; it was not the real deal,

Just like those that rely on Hypnotists to enter Deep Sleep, it was not due to an elevation in spiritual cultivation.

“In the future I shall continue to work hard, and earn money to buy supplements!” Jiang Li promised to himself, “The opaque stone only laid out the pathway for me to go. True success is still up to myself.”

Though Jiang Li did not win, the nearby students were shocked beyond words.

“Jiang Li can go toe to toe with Zhang Yue?”

“Dude Zhang Yue has a life force of 0.9. He’s strong as, yet he merely fought on equal terms with Jiang Li? In our class there are many people with a life force of 0.8, yet even four or five of them could be easily crushed by Zhang Yue. Could it be that Jiang Li’s life force has reached 0.9?”

“Fuaaaaaaaaark, there’s going to be a new king in town…”

“I wonder if they are still going to fight?”

The 4000 odd students of the class stopped their training and looked at the confrontation between Jiang Li and Zhang Yue.

“Ok.” This time Lazy Long spoke and walked across the room, his eyes beaming. “Your battle stops here. You’re Jiang Li right? A tiger in hiding? To think you could use the freshly taught [Dragon Claw Subjugation] technique to such proficiency… You’ve learnt [Boneless Jiujitsu] right?”

“Yes sir!” Jiang Li bowed, “I’ve learnt the first three moves, [Twisting Bone Attack], [Projecting Bone Stab] and [Shattering Bone Collapsing the Clouds].”

“Not bad, not bad indeed! Worthy of heavy excavation.” Lazy Long cared not of the fighting incident, for he used to be a army officer, and in the army brawls and fights were way more common. As long as there were students worthy of excavation it was all good. In addition this was a close combat class, why would there not be injuries?

[TL Note: (重点培养/heavy excavation) - (investment of resources, further development) ]

“Have you achieved Deep Sleep in spirit cultivation?”

“Yes,” Jiang Li admitted, “I can enter the second stage of Deep Sleep anywhere and anytime at will.”

Once these words were spoken, there was great commotion.

“Wow! He’s so good! He’s like a genius.”

“To think he could enter Deep Sleep at will, doesn’t Zhang Yue require a long period of meditation every time…”

“His spirit cultivation is higher than that of Zhang Yue’s.”

“No wonder he caught up in such short time...”

“I don’t believe it!” Though Zhang Yue realized Lazy Long had taken a liking to Jiang Li, and that he had no way of stopping it, he did not believe that Jiang Li could enter Deep Sleep at will.

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