Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 3 – The Spirit From Hua Xia

Chapter 3- The Spirit From Hua Xia


When Mu Ru Yue’s head struck the tree, blood immediately flowed down her head, but her lips expressed a smile of relief.

‘Finally, I don’t need to stay here and listen to their heart-rending words…….’

She gradually closed her eyes, with a glistening teardrop hanging in the corner of her eyes.

“Let’s go!”

With an unfeeling glance, the middle-aged man looked at the young girl lying in a pool of blood. His cold expression made it seem as though it had just been a stranger in front of him.

Ye Tian Feng shuddered slightly, thinking that it was truly heartless for a father to make such a move. However, who had told Mu Ru Yue to be a trash?

In comparison to a gifted person like Ting Er, that girl had been destined to not even have the right of acting as her sister’s stepping stone……

At this moment, the young girl, who had initially been lifeless, suddenly opened her eyes and stood up. In that instant, her icy gaze landed on the group of people who were already turning to leave.

She remembered being at Long White Mountain and being ambushed by the Gu family. In order to protect an ancient alchemist book, she had met her demise along with her enemies. After that, she felt as though she was carried away by the wind.

‘Where is this?’

Suddenly, memories that didn’t belong to her fiercely came rushing to her mind, making her feel a pain so great that it felt as though her head was being ripped apart. She held her head tightly in her hands, knitting her bloody eyebrows.

‘Martial God Continent?’

‘Wasn’t I in Hua Xia? What kind of place is the Martial God Continent?’

However, from the memories, she knew that this place honoured martial skills. The training techniques here were the same as in Hua Xia, using the Dantian to store energy, and medicine for assistance. The grading system for the skills was also the same.

She had possessed a person who had the same surname and name as herself, but who was a trash with cramped muscles and blocked meridians, and had died after being unable to withstand a great shock.

In Hua Xia, Mu Ru Yue had also been a Martial Practitioner. For an Ancient Martial Practitioner, nothing was impossible, so after being shocked for a short moment, she quickly accepted reality.

She had reincarnated! That too in such a trash’s body, no less.

“Elder sister, you……you’re still alive?” Mu Ting Er’s body shuddered, showing happiness on her delicate face. “That’s great! I thought you……”

A cold gaze shot at the seemingly happy young girl. Mu Ru Yue replied, “Do you have any business with me? If not, move out of the way!”

“I……” Mu Ting Er pouted gently, and tears of grievance swum in her eyes. “I was only worried for elder sister. If I did something wrong, I hope that I didn’t anger elder sister.”

Her appearance looked so pitiful. She looked like a small pure white flower that attracted tender affection.

The middle-aged man’s expression darkened. “Mu Ru Yue, is this the attitude you should have towards your sister? It was a waste for Ting Er to be worried for you. You aren’t worthy of her feelings!”

“Sister?” Mu Ru Yue laughed grimly, “I don’t remember mother giving birth to such a sister!”

Mu Ting Er’s expression changed slightly. It was the most painful thing in her life to be only an adopted daughter of the Mu family, and not be a genuine young mistress. If it hadn’t been for her father’s incurable illness and if it hadn’t been for his sacrifice to save the Mu family’s old madam, in order to ensure a safe haven for his daughter, it would be impossible for her filial step-father to adopt the helpless Ting Er.

From that moment on, she swore that she would behave as if she were rightfully above people and that she would receive the same treatment as a genuine young mistress in the Mu family.

However, that wretched Mu Ru Yue had always used this fact to stab her every single time!

‘Just what is so good about her? Other than having the bloodline of the Mu family, she’s just a good-for-nothing young Miss!’

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