Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 17 – Marriage Crisis Part 2

Chapter 17- Marriage Crisis Part 2

“I agree with withdrawing the marriage, but…” Mu Ru Yue glanced at all the apprehensive princes and royal members as she smiled, saying, “It isn’t that the royal clan withdrew the marriage. It’s I, Mu Ru Yue, that isn’t willing to wed Crown Prince Jing. I also do not want to have any relationship with royalties!”

“Mu Ru Yue!” Mu Qing shouted. ‘Is this delinquent seeking death? If she is, don’t even think of pulling him down with her. What kind of status is the Imperial Clan? They were already polite to allow her to be married as the Main Wife of one of the royal descendant. Even if they were to order her to be a mere concubine, I, Mu Qing, wouldn’t decline. But this delinquent didn’t know what was good for her and directly said she looked down upon all of the royals here!’

Mu Ru Yue lightly glanced at Mu Qing, sneering slightly. ‘Now you know to be fearful? Why didn’t you fear it when you initially brought me here?’

“I, Mu Ru Yue, have my pride. To be honest, I despise Crown Prince Jing, who’s like a stud horse planting seeds everywhere. Even if I was blind, I wouldn’t fancy him!”

A stud horse…. that planted seeds everywhere?

The princes and royal members were stunned. Did that include them as well?

Seeing the ashen complexion of the Emperor of Zi Yue, the crowd gasped and didn’t dare to say a word.

Her words, however, had almost made Ji Ru Ya, who sat beside the Emperor of Zi Yue, clap her hands in praise. Wasn’t this the case? Who in the royal family, excluding the deceased King Nan, didn’t have three wives and four concubines? Every one of them were really germ-ridden stud horses.


Suddenly, an inappropriate laughter broke through the tension.

Ye Yi Hua waved his folding fan as he smiled, saying, “My apologies. I couldn’t bear holding back my laughter. Mu Ru Yue, if you weren’t trash, I’d definitely marry you.”

“I had said I wasn’t interested in stud horses. My man will only have me as his woman and not go around getting infected with germs. Thus, even if I’m trash, I won’t marry you.”

With a slight raise of his brows, Ye Yi Hua gently waved the folding fan after spreading it open. “Royal father, your son has a suggestion.”

The Emperor’s mood had already calmed by this time, but his expression was so overcast that water droplets seemed to be able to drip from his face.

“You may speak what’s on your mind.”

“Royal father, do you still remember the fool who is the only remaining heir of Royal Uncle’s bloodline? That fool hasn’t touched a woman in his life. Furthermore, there is merely an old wet nurse serving him. He probably hasn’t had much physical contact with women in his life. In your son’s opinion, that fool and her are well matched. Why don’t you let them get engaged?”

‘My dear beloved little cousin, you should thank me for sending such a devastatingly beautiful wife to you.’

Thinking about this, Ye Yi Hua was elated, but he didn’t know that this decision would become his lifelong regret.

“Are you referring to the Ghost King?” The Emperor of Zi Yue smiled coldly, he was a vengeful person. Since he couldn’t deal with the girl on the spot due to considering the Mu family’s face, he could still give her a slight punishment.

“Alright, We shall immediately write an imperial decree.In three month’s time, the daughter of the Mu family, Mu Ru Yue, will be wedded to the Ghost King, Ye Wu Chen.”

‘Ghost King?’

Memories about the Ghost King flowed into Mu Ru Yue’s mind.

The Ghost King was the son of the Emperor of Zi Yue’s blood related younger brother, King Nan An.

If it wasn’t for King Nan An being born 30 years after the Emperor of Zi Yue, the throne to the Kingdom of Zi Yue would have been his. It was a pity that life loved to play with people, making it impossible for him to ascend to the throne.

What was more incredible was that King Nan An and his imperial consort were madly in love, so as the prince of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, he had only wedded a single wife in his lifetime. He left only one son, Ye Wu Chen.

After King Nan An and his imperial consort were assassinated one night, Ye Wu Chen, who had personally witnessed it, was literally scared senseless. This resulted in him becoming a fool afterwards.

From the rumours, the fool wasn’t only dull witted, but he also had a ghost-like appearance. All of the maids that went to serve him were scared to insanity by his appearance. Therefore, nobody was willing to step into Ghost King Manor from then on.

Since he had inherited the King’s position of King Nan An, another title was bestowed upon him—Ghost King!

Of course, the Ghost King rarely left his manor. There was only an old wet nurse that took care of him. Excluding those from the royal family, no one really knew if his appearance was as ghastly as the rumours.

Mu Ru Yue, who was initially unwilling to wed into the Royal family, had a different idea now.

If she went to Ghost King Manor, it would be easier to carry out her goals than doing so in the Mu family. This would be more suitable for her progressing cultivation….

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