Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 27 – Astonished Grandmaster Wu Yu

Chapter 27-Astonished Grandmaster Wu Yu

“Hehe! Elder Zhao, I’ve won this round again.”

In an inn, Wu Yu placed a black chess piece gently on the board before chuckling. “How’s this? You should yield with this move, right?”

“Grandmaster Wu Yu’s chess skills are outstanding. I concede defeat,” said Elder Zhao, laughing humbly.

At this moment, an energy filled voice shouted from outside, “Grandmaster Wu Yu, the shopkeeper of Return of Spring Hall, Yi Xu, requests a meeting.”

“Return of Spring Hall?” Wu Yu slightly knitted his white brow before relaxing it. “The Return of Spring Hall is one of the affiliate businesses of our Qing Yun Sect. Since that’s the case, let him in. I wonder why the shopkeeper of the Return of Spring Hall has come to seek this elder.”

“Yes, Grandmaster Wu Yu.”

After giving a respectful response, the room door was gradually pushed opened.

There stood a middle-aged man wearing a cyan attire. He entered the room, anxiousness expressed on his face. When he saw Wu Yu, his eyes lit up as he gathered his courage to greet him. “Your subordinate, Yi Xu, greets Grandmaster Wu Yu.”

“You’re Yi Xu? What have you come to report to this elder?” Wu Yu’s gaze was calm as he looked, neither cold nor hot, at the middle-aged man.

“This was what happened, Grandmaster Wu Yu. Two days ago, 100 stalks of 50-year-old medicinal plants were sold from the Return of Spring Hall.” Yi Xu’s heart was filled with so much excitement that he couldn’t suppress it.

Following that, after hearing his words, Wu Yu frowned his white brows again. “Is that it?”

“No, that’s not it.” Swallowing his saliva with difficulty, Yi Xu replied with a tremble, “Just now, the young girl that had bought the medicinal plants had sold it back to the Return of Spring Hall.”

“Alright.” Wu Yu impatiently interrupted his words as his aged face expressed dissatisfaction. “You can settle this kind of matter yourself, you don’t need to report to me for such things.”

“But the medicinal plants that were sold had turned into 100-year-old plants by her hands.” Yi Xu felt wronged. If it wasn’t for such an important matter, he wouldn’t have come to disturb Grandmaster Wu Yu’s peace.

“What did you say?!”

Crash! Wu Yu stood up, an expression of disbelief displayed on his face. He glared at Yi Xu with shock. His expression slightly frightened Yi Xu, who withdrew his neck. He replied weaker than before.

“The 100 stalks of 50-year-old medicinal plants the young girl had bought had turned into 100-year-old plants in just two days. Those medicinal plants had our Return of Spring Hall’s mark. Due to our marks being inconspicuous, that girl probably hadn’t noticed it and sold it back to our Return of Spring Hall.”

Even though it was just a few sentences, he had given a detailed explanation of the matter.

Wu Yu and Elder Zhao, who was at the side, were stunned. How could such an unimaginable matter happen? There were people that could reinvigorate the life of withered medicinal plants, but it was unheard of to increase the age of the medicinal plant.

“Yi Xu, are you telling the truth?” Wu Yu’s heart trembled. If there really was such a person in the world, wouldn’t they literally scare people to death?

“It’s really the genuine truth. Those medicinal plants were sold by myself, so how could I not recognise them?”


Wu Yu’s legs softened as he sat back in his chair. He took in a deep breath and asked, “Do you know the name and address of that girl?”

“I don’t know about that, but since she wanted to sell a Return of Spring Pill and the appraisal Master wasn’t in the Return of Spring Hall, I had told her to return to the Return of Spring Hall tomorrow.”

“Return of Spring Pill?” Wu Yu was startled, faint glimmers dancing in his eyes. “Let me have a look at that pill.”

Return of Spring Pill was the most common kind of pills that any apprentice could easily manufacture. What he was really interested in, however, was that the girl could increase the age of the medicinal plants.

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