Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 20: Always Arrogant No Matter The Occasion (2)

“There's no need for discussion!” Demon King Lun Ri commandingly asserted: “Young Master Li can take anything from the Saint Cavern, provided that you can open it.”

“Lun Ri, you are a smart person. Find me when you are ready, I will be taking my leave.” Li Qiye turned around and left the sky chamber. Yu He had to, once again, unwillingly carry him on his back.

After Li Qiye’s departure, an elder couldn’t help express: “Your Highness, this decision regarding the Saint Cavern feels a bit rushed.”

“Not necessarily.” The voice of Lun Ri came again: “Since our inception, the Saint Cavern has always been isolated. No one has successfully opened the cave as of yet. This is a good opportunity for us, and it was in line with the patriarch’s will.”

An elder curiously inquired: “Your Highness, what about the Heavenly Guardians? How come we have never heard of them before? What are they — Heavenly Beasts or Longevity Spirits?”

“I’m not quite sure myself.” Demon King Lun Ri stated: “Our knowledge and writings regarding the Heavenly Guardians are quite lacking. Only the ancient scroll of the patriarch mentioned something about them. Unless we are at the brink of destruction, they will not activate by themselves. Only the sect masters are allowed to see this scroll.”

Another elder conveyed: “But they showed their might today.”

Lun Ri replied: “I do not understand it either, but if they have chosen him, they must have their own reasons for doing so.”

“This kid, he is too scary.” The first elder opened his mouth: “According to Yu He, he went through the Chaotic Heart Forest twice, easily. This is truly unthinkable! Now the Heavenly Guardians have chosen him as well, this world really isn't fair.”

Another elder lamented: “This is indeed an alarming fact. Ever since we came to be, we have always focused on cultivating the younger talents. Junior Leng is our strongest in terms of strength, and the princess is number one in terms of raw aptitude. However, the Heavenly Guardians didn't choose them, they chose a mortal boy with a mortal physique, mortal life wheel, and mortal fate palace instead.”

“Of the numerous things in this world, we cannot understand all of them.” In the end, although Lun Ri felt cheated as well, he could only acquiesce.

An elder inquired: “Your Highness, if he can actually open the Saint Cavern, are we really giving him anything he wants?”

An unwilling Elder exclaimed: “That’s right. It's rumored that in the Saint Cavern, there is a big chance of an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure hiding in there.”

“If he can actually open it, then it is the heaven’s will.” Lun Ri responded: "According to Elder Jian, none of us in this generation will be able to open the Saint Cavern. Li Qiye has done many unthinkable deeds during his short stay here, so maybe he can open the cavern.” [1]

After hearing the name Elder Jian, no one dared to open their mouths. This was because no one within the sect had more power and influence than Elder Jian, including even the sect master.

In the end, the King declared: “Send the order, if any disciple were to reveal what happened today, they will be heavily punished. This is an iron law!”

They didn't want outsiders to know too much regarding their Heavenly Guardians.


After Li Qiye returned, his group had been moved to a different guest location. This was a place meant for the visiting rulers of Kingdoms and emperors of Ancient Kingdoms — the highest level of hospitality and respect.

This treatment made Nan Huairen and Protector Mo feel afraid of receiving too much love. They understood it was because of Li Qiye that they were able to receive such a warm reception.

They had many questions to ask Li Qiye, but they didn’t know where to start. They were afraid of his mysterious abilities and kept staring at him like he was an ancient monster, one that had never been seen before. One thing Nan Huairen did figure out was that the day when Li Qiye went up the statue’s shoulder, it was in preparation for today.

“Say whatever you want to say.” Seeing the master and disciple combo being so uncomfortable and confused, Li Qiye was very much amused while sitting in his chair.

Protector Mo opened his mouth like he had something say, but he didn’t know where to start. He was a quiet person in the first place, so he gave up and just sat back down.

In contrast to Protector Mo, Nan Huairen was just waiting for the opportunity to speak up. He gathered up his courage and stuttered: “That, that thing, was it successful?”

“What thing?” It was Li Qiye’s turn to be confused; he had no idea what Nan Huairen was implying.

“You, you know. The thing about the marriage — marrying Princess Li.”

“Oh, you are talking about Li Shuangyan.” Li Qiye chuckled, shook his head, and said: “I did not inquire about this since I do not care about it. I can't reach the apex if I were to worry about matters regarding women.”

Li Qiye opened his big mouth once more, leaving Nan Huairen at a loss for words. Remember that Li Shuangyan was the prime descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Not only was she beautiful, she also had a King Physique, King Life Wheel, and most importantly, a Fate Palace of the Saint level. In the Grand Middle Territory, there were countless young geniuses that wanted to propose to Li Shuangyan, but in the end, Nan Huairen realized that he should not question Li Qiye’s words.

His eyes turned to the Serpent Punishing Stick instead. This regular wooden stick had beaten a Heaven’s Mandate expert to the ground, leaving a deep impression in Nan Huairen’s mind.

“Here. If you want to look at it, go ahead.” Li Qiye noticed the peculiar gaze and generously threw the stick to him.

Nan Huairen caught it, held it carefully in his hands, and thoroughly examined it. Even Protector Mo couldn’t contain himself anymore and joined in on the fun. The two analyzed it together.

However, no matter what they did, the only conclusion they could arrive at was that it was only a regular stick.

Nan Huairen inquired: “This really is the wooden stick from the grand chamber, right?”

“Correct.” Li Qiye nodded his head.

Nan Huairen swallowed and daringly asked Li Qiye: “Senior, can I play around with it?”

“Look at your silly self, do whatever you want to do.” Li Qiye burst out laughing.

Nan Huairen immediately lifted the stick to the sky and started swinging it around. However, it didn't carry the same force and grace like it did in the hands of Li Qiye.

“Senior, why is there such a difference between our swordplay?”

Nan Huairen didn't understand how this regular stick was so magical when used by Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at him and sincerely answered: “Truly believe and it will happen.”

He stopped there; he couldn’t easily explain the mystical truths behind the Serpent Punishing techniques to other people.

[1] Not the actual Heaven's Will required to become an Immortal Emperor, but more of a comment regarding fate.

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