Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3176: Inexhaustible Life

The sudden appearance of multiple Li Qiye shocked the spectators.

Some activated their heavenly gaze and didn’t notice anything different about them. It meant that they weren’t illusions, copies, or some special techniques.

All of them were identical to the real thing, possessing an actual body.

“Buzz…” More Li Qiye continued to appear. It didn’t take long before there were thousands of him.

They surrounded the real person in no time at all.

“What’s going on?” A True Emperor became startled at this sight.

“This is life.” Lotus Ancestor saw through it and explained: “A world filled with life. When someone enters it, life just automatically comes into existence. Li Qiye served as the mould.”

The eleven progenitors were controlling three treasures. Each one represented one of “all things, time and space, and life.” Li Qiye had entered the domain of the treasure representing life.

“So those are duplications.” Everyone became frightened by the sheer prowess of this treasure, capable of instantly producing thousands of copies.

What if one of the copies could replace the real person without anyone knowing? That’s a scary thought.

“Boom!” One of the duplications instantly attacked with a heavenly seal.

This power threatened the firmaments; the copy seemed the same as the real Li Qiye.

“Come.” Li Qiye smiled and retaliated with a palm strike.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The other Li Qiyes joined in as well.

One chose a domain-crushing punch. Another refined the heaven and earth with a flame. One more spewed out true fire to destroy the natural laws.

It didn’t take long before all of the copies attacked. In the beginning, people could see the real Li Qiye. Now, he was completely surrounded under the barrages of his copies.

Blood splashed everywhere during this ferocious battle with numerous Li Qiye being blown away. Unfortunately, no one could tell who had the upper hand.

“Boom!” Li Qiye unleashed a devastating attack, managing to blow several hundred copies away. However, he also got struck by a flurry of attacks at the same time and fell from the sky.

“That’s the real one!” People noticed because the falling Li Qiye was chased after by the seemingly ravenous horde. Everything became a mess again.

“Boom!” Li Qiye killed his way through the crowd, knocking one copy up into the air after another.

“Rumble!” Alas, he still couldn’t make it out and kept on being drowned by his opponents. This repeated several times while the crowd watched in astonishment.

Both sides were impressive. Li Qiye had to fight against so many copies while the latter successfully trapped him in.

It must be difficult for Li Qiye to kill his own copies, seeing them dismembered and broken. Anyone else would have nightmares afterward, forever traumatized.

“No mercy!” Li Qiye roared. A sword energy erupted with numerous rays.

A terrible sword dao resulted in an ocean of blood. More than a thousand copies turned into mincemeat. Little pieces of flesh scattered everywhere.

“Ugh…” Numerous spectators vomited as a result. The sword dao had turned the battlefield into a dreadful meat grinder. The worst thing was that Li Qiye just kept on massacring perfect copies of himself - a true test of one’s dao heart. Someone lacking enough mental fortitude would go crazy.

Though he had just killed several thousand copies with his sword dao, a similar number instantly emerged again.

“What’s going on?” The spectators became stunned. Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to finish them all if this kept on happening.

“It’s a domain of life.” Luminous Master sighed and said: “Life will keep on persevering here no matter what.”

“Rumble!” The newly created Li Qiyes lunged towards the real person again.

He blew them away but another wave instantly engulfed him.

“Doesn’t this mean that they’ll always be reborn afterward?” One spectator asked.

“He’ll die from fatigue.” Another concluded.

The crowd agreed with this assessment. Li Qiye would die eventually unless he came up with something.

“I’m tired of this game.” Li Qiye laughed after rushing out of the pile.

“Boom!” His thirteen palaces lined up in a particular sequence and poured down endless primordial chaos.

The chaos eventually dispersed, replaced by the high heaven. This firmament crushed all the copies and reverted them back to life force.

“Boom!” The suppression of the thirteen palaces stopped the derivation process from the life domain. No new copies could manifest into reality.

“The thirteen palaces are profound indeed.” Cicada Progenitor and the others couldn’t help but praise: “Back to the source, total nullification. All laws are useless.”

Their “life” treasure could duplicate Li Qiye but not when he activates his thirteen palaces. They were impossible to derive and understand.

This was the power of his thirteen palaces!

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