Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4401: Gentle Wind, Spirit Saber

Chapter 4401: Gentle Wind, Spirit Saber

“Prepare yourself.” Celestial Tiger took off his top robe again and cracks appeared with eyes inside them.

The spectators had no choice but to get the hell away from the battlefield again. They had witnessed the power of the Omniscient Eye already. Those affected were traumatized by the event.

Even the top demons here had a hard time dealing with it since his cultivation was quite impressive now.

“Buzz.” Countless eyes opened and shot their rays towards Jian Qingzhu. The largest eye also opened and released a ray more resplendent than anything else.

Their brightness made the rest of the world seem dark - quite a fascinating phenomenon. This was because they began absorbing all other lights so they became the only light left in the region.

“Boom!” The strengthened beams could tear the world apart like paper.

“Screech!” Jian Qingzhu attacked with her saber, releasing a phoenix hymn.

The slash was accompanied by myriad dao, changing the fundamental structures of everything in its path using dao laws.

It swayed back and forth like a willow branch. A phoenix could be seen flying around the dao of the saber, capable of shifting the cosmo.

“Willow-born Slash!” She roared and the phoenix screeched alongside her, ready to offer her its service.

It spread its wings and unleashed an inferno along with the myriad dao in order to stop the incoming beams of light.

The world shook once the two forces collided. The combined effort of the inferno and the saber dao actually stopped the brilliant beams.

They created an eternal barrier consisting of worldly dao and laws with no gap to speak of.

“Rumble!” The beams had to directly break through, resulting in continuous explosions. Even the all-penetrating beams couldn’t take it down in a short time.

“She stopped it, she actually stopped it!” One spectator shouted after seeing her finally being able to stop the beams.

“Is this the power of a phoenix bloodline?” The crowd was shaken because a secret dao lord law was stopped.

This wasn’t the end. Celestial Tiger continued to use all of his power to channel the beams for an unending barrage.

This was still not enough to break through the fiery dao barrier. His vitality and energy were depleting because this technique required a monstrous amount of chaos energy and dao power.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and the beams weakened.

“Gentle Wind, Spirit Saber.” She stated the name of her next move.

As she raised and swung her saber, the phoenix also closed its wings and dispersed from sight along with its flames.

This slash was gentle and seemingly powerless. However, it could cut the yin and yang along with the reincarnation cycle.

Spectators felt themselves being cut into two pieces and shuddered in horror.

“Activate! Dragon Ascension!” Celestial Tiger felt a mortal danger and thrust his tyrannical spear again. An energy dragon soared upward and destroyed the sky vault.

“Clank!” Everything came to a halt in the next second. The crowd became frozen as a result; even the wind stopped blowing.

The slash decapitated the dragon and severed Celestial Tiger’s favorite spear. It could have also split him into two halves but it stopped just after making contact with his hair.

No one had anything to say, especially not the members from Dragon. Celestial Tiger had lost to this single slash and was shown mercy.

The victor between the two geniuses was clear - Jian Qingzhu was now number one after her bloodline evolution.

“I’ve lost.” Celestial Tiger was pale and devastated. Nonetheless, he composed himself and said: “You can finish it now.” He didn’t beg for his life after losing and accepted the outcome.

“Clank.” Qingzhu returned her saber to the scabbard and shook her head: “You went easy on me, I’ve only won by one move with luck.”

Though she was humble, everyone knew that Celestial Tiger had no chance of overcoming the newly-evolved Qingzhu.

“I wholeheartedly accept this defeat. You may continue, Junior Sister.” Celestial Tiger bowed slightly and left without delay.

Members of Dragon exchanged glances and also left. None dared to stop her any longer.

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