Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4399: A Gift

Chapter 4399: A Gift

Everyone’s full attention returned to Li Qiye, not knowing what he meant.

A few thought that Li Qiye was too cavalier with his words. Both Jian Qingzhu and Celestial Tiger have surpassed many members of the previous generation at this point.

He spoke as if he was a supreme existence capable of passing the dao to a weak junior.

“Can he do it?” One disciple remained skeptical.

“I think he might give the saintess a treasure capable of reversing the tides.” One expert speculated since he had heard about the event at Myriad Sect Mountain.

Moreover, the simplest and fastest way to help Jian Qingzhu was to give her a peerless treasure capable of stopping the Omniscient Eye.

After all, teaching someone the dao was too difficult in the middle of battle. One wouldn’t be able to boost their power or dao enlightenment in a short time. The chance was slim to none.

Jian Qingzhu was surprised to hear this and stared at him. She couldn’t come up with an answer either.

He raised his hand in order to pluck something out of the air. It looked natural and smooth as if there was really a fruit tree growing there or an embedded grand dao.

In the eyes of the spectators, he was merely putting up a show and trying to be mysterious.

However, they suddenly felt the world becoming tense. There were invisible ropes that were pulled together by Li Qiye’s touch, or so they thought.

“Pop!” Next was the feeling of a primal law being pulled out of the world. Though no one could see or sense this particular law, this was the feeling that they got.

An unbelievable scene came next. Strands of true chaos energy poured down from his hand like waterfalls.

Crimson sparks appeared around his fingers and exuded considerable heat. The crowd heard a faint screech of a phoenix.

Despite its hushed tone, it still pierced the eardrums painfully. They endured the pain and focused on his finger.

A group of red wisps was there, seemingly made of countless intertwining tiny laws. This was an independent world made of laws.

At the center of the entwinement was a special strand. This seemed to be a force existing from the beginning of all existences. An immortal phoenix could be seen floating like a lord of the grand dao.

As the crowd was still confused, this red strand floated towards Jian Qingzhu’s forehead. She didn’t resist at all after seeing this.

“Pop!” A ripple could be seen as it penetrated her skin and entered her mind.

Loud detonations and tsunamis erupted within her mind. Her two main grand dao and the other laws shot into the air from her ocean of knowledge, looking like two halos surrounded by countless particles.

She immediately felt her true blood boiling along with her vitality and life force. These affinities flew up into the air and turned into a screeching azure luan. It was shrouded in an ancient aura, seemingly coming from the past.

This was Qingzhu’s bloodline, one passed down by the Sacred Luan. It was mighty and had the chance of evolving into a phoenix bloodline.

The red group of wisps then entered the bird without facing any resistance. The bird trembled, seemingly in agonizing pain.

Primal dao laws as big as pillars pierced through it and started re-creating its body.

“Poof!” It became engulfed in divine flames. This burned its chaos energy and replaced it with something else in her mind - a phoenix.

Birth via fire - this was the way of the phoenix. The fire began burning and refining her true blood. This resulted in unbearable pain. She gritted her teeth violently during the process.

Of course, no one else saw this internal manifestation, only Qingzhu. They only saw the red light entering her forehead and how she started twitching and trembling afterward.

Her surging vitality started becoming chaotic and rampaged in all eight directions. The power of a two-dao sovereign sent the crowd flying. The smart ones hurriedly pulled back to a safe distance.

Her two grand dao appeared again and protected her. An expanse of chaos energy manifested around them.

Eventually, an azure loan showed up in the outside world as well.

“Her bloodline.” Every member of Dragon was aware of this lineage since it was no secret. However, her current bloodline was far from reaching the divine level of her ancestor.

“Boom!” A flame of the grand dao surged violently and engulfed her before astonished eyes.

Everything of her was being burned and replaced, prompting her to scream despite her best effort.

Eventually, a pair of fiery phoenix wings appeared behind her and a screech could be heard. The luan was finally placed by a phoenix.

“Screech!” Its screech shocked all the demons and forced them into submission.

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