Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 13 – Qing Yun Sect’s Chief Alchemist

Chapter 13- Qing Yun Sect’s Chief Alchemist

“Everyone, let’s take a guess on how Mu Ru Yue’s test results will be.”

“Do we even need to? She definitely won’t have any.”

“Haha! Let’s wait for her to come out and determine the results from her expression.”

As he said that, a plain clothed figure entered the crowd’s eyes.

The young girl’s expression was still as cold as ice. There wasn’t any emotions in her eyes, nor was there any happiness; it was just the same as when she’d first arrived.

Upon seeing her expression, it had further confirmed the crowd’s thoughts.

No matter what, trash would always be trash.

Since everyone’s gaze was on Mu Ru Yue, nobody paid attention to the manager who had followed behind her with an expression of unfaded astonishment.

After he saw Mu Ru Yue leave, the manager withdrew his gaze before announcing coldly, “Everyone, Elder Zhao suddenly has matters to attend to today. The testing will temporarily stop here. Please come again next year at the same time and day!”

After tossing those words out, he turned around to headed back to the testing hall.

“Elder Zhao!” The manager respectfully cupped his fists as he reported, “I have already dispersed the crowd.”

“En!” Elder Zhao nodded. When he thought back to that test result, there was unconcealed excitement in his eyes. “You must treat this matter as though it had never happened, and not tell a single soul of anything that had occurred. Do you understand?”

Elder Zhao expressed rare seriousness, so when the manager heard his order, he hastily nodded. “Elder Zhao, do not worry. I definitely will not tell anyone about this.”

“Alright, settle the rest of the matters here. I’ll head over to Grandmaster Wu Yu’s place now.”

That little girl’s innate talent was too astonishing. If other sects were to know of this, they would definitely fight for her. This test mustn’t be made known to anyone.

When he thought that such a talent was found by him, he felt extremely jubilant.

Since there would be a talent tournament soon, the people from Qing Yun Sect had appeared in the Pheonix City to observe the upcoming matches. The innate talent’s test was to discover talents, but that didn’t mean that ordinary talents couldn’t soar through perseverance. As such, the talent tournament was born.

At an inn, two elders were casually chatting.

One elder wore a yellow-striped garment with a green lower garment and had a smart appearance. The other elder wore grey cotton-padded clothing and a red coat, which made him look out of place.

“Haha! Tian Yuan, I remember that your disciple, Ye Tian Feng, is also Crown Prince Jing of the Kingdom of Zi Yue?” Wu Yu laughing as he looked at the yellow-striped garmented elder. He humorously said, “Hehe! That crown-prince Jing could be counted as both a handsome and talented youth. It’s your luck to have him!”

“Grandmaster Wu Yu must be joking.” Tian Yuan chuckled with some reserve as he replied, “If Grandmaster Wu Yu really wants to recruit a disciple, there will be countless talents that will flock towards you in order to be taken under your wing. The title of ‘Chief Alchemist of the Qing Yun Sect’ would make a great recruitment signboard. How can I compare to Grandmaster Wu Yu? It’s just that Grandmaster Wu Yu’s sight is too high, so there aren’t many that enter your eye. But, Feng Er’s talent is really commendable. He has great potential in becoming an alchemist. I’ve already started to educate him in manufacturing pills.”

Wu Yu gently stroke his beard with a light smile, not commenting on Tian Yuan’s remark.

He was just casually chatting out of boredom.

Truthfully, talents like Ye Tian Feng really didn’t enter his eyes.

At this moment, a knock was heard from outside before Elder Zhao pushed open the door and entered. While looking at the elder, who spoke cheerfully and wittily, he suppressed his heart-felt excitement by taking in a deep breath before greeting, “Grandmaster Wu Yu! Grandmaster Tian Yuan!”

“Elder Zhao, what’s wrong? Has the test ended?” Wu Yu smiled lightly as he curiously asked Elder Zhao, who had a reddened face from excitement.

“It hasn’t, but I’ve something to report to you so I’ve ended the test prematurely.”

“Hmm? What’s this pressing matter that made you drop the test in order to report to me?”

“It’s like this, Grandmaster Wu Yu.” Thinking back to the testing hall, Elder Zhao’s expression was extremely stirred up. “Previously at the testing hall, I’ve discovered a peerless genius. She’s such a genius that even Grandmaster Tian Yuan’s disciple Ye Tian Feng couldn’t reach even a percentage of her talents.”

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