Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5355 – Shameless

Chapter 5355 – Shameless

Xiao Hu found himself looking at strange worlds in the mist. Piercing sounds came from afar - it turned out to be a whale of incalculable size.

It had an ethereal body with embedded stars, flying through everything without facing physical resistance.

It soared playfully in the air without absorbing any external star. As it passed through, the stars became increasingly beautiful and resplendent. Thus, it felt like an ocean washing away the impurities of the sky.

Another notable scene consisted of countless stone statues. The flow of time ravaged them but left behind no mark. In fact, time itself started deviating around them, creating diverging cycles. It felt as if they were the start and the end of various eras along the river of time.

One more was a heavenly waterfall that could be seen from anywhere. The vast expanse didn’t hinder others from appreciating its magnificent nature.

Instead of water, it released a constant stream of refined jades surrounded by primordial chaos. Cultivators just needed to be at the base and prepare their spatial pouches to obtain incalculable wealth. If they could somehow move this waterfall back to their sect, it would guarantee an eternal source of cultivation resources for ages to come.

“How magical…” Xiao Hu murmured after seeing the various phenomena.

They weren’t the only ones drifting; many other boats shared the same journey. Xiao Hu noted dragon lords and conquerors.

Some chose to hide their auras while others pridefully showed off their cultivation.

Xiao Hu was immersed in the spectacles while Li Qiye actually scanned and understood them. He would be able to derive any of them effortlessly afterward.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a blastwave emanating from a dragon lord caused the currents to be more erratic. Other passengers had to hold on tight to their paper boat, not wanting to fall into the water.

The target of the blastwave didn’t fall off the river and shouted furiously: “Xu you bastard! How dare you try to ambush me here? Die!” 

He unleashed a dao palm strike and knocked another big shot out of a paper boat. The latter fell to the ground and was dragged down to the bottom by the specters. Resistance was futile.

“Ahh!” He screamed and struggled but eventually, only his hands could be seen slowly disappearing into the water.

Everyone took a deep breath and held on tighter to their boat. Everything would be fine as long as they could remain on it.

“Ferocity!” They took a deep breath while gazing at the assailant.

On that day back in Lesser Firmament, Ferocity immediately fled after noticing that something was amiss. He was absolutely the first to run, showing no sign of caring about his notorious reputation.

He was given the title of “Ferocity” due to his arrogant and crazy attitude, always acting as if he was the greatest in the world. 

In fact, he dared to oppose Supreme despite the latter’s proven supremacy. However, he still ran like a stray dog before Li Qiye - a stark contrast to his reputation.

Ferocity saw Li Qiye again and his expression changed dramatically.

“Ferocity…” Xiao Hu was afraid since his boat was coming closer to this famous cultivator.

This time around, Ferocity jumped onto Li Qiye’s boat instead of running away. This scared Xiao Hu even more.

However, Ferocity suddenly became docile and prostrated before Li Qiye: “Please punish me for not showing respect to you earlier, Young Noble.”

Eyes widened with astonishment at this sight - the notorious cultivator acting subservient like a servant.

Others looked down on this act because nothing was more important than dignity and honor for them. They preferred to die in battle instead of begging for mercy.

Moreover, Ferocity did this on his own volition; the circumstances didn’t force him to do so.

“Hmm, perhaps I should punish you.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“I will not utter a single word of grievance, Young Noble.” Ferocity said shamelessly.

“Aren’t you being a bit shameless for a dragon lord?” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I am far from being the only one who kneels before a supreme existence such as yourself, Young Noble.” Ferocity responded.

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