Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 26 – Initial Manufacturing Of Medicine

Chapter 26- Initial Manufacturing Of Medicine

Nighttime. The moonlight was like water that calmly billowed out.

In one of the western living quarters of Mu manor, Mu Ru Yue was so exhausted that she was panting profusely, dripping wet with perspiration. She wiped the sweat off her forehead. When she looked at the table full of medicinal plants, she smiled in satisfaction.

Within a few hours, she had finally raised the ages of all the medicinal plants. But since the method to grow medicine consumed energy, with her current power, she could at most only raise the 50-year-old medicinal plants to 100 years old. She didn’t have any energy to spare after.

“I’ll sell 50 stalks of these 100-year-old medicinal plants and use the rest to manufacture pills.”

Upon saying that, she had already taken out the pill furnace she’d bought at the market today.

Right now, she was planning to manufacture the human stage low grade Return of Spring pill. It was the most common type of pill.


With a flick of her finger, a fire lit atop the tip of her finger. With a gentle wave, the fire headed towards the pill furnace, activating it.

When the red-hot fire light shone on Mu Ru Yue’s white face, she already had an appearance that could flip a country despite her young age. Her looks were definitely beyond that of Mu Ting Er, not inferior in the least.

This was the first time Mu Ru Yue manufactured pills, so after a short moment, her flame dimmed, and the 100-year-old medicinal plant within the pill furnace was wasted……

“Failed? I’ll retry!”

Mu Ru Yue sneered as from her memories, she didn’t know what it meant to give up.


A fire was lit again, violently igniting the pill furnace.

Having experienced failure, her control had improved….

During the night, Mu Ru Yue failed numerous times. There was a pile of ashes from 100-year-old medicinal plants at her side. When Yan Jin witnessed that, his heart hurt.

‘A failure! This girl is a failure!‘

‘Those were 100-year-old medicinal plants and weren’t weeds. Did she not feel any pain from wasting a whole pile of them? Wouldn’t it be better for me to have eaten it and convert them all to power?’

When the sun rose, Mu Ru Yue finally manufactured the Return of Spring pill.

When she looked at the pill in her hand, she frowned with dissatisfaction. “I actually used an entire night’s time to manufacture a Human Stage low grade pill. It seems that I need to have a better understanding of the pill manufacturing technique.”

If someone heard those words, they would really want to strangle her to death.

She used just a night to manufacture a Human Stage low grade Pill without any tutelage. If this were the case, how could someone with a master’s tutelage who took three entire days to make one still have face?

Even the most outstanding alchemist in the entire continent would require two days for their first manufacturing of pills.

Of course Mu Ru Yue’s rapid manufacturing speed was related to her perverse mental strength, and the many 100-year-old medicinal plants she had wasted. Everyone knew that the more aged the medicinal plant was, the easier it was for Alchemists to manufacture their medicines.

“Little girl.” Yan Jin yawned. He opened his eyes groggily. “It’s day time already?”

“Yan Jin, I’ll head over to the medicine shop.”

Mu Ru Yue tightly held onto the Return of Spring pill in her hand. With a few glimmers in her eyes, she thought that when she went to the shop with only a single 100-year-old medicine, it wouldn’t matter. But this time she mustn’t let anyone recognise her.

She had experienced a proverb in her past life that was: ‘The ignorant aren’t guilty, but treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime.’

In the bustling city streets, peddlers were shouting as horses galloped around, forming a noisy scene.

Currently, in the streets of the city was a frail girl. She wore a cloak and entered a popular medicine shop. She wordlessly tossed a bag in front of the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was stunned before frowning as he opened the bag. Upon seeing the contents of the bag, however, he was no longer calm.

“This….aren’t these 100-year-old medicinal plants? There also seems to be a couple stalks in here?”

Even though 100-year-old medicinal plants weren’t as rare as 1,000-year-old medicinal plants, it was still pricy. Moreover, there were 50 stalks of the 100-year-old medicinal plants in there. The shopkeeper, who had a lot of experience, was still shocked at such a large-scale business transaction.

“Lady, are you sure you want to sell all of these 100-year-old medicinal plants?” The shopkeeper violently swallowed his saliva as he looked with shock and curiosity at Mu Ru Yue.

This was due to the cloak that covered her appearance. From her voice, the shopkeeper could differentiate that the mysterious person before him was a young girl. Of course, for her to be able to sell so many medicinal plants, she definitely wouldn’t be an ordinary commoner.

But what made the shopkeeper curious was how she had obtained 50 stalks of 100-year-old medicinal plants?

“Yes.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. With a calm gaze, she continued, “Excluding that, I also want to sell a Return of Spring Pill.”

“Return of Spring Pill?”

The shopkeeper was stunned. Even though the Return of Spring Pill was just a human stage low grade pill, on this continent, Alchemist were very highly respected. Even if she were to sell such an item, he naturally wouldn’t look down on her.

“Lady, for the 50 stalks of medicinal plants, I will give you 100 gold coins for each of them. As for the Return of Spring Pill, I’ll have to seek an Alchemist from our Return of Spring Hall to calculate the price of that pill from analysing its quality. If the Lady trusts our Return of Spring Hall, you can temporarily place the Return of Spring Pill with us and come back tomorrow to collect your money.”

Mu Ru Yue silently looked at the shopkeeper. After pondering for a long moment, she said, “The Return of Spring Hall has a good reputation. I will naturally trust it. Since that is the case, I shall return tomorrow.”

“I give my thanks to the Lady.”

The shopkeeper let out a breath before instructing his subordinate to bring the gold coins over. He personally handed them over to Mu Ru Yue. After receiving the gold coins, Mu Ru Yue didn’t stay and left the shop….

“100-year-old medicinal plants. Hehe! I didn’t expect to obtain so many 100-year-old medicinal plants in one go.” The shopkeeper chuckled and casually took up a medicine stalk. At that moment, his smile stiffened as he stared at it. It was as though he were looking at a ghost as astonishment played across his face.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He hastily checked the other medicinal plant stalks. Even though it wasn’t obvious, there was a not big, nor small green sword-shaped symbol at the bottom of every stalk of these medicinal plants.

“This… isn’t this the medicine from our Return of Spring Hall? I definitely know all of the medicinal plants in the Return of Spring Hall. I don’t think there were a lot of 100-year-old medicinal plants, nor were there any traces of theft. How can they appear in her hands? That’s right, I remember that there was a young girl that had bought 100 stalks of 50-year-old medicinal plants. Those medicinal plants were personally handpicked by myself, so I clearly remember that. But how did those 50-year-old medicinal plants turn into 100-year-old medicinal plants?”

‘That’s right, these really were the medicinal plants I had sold, but what had happened?’

“No, this won’t do. I must request a meeting with Grandmaster Wu Yu as it’s just too unimaginable.”

How could the shopkeeper not be shocked with the 50-year-old medicinal plants turning into 100-year-old medicinal plants after just a few days? He thought, ‘This matter must be reported to Grandmaster Wu Yu.’

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