Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3174: Progenitors’ Paragon Artifacts

The powerful progenitors still couldn’t withstand the explosion of their momentum. They were the closest so escaping was impossible.

They suffered varying degrees of damage. One got his head blown off; another had a hole on the chest; one more lost his arm…

Meanwhile, the fuzzy world and liquified inhabitants appeared again and became normal as before.

“I’m still alive!” One ecstatic man shouted before hurriedly touching his face and body. He didn’t lose a single hair from the ordeal.

Others looked around and saw the erased systems present. The land they stood on seemed the same as ever.

The only real change was the damages inflicted on the eleven progenitors. The figure on the river of time was no longer there.

“Fiercest can win!” They realized that Li Qiye had stopped the figure from altering the river of time.

“I’m sure he got this! Fiercest will be victorious!” The inhabitants of Immortal Lineage started shouting, the loudest they have ever gotten in their life.

By this point, it became as clear as day that he was the only one who could take down the darkness. The spectators clenched their fists, waiting for his inevitable victory.

Meanwhile, the dark messenger stood there patiently in spite of his allies’ first setback. It was as if none of this had anything to do with him.

Perhaps he was waiting for the right moment, the right opening, in order to deliver a fatal blow. Li Qiye needed to be careless for him to have a chance.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy to kill a progenitor. The eleven progenitors created a new body in no time at all. Not a single wound could be seen.

The crowd took a deep breath. Killing one was hard enough, let alone eleven.

“So how can he kill them?” One expert said. They haven’t reached a level high enough to know this.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to give a damn and let them do whatever they wanted.

“I have absolute authority with regards to the temporal domain. I’ve experienced the samsara in that river, trying to end me there is foolish, to say the least.” He smiled and shook his head.

Remember, the Time Scripture was in his possession and he had researched its origin. The progenitors’ peerless technique couldn’t contest with his knowledge.

He wasn’t exaggerating either. He was able to trace the source without being lost in the river of time. Thus, he had reached the level of moving freely in this domain.

“We still underestimated you.” The messenger reflected and said: “In history, only a selected few have reached this height with regards to time control.”

Time was one of the hardest affinities to grasp. Even beings of their levels needed to exercise caution when dealing with time. On the other hand, Li Qiye could move around freely there - quite a shocking development.

“You’re not underestimating me, just overestimating your technique. You think that just because your master gave it to you that it’ll be able to change time? You’re nothing more than experiments. If changing the past is this easy, people would have done it long ago.” Li Qiye paused for a bit before continuing: “The high heaven would be able to change everything with a flick of his finger, no need to bother with so many tedious things. Oh wait, I forgot, this is Three Immortals. You haven’t seen it yet.”

Li Qiye was right. Heavenly tribulations were awfully rare in Three Immortals. Supreme existences like progenitors or other masters only had a faint idea of the high heaven.

“I understand now, you don’t belong to this world.” The dark messenger slightly raised his brows and finally concluded.

“And? It shouldn’t be surprising.” Li Qiye smiled.

“There is always a higher sky and a better man.” The messenger nodded in agreement: “I have heard of this possibility before but lacked the ability to do so. I truly want to go visit your world.”

“Unfortunately, I do not welcome any of you.” Li Qiye snorted in response.

“No eggs will stay intact beneath a toppled nest.” The messenger sincerely said: “Once Three Immortals are finished, your world will be next. No worlds are lucky enough to be the exception.”

“No, no one is lucky enough to dip a finger in the pie while I’m around. Your master is no exception.” Li Qiye smiled.

The messenger seemed to be thinking about something. His eyes flashed with a glint.

“I hope so. Your power is undeniable and worthy of admiration. Alas, you still won’t be able to escape. We will show you our Paragon Artifacts today.”

“Paragon Artifact? A complete one?” Everyone was shaken to hear this.

In history, numerous progenitors have tried to craft these weapons. Unfortunately, very few could actually finish one.

In order to be eligible, one must be at the immortal level first. That’s why very few Paragon Artifacts were around. They were rarely passed down to the descendants too. After all, they were the ace cards of the progenitors.

“I have seen some before, no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled.

These invincible treasures were priceless in the eyes of others. Alas, they sounded like nothing coming from him.

“That’s our Prime Progenitor for you.” Numerous experts became excited and didn’t think that he was being arrogant at all.

“It’s different this time.” The messenger didn’t become angry and said: “These treasures are a set of three made by our lord, powerful enough to surpass anything. I’m sure you’ll change your mind after seeing them.

“A set of three?” This made the crowd feel worse. None has ever seen a set of Paragon Artifacts before.

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