Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 16 – Marriage Crisis Part 1

Chapter 16- Marriage Crisis Part 1

In a glorious and luxurious throne room, an elder wearing a bright yellow dragon robe sat on the platform within the hall. A beautiful and alluring girl sat at his side. She looked very young. Her lovely and moving appearance would make any man unable to suppress his desires. This included the Emperor of Zi Yue, who was already too old to have any energy for bed matters.

When Mu Ru Yue stepped into the hall, she received everyone’s attention.

In the throne room, excluding the Emperor of Zi Yue and his most beloved Imperial Consort Ya, there were also a few officials, like the chancellor, and some descendants of the royal family present.

“It’s her.”

Ye Yi Hua excitedly stroked his chin. Wasn’t she the unlucky person that had acted as a cushion during that fool’s fall? He had been unable to forget the gaze she’d cast at him that day.

That girl was interesting, but it was a pity she was the trash of Thunder Phoenix City.

“Greetings to Your Majesty.” Mu Qing knelt down and used his hands to constantly tug at Mu Ru Yue, who wasn’t responding. He glared at her, saying, “Why are you in a daze? Quickly kneel to greet His Majesty!”

Mu Ru Yue was still unresponsive. Stubbornness emitted from her cold gaze.

As a person who had lived two lives, she would only kneel before two people.

One was her previous life’s teacher who had taught her wholeheartedly. The other was her grandfather who had pampered her to the bones and who had passed the Book of Alchemy into her hands.

Other than those two, she would rather die than get rid of the arrogance in her bones and kneel before others.

“Mu Ru Yue!”

Seeing the Emperor’s expression darken, Mu Qing became anxious and shouted softly. ‘When did this delinquent daughter turn out to be so undisciplined? It didn’t matter if she died alone, but it will be a crime if she implicates the entire Mu family!‘

“Impudent! We……”

“Your Majesty!”

Suddenly, a sweet voice sounded from his side.

The Emperor of Zi Yue shifted his gaze from Mu Ru Yue and looked tenderly at his most beloved woman. He asked, “Beloved concubine, what’s the matter?”

“Your Majesty, your servant1 is a little hungry.” Ji Ru Ya rubbed her tummy and, with a bashful smile, said, “Your servant wants His Majesty to accompany her for a meal after you settle matters here.”

“Haha!” The Emperor of Zi Yue laughed as he embraced Ji Ru Ya with a large hand and said with tender feelings, “Alright, We will quickly settle matters here in order to accompany my beloved concubine with her meal.”

“Your servant then thanks Your Majesty in advance.” Ji Ru Ya suppressed her heart-felt disgust as she revealed a happy smile on her absolutely splendid face.

When the Emperor of Zi Yue’s attention was still on her, she turned her gaze to Mu Ru Yue and secretly winked at her. This confirmed Mu Ru Yue’s thought that that woman was purposely helping her.


‘She definitely wouldn’t have known me prior to this day, so why was she helping me?’

“You are Mu Ru Yue?” The Emperor of Zi Yue looked at the young girl’s delicate appearance. He secretly sighed as he thought that this Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family already had an appearance that could cause the downfall of a country and caused suffering to the people at such a young age. If it wasn’t her being a trash, Feng Er probably wouldn’t have been so eager to withdraw from the marriage.

“Indeed.” Mu Ru Yue looked directly at the Emperor of Zi Yue’s eyes without fear.

Mu Ru Yue’s action caused the Emperor of Zi Yue to show a dissatisfied frown, but he didn’t flare up. He used a cold tone as he said, “We had ordered you to come today for a matter. We initially had not thought it through when We ordered the marriage between you and Crown Prince Jing. We shall now terminate that engagement and help you pick another husband. All of the princes and royals here today haven’t had a Main Wife, so you shouldn’t feel wronged getting married to them.”

Hearing his words, all of the princes and royal members couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Even though this girl had an appearance that could overturn the country and even if she was trash, she was still the daughter from the Mu family. If she were to go to their manor, she definitely wouldn’t be just a concubine. But how could they let such a trash be titled as their Main Wife?

Trash wouldn’t provide them any assistance.

1. Your servant (臣妾) is how concubines refer to themselves before the Emperor

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