Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5354: Can You Eat It?

Chapter 5354: Can You Eat It?

“As I’ve said, it’s different depending on the individual. Your dream is a delicious feast to her while those with impure thoughts only offer a barely acceptable meal. It’s a terrible trade for you.” Li Qiye said.

“Dreams differ in quality?” Xiao Hu asked.

One could go to bed and dream only to wake up and forget everything the next day. Dreams didn’t matter that much. They were intangible and useless while the paper boat was definitely helpful.

“What is your dream?” Li Qiye asked.

“Spending time with my master.” Xiao Hu said without needing to think twice.

“Dreams during sleep are different than one’s dream.” Li Qiye said: “Some dream about becoming rich or being surrounded by women, these are low-level dreams. A dream created by a conqueror is also mediocre, no different from a single thought. As for you, you have a childlike innocence so your dream is pure, countless times more delicious. However, when you lose this dream, you will lose one of the most important things in your life.”

“I see…” From what Li Qiye said, trading the dream away could have negative repercussions for his future. He would no longer want to accompany his master and become an entirely different person.

“Thank you for stopping me, Young Noble.” He bowed after realizing this.

Li Qiye patted his shoulder and walked forward.

“Take a look at my palm instead?” He presented.

At first, Dream Matron didn’t notice anything peculiar until she took a glance at his palm. This immediately frightened her so she wanted to run. Alas, Li Qiye easily captured her.

“Boss, should you be bullying this old woman?” She looked straight at him and put on a forced smile.

This smile was uglier than if she were sobbing hysterically. Alas, she was the one feeling afraid right now.

“How am I bullying you? I’m only asking for a paper boat.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boss, you can just cross the river, you don’t need my crappy boats.” She looked as if she was at a funeral.

“I’m just following local customs.” Li Qiye answered.

The woman took out a miniature boat and said: “Boss, here, just take it, you can have as many as you want.”

She didn’t mind giving this walking disaster one hundred or one thousand boats if it meant that he would go away. It would be far worse being entangled with him.

Li Qiye let go of her and accepted one boat. He smiled and said: “Tree grandma, why are you doing this whole dream thing? Not enough true coins?”

She honestly responded: “Boss, times are changing. It is no longer the era of the three immortals. My reserve is nearly empty and I’ll starve eventually, there’s no true coin here so dreams are the only way to get through this tough period.”

“True.” He nodded in agreement.

She suddenly came up with a great idea and requested: “Boss, how about this, why don’t you create a dream for me? If I can eat your dream, I won’t have to be a beggar here like this, please take pity on this old woman…”

“Are you sure you can eat it without exploding into bits?” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

She immediately realized the folly of her request. Who was Li Qiye? How could she eat a dream created by such an existence?

“I apologize for not knowing my own limits. Hunger has done a number on my senile mind.” She swallowed her saliva and restrained her appetite, ignoring the delicious feast laid out in front of her.

“It’s good that you can control your greed.” Li Qiyer commented.

She rubbed her palms together and got cold sweat: “Boss, just one sentence from you is so enlightening, you are indeed the greatest hero in history, one never seen before and will never appear again…”

“No need for that, you can keep on doing your thing.” Li Qiye didn’t trouble her any further and moved on.

Xiao Hu walked behind him and thought that he was frightening. She could eat dreams from conquerors but it seemed that Li Qiye’s dream would obliterate her.

In other words, since these dreams were created from thoughts, just his one thought was too much for her to handle. Perhaps it could reduce conquerors and dao lords to ashes as well.

Xiao Hu shuddered after coming to this realization and understood more about recent events.

While next to the river, Li Qiye tossed the boat into the river and it grew larger. The two of them boarded and disappeared into the fog.

At first, Xiao Hu remained cautious due to the raging currents and the wailing specters. A bit later, he came to find that this was unwarranted since the thin boat remained stable. It felt the same as sitting on the ground, devoid of turbulence.

“So what is this thing?” He asked while looking at the boat.

“The material itself doesn’t matter, it is an amnesty order.” Li Qiye said.

“An amnesty order?” He didn’t understand.

Li Qiye gently touched the boat with his finger.

“Buzz.” An ancient rune appeared in the center of the boat, pulsing with a mysterious power.

“This is it?” Though Xiao Hu was not a supreme genius, he still learned many things under Hallowed Dao Lord.

However, this rune and its fundamental structures were different from anything he had seen before.

“It doesn’t belong to this world.” Li Qiye smiled and stopped there.

The boat drifted across the river, unaffected by the currents and the specters. Visual phenomena started popping up before their eyes.

Xiao Hu was an experienced traveler with ample knowledge. He had seen some legends only available to conquerors and dao lords in the past. Alas, the phenomena on this river were all foreign to him.

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