Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3177: Time And Space Are Under My Control

“Boom!” A second treasure came the moment Li Qiye suppressed the endless life force - the one representing time and space.

Its domain overflowed the area without being oppressive nor dangerous. “Buzz.” This spatio-temporal affinity expanded to near infinity with Li Qiye inside.

One would need to walk for a billion years while crossing through numerous dimensions to get out of this domain.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Li Qiye leaped through countless years and dimensions… Alas, his great speed alone wasn’t enough to get him out from the domain.

Time wasn’t on his side either. Eight Treasures Progenitor and the others couldn’t just let him escape.

They began closing the spatio-temporal domain into what seems to be a block of crystal.

The crowd couldn’t believe it. Just imagine - this space consisted of countless stars and dimensions on top of the time affinity. Years were just flowing by.

Their perfect harmonization created this incredible domain. A lifeform like Li Qiye was insignificant like a speck of dust, far smaller, in fact. He couldn’t be seen at all with the naked eye.

Everything in that domain shrank down and became contained in a crystal, Li Qiye included.

“It’s not looking good, he’ll be forever trapped in there soon.” Trinity Eccentric’s expression darkened.

The other ancestors became afraid as well. The same concept could apply to Three Immortals. If their world was trapped in that crystal, all living beings would be stuck in there as well.

Most importantly, this crystal domain was specifically created just to trap a being of Li Qiye’s level, hence the challenge in getting out.

“Will he really be gone?” This question popped up while the crystal descended.

Those progenitors could seal the crystal and prevent Li Qiye from getting out.

“Hurry! Get out! Break that domain!” The spectators were anxious and placed their palms together to pray for Li Qiye’s success.

Unfortunately, the block of crystal kept on shrinking. It fell into the palm of Eight Treasures Progenitor and Li Qiye was still nowhere in sight.

“This is it?” Numerous felt despair now that the crystal was the size of a tiny spark.

Li Qiye would have been shrunk proportionally to that endless space. There was simply no chance of him breaking out of that shell now.

“He’s forever trapped in that space. Even in the chance of him getting out, it’ll still take thousands of years or more.” One Everlasting became dejected.

The atmosphere in Immortal Lineage turned mournful. Three Immortals would be finished by the time Li Qiye got out.

“There’s no hope for us with Fiercest gone.” Despair took over Immortal Lineage as people lamented.

“The power of this affinity…” The dark progenitors had a look of respect while looking at the tiny spatial spark.

They would be trapped just like Li Qiye. Perhaps they would be able to get out one day if they could live long enough. Once they got out, everything would have changed anyway.

“He can’t get out.” Another progenitor expressed with confidence.

“Buzz.” However, the area next to them suddenly splashed downward like liquid. A figure emerged from this chaotic space.

“!!!” The progenitors staggered backward in shock.

“A trip through space is amazing indeed. Just a speck of dust is as large as a boundless world. However, the size of the world is the same as the size of your dao heart. As long as the heart knows where it wants to go, nothing can trap it.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

He spread his palm and turned that tiny block into a stream of liquid. It came to his summon and floated around his palm.

“He did it, he got out!” Joy returned to the inhabitants of Immortal Lineage.

“I knew it, I just knew it!” Another shouted. Thunderous cries of jubilation echoed across the land.

“Boom!” However, the third treasure immediately rushed over and attacked.

It represented “all things”. This domain was as black as ink, filled with the most basic and oldest matters.

It seemed that light itself couldn’t get out of this dark domain. It possessed the greatest gravitation in existence. The largest black hole couldn’t compare either. This domain could suck a black hole and reduce it to the simplest matters.

Li Qiye stood in this domain, seemingly indestructible. The “all things” domain could instantly break down all matters but his thirteen palaces prevented this process with a protective barrier around him.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” The domain continued to try and disassemble him. Alas, the golden barrier nullified all attempts.

“The thirteen palaces again.” Many progenitors became frightened.

In history, a few progenitors have died in this type of domain. Immortal-level progenitors such as themselves would be reduced to pieces too. They would need a long period of time to rebuild their body.

However, the absorption and pulling force here couldn’t do a damn thing to Li Qiye. That’s why these progenitors were overwhelmed with envy and jealousy.

Some started fantasizing - If only they have thirteen palaces as well

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