Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4400: Bloodline Evolution

Chapter 4400: Bloodline Evolution

Indeed, the aura of a phoenix was actually sweeping through the region. All demons and animals had no choice but to submit regardless of their status.

The stronger demons could at least endure it because she wasn’t aiming the aura at anyone in particular. This was an inadvertent release during the transformation.

If she focused it on a single point, even a demon monarch would have a hard time withstanding it. This had nothing to do with offense and power, just an instinctive and primal fear embedded in all demons.

“A phoenix…” Members of the last generation couldn’t believe it. Weaker disciples from the demon race lost control of their body.

“What happened to the luan?” Someone else said.

The luan was suddenly replaced by a phoenix. The presence of this divine image completely dominated their bloodline.

This primal suppression was impossible to resist, far worse than one stemming from a disparity in power.

“Evolution.” An old demon explained.

“How?” A demon king didn’t understand why.

Bloodline evolution was difficult and rare. Many top demons tried repeatedly only to fail while the process happened so quickly in Jian Qingzhu’s case.

Most importantly, her bloodline wasn’t evolving into something common. This was a phoenix.

Though she had an impressive bloodline before, there was still an enormous gap between a luan and a phoenix - one akin to the separation of heaven and earth.

Now, it seemed that her bloodline has reached the initial level of the phoenix bloodline. All the top demons understood the significance behind this.

“Is it an actual phoenix bloodline?” One of them became emotional.

“How did he do it? Did he feed her a peerless pill just now?” Another whispered.

“No, this seemed like a catalyst because her bloodline was already quite pure. Sacred Luan had entered the initial step as well, maybe the girl had inherited this nature and just needed a nudge.” A big shot from Dragon has arrived and joined the conversation.

“Does this count as comprehending the dao while battling?” A young genius became frightened.

“Kind of, her bloodline had just evolved.” A friend answered while feeling the same dread.

“Li Qiye must have broken something under these circumstances and helped her break through.” One expert commented.

Because of the aura and the wings, everyone knew that the evolution was going to finish.

“First Brother, you have to attack now! This is your chance!” One disciple loudly reminded.

Many turned towards Celestial Tiger. If he were to take advantage of this and interfere, she might fail the evolution and even die.

Moreover, no one would criticize him for doing so because the duel was still ongoing. She was the one who chose to break through and push herself in a precarious situation.

In a sense, this was a godsent opportunity for him to defeat her. However, he didn’t do so in spite of the repeated egging from his supporters.

He stared at Jian Qingzhu and occasionally glanced at the crowd. His goal was to defeat and capture her, not kill her. He disagreed with her action but still didn’t view her as a mortal enemy.

“Boom!” The phoenix flames intensified and continued to ravage the battlefield.

However, it left just as quickly as it came. It converged back into her body and disappeared from sight. Her aura slowly dispersed as well.

She stood there, looking as normal as before. The only difference was a hint of sacred divinity hidden deep in her eyes. Though she recalled her aura and power, she still couldn’t hide the prestige of her bloodline.

The suppressed demons could finally stand up. They were covered in sweat because their very soul and bloodline had submitted to her just now.

“That was scary.” This was many's first time experiencing this level of bloodline suppression.

She herself was emotional but still remembered that it was due to Li Qiye. She took a deep breath and bowed toward him to show gratitude for this wonderful gift.

“Congratulations, Junior Sister. You have reached a new height, I won’t be able to catch up any longer.” Celestial Tiger cupped his fist.

“Thank you, Senior Brother. I appreciate your support by not interfering.” She politely said.

Celestial Tiger deserved this for waiting during the battle. This was gentlemanly and righteous; he certainly didn’t have to do so.

“It was for the sake of the sect.” He answered: “But, our battle isn’t over yet, I still need to carry out my responsibility.”

“I understand, please give me pointers.” She cupped her fist.

This was a strange development. A fierce battle has suddenly turned into something resembling a friendly spar.

In the beginning, she insisted on fighting him in order to save him from Li Qiye. Now, he had returned the gesture without being aware of her kind intention.

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