Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3175: Three Artifacts

The eleven progenitors briefly exchanged glances before splitting into three groups, forming a triangular formation.

“Boom!” Each group took out an item, resulting in a massive blast quaking Three Immortals.

Something seemed to be taken out of the ground, the very core of heaven and earth. Everyone else felt their heart being pulled out of their chest as well.

Their grand dao power, vitality, and energy were instantly taken.

“What’s happening…” They lost their strength and fell to the ground like a pile of mud.

Three Immortals also lost its life force. Its core and dao source have been robbed.

In reality, they were perfectly fine. Everything was as it used to be.

However, these treasures seemed to be the void itself, capable of containing Three Immortals.

Due to their spatial vastness, they also contained the most majestic life force and might.

Each strand of light emanating from their radiance could illuminate everything. People couldn’t look straight at them at all lest risk going blind. Even ten suns seemed dark in comparison.

This blinding radiance stopped others from actually seeing their shape. Everyone felt as if they were looking at immortal artifacts and became envious. Some felt the urge to prostrate.

The world felt as small as a speck of dust in their presence. Thus, the inhabitants were infinitely small in comparison.

The disparity in size made them feel inadequate even though these treasures have yet to activate.

“All things, space and time, life.” The messenger spoke as if he was an immortal from above, preaching to enlighten all living beings.

While beneath these treasures and hearing his voice, everyone shuddered and thought that they had become fireflies, wanting to join the darkness.

This wasn’t an attempt at conversion by the dark messenger, just a by-product of the treasures’ power. They seemed to be refining Three Immortals, ready to convert it to the darkness.

“Do you know the significance of possessing these three affinities?” The messenger asked.

“No.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head.

“Creation!” The messenger said: “Our lord is capable of this, granting life and starting a new era. Thus, he has eternal life and is indestructible.”

Some inhabitants in Immortal Lineage were on their knees, willing to join the darkness after hearing about this supreme creator.

“Creation?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Immortal and indestructible? Did he tell you or show it to you? You got brainwashed.”

“I know that he can do it. If immortals actually exist, they are immortals.” The messenger fell into a brief silence before declaring.

“Fake immortals, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“True or fake, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps on an individual level, there are those stronger. However, they are an immortal race!” The messenger didn’t try to defend the first claim.

“Greedy parasites calling themselves a race of immortals?” Li Qiye said: “Myriad creations, space and time, life. That’s what it takes to be an ultimate creator? Has he asked the villainous heaven for permission about granting life? If he and his race can do so, they wouldn’t need to covet the three thousand worlds. Although I do agree that they have lived quite long, it’s not unreasonable for you to bring up eternal life.”

“Nothing is stronger than that race. One person alone can’t do so, but all of them? That’s why our lord can definitely create an eternal world. Devils, gods, light, darkness, they won’t be anything more than a single thought. Everything will co-exist once it is created.” The messenger said seriously.

The eleven progenitors put on a respectful expression while listening as well.

By this point, everyone could see that these twelve didn’t entirely join the darkness out of fear or from losing. They actually believed in a brighter future by going down this path.

They believed that their lord could create an eternal kingdom - the most beautiful world in their mind.

“How pitiful. Impeccable brainwashing skill, at least. Eternal kingdom?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re prejudiced against the darkness but the eternal kingdom can really come into fruition.” The messenger said.

“It’s a possibility. Your lord is strong but he alone can’t create this. All of them together? Maybe, but the prohibitive difficulty remains.” Li Qiye said.

“I know that our lord will be able to figure it out.” The messenger said with confidence.

“Okay, let’s say that he can fulfill your wish of creating an eternal kingdom. What comes after? This is similar to someone with a fish pond. The fish become fat and delicious in time, what do you think this person will do? Keep on taking care of them?” Li Qiye said.

“It’s obvious as hell, of course he’s going to eat them! Steam, fry, broil! So many ways!” The bull suddenly joined in while salivating.

The messenger didn’t say anything else and only stared at Li Qiye.

This logic of Li Qiye was obvious. Everyone could reach this conclusion, let alone a member of the Decemvirate.

“We’re wasting time. Our beliefs are different, so are our plans. We don’t know what will happen in the future so let’s fight it out.” The messenger uttered coldly.

“So be it, let me see how strong these Paragon Artifacts created by your lord are.” Li Qiye agreed and took one step forward, entering a domain of boundless life force from one of the three weapons.

This exuberant life force was comforting and endless, always multiplying. Entering meant that one person could suddenly multiply into many copies.

Sure enough, a second Li Qiye showed up, and another…

It didn’t take long before there were a hundred of him or so.

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