Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 19: Always Arrogant No Matter The Occasion (1)

The more the Nine Saint Demon Gate elders stared at Li Qiye, the more annoyed they became. Why was it that a person with a mortal physique, mortal life wheel, and mortal fate palace like Li Qiye was capable of communicating with their Heavenly Guardians? The gods were so unfair!

If he was a disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, then it would be borderline acceptable. However, he was from a different sect. Why would their Heavenly Guardians protect an outsider and harm their own sect?

Demon King Lun Ri started to speak once again after the lengthy pause: “This being said, can you please tell us about the technique you used to control the Heavenly Guardians?”

Li Qiye hesitantly smiled: “Communication technique? I don’t have any techniques. These are your Heavenly Guardians, you should know more about them than me.”

Li Qiye naturally couldn't tell them the secrets behind the event. As the Dark Crow during the Desolate Era, he paid in blood to formulate a successful plan to escape the Immortal Demon Grotto. After millions of years, he finally understood this particular logic: if you want to control your own destiny, you must personally possess formidable power.

Although he possessed considerable power as the Dark Crow, it was not his own power. Luckily, after entering places that no one else dared to venture, he had found out many mysterious and magical secrets. From then on, he formulated a plan for his own personal cultivation if he were to ever return to his body.

The four Heavenly Guardians of the Nine Saint Demon Gate were one of his secret preparations in the past for self-preservation. That year, he found them at the Ancestral Earth after countless efforts. They protected him for countless years in the past.

The Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon had always wanted the four statues. He followed and begged Li Qiye for them nonstop. Since Nine Saint made many considerable contributions as Min Ren’s fate protector, often at the risk of his own life, Li Qiye let him borrow them for his descendants.

After successfully guilting Li Qiye out of them, Nine Saint immediately stationed them to protect the heaven and earth veins of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. At the same time, he allowed them to use the natural energy here to further strengthen themselves.

However, the two had an agreement. Unless the Nine Saint Demon Gate was on the verge of sect destruction, the statues would never take action. They were neither slaves nor servants of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and they would not be the fate protectors of any descendant of the sect.

Since the Nine Saint Demon Gate also had a monster like the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect as its backing, it grew in power without much hindrance. Later on, during the decline of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the Nine Saint Demon Gate became an independent existence, so it didn't suffer together. Due to this, the Nine Saint Demon Gate had never faced a disaster where the statues had to mobilize.

The statues were personally taken by Li Qiye from the Land of the Old Bloods, so of course he knew how to communicate with them. This was why when he took the time to get on the shoulder of one of them, he conversed with them.

“If Young Master Li is willing to part with the technique, the Nine Saint Demon Gate will definitely not mistreat you. Anything Young Master Li wants, just say the word and we will assist you to the utmost of our abilities.”

Demon King Lun Ri had not given up, he knew the real value of the Heavenly Guardians. The sect would become extremely powerful if the guardians could be controlled.

All of the elders eagerly waited for Li Qiye’s answer. If one statue was able to defeat the first elder, then what would be the combined power of all four be?

“You know, there really isn’t a technique. I was simply gossiping with the statues; just talking about things like home and life, that’s all.” Li Qiye answered in a playful manner with a coyish expression, acting like an innocent child.

Of course, the Demon King and the elders did not believe Li Qiye’s answer, but they couldn't do anything about it. They definitely couldn't force Li Qiye into giving them the technique as they would bring upon themselves an unprecedented disaster.

Seeing the King’s quiet contemplation, Li Qiye changed his demeanor and coldly added: “However, I do need to say one thing. I need to perform a blood rite with the four statues.”

Both the Demon King and elders were shocked. This had a completely different meaning. To perform a blood rite with their Heavenly Guardians was comparable to a linking technique.

Demon King Lun Ri frankly responded: “The four statues are our Heavenly Guardians.”

Li Qiye aloofly played with his sleeves while he answered: “They can still be your Heavenly Guardians. The only thing is, I might need to borrow them for certain things in the future, just for a little bit.”

An elder couldn’t help but exclaim: “The four statues belong to our sect. Unless it is someone of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, no one has the rights to use them.” There was no such thing as letting someone borrow your Heavenly Guardians. It was simply too unreasonable.

Li Qiye glared at the elder and said: “This is not up to you. If you have a problem with it, then go cry to your guardians.”

Due to the promise that year, Li Qiye had to be patient when dealing with the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Otherwise, he would have just taken the statues and left.

Demon King Lun Ri suddenly interjected to calm down the elder and Li Qiye: “Since Young Master Li can communicate with the guardians, having them wake up and put into action isn’t a bad thing.”

In reality, everyone here knew that the Nine Saint Demon Gate did not have a choice in this matter. Although the Nine Saint Demon Gate was powerful, it was still a bit lacking when compared to the four statues. Remember, when four individuals work together in a formation, the power increase wouldn't be additive, it would be multiplicative.

If it was only one statue, then they would be able to handle it. However, with the four of them combined, especially when they were situated on top of the heaven and earth veins of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, the risk was too high.

“This is something a smart person would say.” Li Qiye smiled and continued: “Don’t think that I will immediately cause trouble for the Nine Saint Demon Gate after I perform the rite with your Heavenly Guardians. If I wanted to, all of you wouldn't even have the opportunity to sit here. If I wanted to trample the Nine Saint Demon Gate, no one can stop my advance, not even if your patriarch rises from his grave.”

The elders weren't happy with Li Qiye’s attitude, but they couldn’t say anything. The juxtaposition between the elders’ raging faces and Li Qiye’s nonchalantly attitude was quite amusing.

“Since this is the case, Young Master Li go ahead with the blood rite.” Lun Ri agreed to Li Qiye's demand. Although he didn't know why a mortal like Li Qiye could control the four statues, this was his only option.

Li Qiye responded: “If your sect follows the rules, so will I. The four statues will remain as your Heavenly Guardians.”

After a moment of contemplation, Lun Ri started speaking again: “Young Master Li! Our Nine Saint Demon Gate also has a sacred ground that no one has been able to open. Would you be interested in giving it a look?”

“Your Highness, this can’t happen!” An elder immediately tried to stop the King.

“It is fine for Young Master Li to have a look.” Lun Ri quickly prevented the elder from saying more; his commanding voice did not allow for negotiation.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned bright as he asked: “Are you talking about the Saint Cavern that your patriarch left behind?”

He suddenly remembered an event from the past.

That year, the old chicken head had once mentioned this cave to Li Qiye, but this was after Immortal Emperor Min Ren had received the Heaven’s Will. Li Qiye’s disposition was unstable at the time as well, so he wanted to enter deep slumber. Although he listened to the wily old chicken head’s story, he didn’t pay attention to it.

“That's correct!” Li Qiye’s knowledge of this fact rattled Lun Ri’s spirit. He quickly suggested: “If Young Master Li can open the Saint Cavern, we will give you considerable thanks.”

Li Qiye attempted to remember what the old chicken head once told him in the past and asserted: “I can try to open the Saint Cavern once. If I am successful, then I want to take one item from it, the rest can stay with your sect.”

“This…” After hearing Li Qiye’s words, Lun Ri required some time to think.

An elder spoke up: “Your Highness, this requires a careful discussion.”

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