Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 18 – I Find You Dirty

Chapter 18- I Find You Dirty

“Alright, I accept.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled. Since there were only two people in Ghost King Manor, nobody would come to disturb her. If she stayed with the Mu family, it would be really inconvenient.

After her powers had increased, a manor couldn’t restrict her path.

Mu Ru Yue, however, currently didn’t know that with this decision, she had tied herself to one guy for her entire life. They were destined to be together for better or worse, for all eternity.

“We will shortly pass down the order to the Mu family. To all beloved officials, if you don’t have any more matters, this assembly is adjourned.”

The Emperor of Zi Yue impatiently waved his hands. He couldn’t wait any longer to enjoy lunch with his beloved concubine.

After the crowd left, Ye Yi Hua smilingly walked to Mu Ru Yue’s side before lifting her chin with his fan. With a gaze filled with feeling within his peach blossom eyes, he smiled like a devil trying to seduce his next victim. “Lady Mu, that fool doesn’t know about feelings so he wouldn’t be able to satisfy a girl. If you have needs, you can freely come to find Ben Wang. Ben Wang’s manor will always be open to you. I’ll definitely let Lady Mu know the Ben Wang’s goods.”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and slapped the fan away. She looked at him coldly and mockingly. “Do I need to repeat myself? I’m not interested in a stud horse. You should have loitered in your courtyard often. Perhaps your entire body is filled with germs. If you stand before me, I’ll always find you dirty.”

Ye Yi Hua’s smile stiffened a little before he regained his distinguished and accomplished passionate appearance.

“Marrying that fool is the same as being a widow, so Ben Wang believes you will seek Ben Wang out. With Ben Wang’s technique, Ben Wang is confident that even if it’s a virgin, she won’t be in too much pain.”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly. “Your body can be covered with germs, but I won’t allow anyone to pass those germs onto my body. Your Highness, if you don’t have any matters, please leave.”

After staring profoundly at her for a length of time, Ye Yi Hua chuckled shallowly. “Ben Wang only hopes that after you wed my cousin, you don’t come crying to Ben Wang.”

He, Ye Yi Hua, had talent and looks, so there were countless girls that wanted to have a one-night stand with him. He couldn’t believe that there would be a girl that could resist his charm.

Even though he couldn’t wed this girl, it shouldn’t be bad for her to be his. The fool wouldn’t know how to touch her anyway.

After the Emperor of Zi Yue announced the dismissal of the court, Mu Qing didn’t wait for Mu Ru Yue. He hurriedly wanted to inform this great news to Mu Ting Er. This resulted to Mu Ru Yue getting lost inside the vast palace.

“Beat the fool to death! Beat him to death!”

“That’s right, how can our palace let a fool enter it?”

“Fool, let me tell you this. Royal father had already found a wife for you, and it’s the number one trash of the city. A fool and a trash is compatible. Hahaha!”

Suddenly, she heard a clamor up ahead.

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look forth. She saw a helplessly frail body being surrounded by luxuriously embroidered princes and princesses.

After hearing that familiar voice, Mu Ru Yue was startled. Wasn’t he the one that had fallen onto her yesterday? From their conversation, could it be that he was the Ghost King? Didn’t the rumours say that the Ghost King had a ghost-like appearance? How could this young man, who looked innocent and handsome, have a ghost-like appearance?

“I…. I only came to collect my kite.”

The young man tightly pursed his lips. His grief-stricken appearance made him look like a lively and small animal. This made a few girls soft-hearted. They pulled on the sleeves of the boys beside them, saying, “Let’s forget it.”

“Forget it? What do you mean forget it? Hmph! This fool actually came here of his own free will, without our Royal father’s order. How can I let him go scot free?”

Saying that, the boy snatched the kite in the young man’s hands and ripped it in half before viciously throwing it at the young man’s face. “Here’s your kite!”

The young man slightly lowered his head, making people think that he was upset with having his kite torn apart. Nobody, however, saw that there wasn’t a sliver of unhappiness upon his handsome face.

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