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Chapter 2 – They Are a Family Instead

Chapter 2- They Are a Family Instead

“Ting Er!” Tightly holding her hand, he said with deep emotion, “When you gave yourself to me a month ago, I swore that I would definitely marry you! However, the engagement between this trash and I was an imperial order by my royal Grandfather. I’ll need some time to convince him to withdraw the order, but believe in me, you’ll become my wife soon.”

The scene playing out before Mu Ru Yue eyes hurt her deeply. She glared with blood-shot eyes filled with hatred at Mu Ting Er, and said, “Mu Ting Er, you’re only an adopted daughter, while I’m the genuine young mistress! I hope you clearly know your status!”


Just when she said that, a slap viciously landed on her face.

Mu Ru Yue’s body suddenly trembled as she held onto the red mark on the side of her face, then stiffly turned her head. She looked in disbelief at the middle-aged man at her side. “Father, how could you……”

“Impudent! Who allowed you to talk to Ting Er in such a manner?” The middle-aged man had a cold expression and was acting as though the person before him wasn’t his own daughter, but merely a maid that he could abuse.

“Father, I’m your daughter!” said Mu Ru Yue, her voice choked with emotion. With tears in her eyes, she continued, “She’s only an adopted girl. Father, why did you……”

“Daughter?” The middle-aged man snorted. “A daughter like you is my lifetime’s disgrace! Even though Ting Er was adopted, her innate talent is outstanding. She’s my pride instead! You really think that you have the right to be paired up with Crown Prince Jing 1? I’ll clearly tell you now that I have assisted them in this matter. Why else do you think no one has come here yet?”

It was as though lightning had struck in a clear sky. Mu Ru Yue trembled a little, biting on her lips as she looked at her blood relative.

“Elder Sister Ting Er, are you alright?”

At this moment, Mu Yi Xue, who shared the same parents as Mu Ru Yue, passed by her blood sister as if she did not see her, walked straight to Mu Ting Er’s side, whose face was already covered in tears.

“Elder sister Ting Er, rest assured. Xue Er and father will protect you. We won’t let that person steal your husband.” Mu Yi Xue laughed adorably before shifting her gaze to Mu Ru Yue. With disgust in her gaze, she continued, “Moreover, in the Mu Family, I only have Mu Ting Er as my elder sister. This trash doesn’t deserve to be my elder sister. I really don’t understand how mother gave birth to such trash. She isn’t worthy to be the Mu family’s daughter!”

“Father, Xue Er……”

Mu Ting Er looked gratefully at the two. Nobody noticed the sneer on her lips at that moment.

‘Mu Ru Yue, I swore long ago that I would seize all of your possessions! Blame it on yourself for being the genuine young mistress of the house, while I’m just an adopted girl. The main reason why I, a girl that you always looked down upon, is able to climb onto your head today was mainly due to you being trash that cannot cultivate. But it should be impossible for you to suspect the reason you became trash. When you were five, before your innate talent test, I placed poison into your meal. Furthermore, nobody could possibly suspect that the four-year-old me would have been such a schemer.’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart turned cold as she looked at the harmonious family. She suddenly realised that she was just an outsider.


She suddenly howled with laughter as she viciously charged towards a tree at the side, still laughing.

Her sudden action shocked the others. Mu Ting Er’s expression changed greatly, as she didn’t expect that she had forced her step-sister to her death. How boring it would be if she were to die now?!

When she wanted to stop her sister, a middle-aged man raised his arm to block her path.

“Since she wants to die, let her be. It will be as if I never had her as a daughter.”

1. It is Ye Tian Feng’s title

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