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Chapter 14 – Using Energy To Grow Medicine

Chapter 14- Using Energy To Grow Medicine

Tian Yuan’s expression slightly darkened. Ye Tian Feng was his disciple after all, so when he heard someone describe him in such a manner, he would naturally be unhappy.

“Elder Zhao, even if the innate talent of the child is great, it shouldn’t be comparable to Feng Er. Excluding his talent in martial cultivation, he can still become an alchemist.”

Seeing that Tian Yuan’s expression turned unpleasant, Elder Zhao felt that he went a little overboard in describing it that way.

“Grandmaster Tian Yuan, you’re mistaken. That genius isn’t a child, but a 14-year-old young girl.”

“14 years old?” asked Wu Yu, his white brows slightly knitted as he was unable to understand. “We carry out free tests every three years for the commoners. That young girl should have already been tested. Elder Zhao, what happened?”

“I don’t know the details of the situation, but that young girl has legendary colourless innate talent!”

The summit of the martial path was nothingness, so people that had colourless innate talents were destined to travel on a path ordinary people were unable to trek.

Wu Yu abruptly stood up and stared fixedly at Elder Zhao. “Are you speaking the truth?”

“It really is!” After swallowing a mouthful of spittle, Elder Zhao said with amazement, “It’s really the truth. I still can’t process that a person with colourless innate talent had appeared and was within my sights. Following that, I gave her a mental strength test. The testing stone was overwhelmed by her power that it directly exploded.”

Wu Yu gasped as astonishment nearly overwhelmed him.

After a short moment, he snapped out of his shock and smiled wryly, shaking his head. “I think I just found the fitting candidate for a disciple.”

Tian Yuan’s body shook as he wasn’t able to suppress his shock from Wu Yu’s words.

Who was Grandmaster Wu Yu? He was the Chief Alchemist of the Qing Yun sect and even the head of the sect gave him face. When the daughter of the sect head wanted to be his disciple, he had directly rejected her without any thoughts. Now he wanted to recruit a disciple?

But from this young girl’s innate talent, she really was worthy to be Grandmaster Wu Yu’s disciple. It was reasonable for Grandmaster Wu Yu, who had high sights, to be moved.

Walking along the streets of Pheonix City, Mu Ru Yue stopped as her gaze fell upon medicine ingredients that had been tossed to the floor by a medicinal shop. With brows slightly knitted, she commented, “Even though these medicinal ingredients aren’t expensive, it’s a pity for it to be thrown away.”

Yan Jin was startled. “Little girl, even though this senior isn’t an alchemist and is clueless on those things, from how I see it, when the medicine’s leaves have turned yellow, it has obviously withered. If they don’t throw them away, will they still be able to sell them?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t bother with Yan Jin. She went over to the medicinal ingredients and carefully picked them up.

“Little girl, what do you plan on doing with those withered ingredients?” Yan Jin couldn’t understand Mu Ru Yue’s actions.

“Didn’t I said earlier that I planned on earning money?”

She placed the medicine leaves in her embrace before wordlessly heading along the pathway

By the time Mu Ru Yue reached her home, it was already dusk. She directly went back to her room. Pang! She immediately shut the door.

Yan Jin didn’t know what she was planning to do, so he blinked curiously at her.

Mu Ru Yue took out the withered medicinal ingredients in her embrace as she narrowed her eyes in deep thought. In the cultivation realm, there was a method that could use energy to grow medicinal plants, enabling these dying medicine leaves to become reinvigorated.

‘Even though ancient martial skills and cultivation are different, there are still some similar areas. It is still unknown whether the cultivation realm’s method of using energy to grow medicinal plants will work in this world.’

Thinking about that, she gently placed her palm above the medicinal plant. Traces of energy flowed from her palm and into the medicinal ingredient beneath her hand….

Actually, Mu Ru Yue was just testing her idea out as she currently hadn’t officially become a cultivator. She still hadn’t even entered the First Martial Stage. Thus, there was only a slight possibility that it would work. She taught this method to Yan Jin because with his powers, it should work easily.

But the outcome stunned Mu Ru Yue….

Under her warm energy, the previously withered medicinal plant had actually regained its life, bit by bit. The yellowed leaves now gave off an aura filled with vitality.

Yan Jin was stupefied as, even with his immense knowledge, he didn’t know such a nature-defying method existed. Moreover, he felt that the medicine leaf was much larger compared to before.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Ru Yue withdrew her hands as she looked at the several-fold larger medicine leaf before her. She blinked with amazement. Shouldn’t this method not allow further growth of the medicinal ingredient and simply help it regain its life? Why had the energy assisted in the medicinal plant’s growth?

This was already outside her knowledge.

A glimmer flashed in her eyes. Mu Ru Yue had an idea. Could this have been due to her establishing a contract with the Book of Alchemy. What other reasons were there to explain this unnatural phenomenon?

She currently needed to get stronger as soon as possible. Along the way, all of her doubts would naturally be resolved.

The next morning

When the light of sunrise landed on Mu Ru Yue’s face, she finally left her meditative state. Even though the previous owner of her body was trash, she’d read a lot of cultivation books so she was able to quickly enter the meditative state.

There wouldn’t be too great of a leap in power after just a single night, but she had already become a First Martial Stage practitioner. She was no longer trash that would be despised and bullied.


The door was kicked open. A ferocious old wet nurse walked in and disdainfully glanced at the simple and unadorned room before coldly shifting her gaze to the young girl.

“Eldest young mistress, the master has requested your presence.”

Upon saying that, she viciously glared at Mu Ru Yue before turning around, leaving the room.

Yan Jin narrowed his eyes. Even though she was his owner against his own will, she still had the title of being Yan Jin’s master. If others knew that his master had been bullied by an old lady, it would be so shameful.

Swish! Yan Jin turned into a black ray and ruthlessly struck at the old wet nurse.


The soft body collided against the old wet nurse’s back. She wasn’t prepared for that, resulting in her falling down a flight of stairs, becoming a sorry figure after she made a couple of rolls.

Those rolls had nearly broken her old bones.

“Aiyo! Aiyo!” The old wet nurse painfully cried out as she lay on the floor. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t stand up. Cold sweat flowed down her face.

“Wet nurse Wang, what’s wrong? What happened?”

The maids quickly dropped what they were doing to go and support the old wet nurse after hearing the commotion.

“It’s the eldest young mistress! She’d pushed me. I’m so pitiful. I had always done my best, working my old bones to serve the Mu family. Furthermore, I had woken up early to wake the young mistress, yet she treated me like this.”

Wet nurse Wang cried out, making it seem as though she had really been bullied by Mu Ru Yue.

She hadn’t realised that after she said that, the crowd’s expression became weird.

Curiously turning around to see what the crowd was looking at, she found a girl with a cold gaze sitting on her bed, smiling at her.

But her smile was so icy that it gave people chills.

It was a short period of a few breaths when the wet nurse Wang had fallen. If it was really done by the eldest young mistress, then she shouldn’t have been able to return to her bed so quickly. Wet nurse Wang was also clueless as to what had happened.

Mu Ru Yue got out of her bed and put on her shoes. When she stepped up to wet nurse Wang’s side, she paused slightly and, with lips curled back to a smile, said with an icy gaze, “Don’t offend me. Otherwise, you’ll receive a pay back like just now!”

Mu Ru Yue looked so dazzling at this moment, like a pearl that emitted brilliant light.

For a moment, the maids were stunned. Was this young girl with a ice-cold gaze really the good-for-nothing eldest young mistress, Mu Ru Yue? It seemed as though her entire personality had changed.

Mu Ru Yue raised her head and puffed out her chest, ignoring the crowd’s gazes as she headed towards to the Mu family’s lounge.

Since all gazes were on Mu Ru Yue, nobody noticed that when she left, a small black beast in her embrace raised his head. Its gaze carried a domineering and ruthless light.

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