Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 30 – Becoming An apprentice To A Master Part 3

Chapter 30 – Becoming An apprentice To A Master Part 3

“Who told you that being my disciple doesn’t have any benefits? I can give you anything you want, be it pills or status. Even if you were to barge into the Qing Yun Sect, I can promise you that no one will touch a single hair on your body.” Wu Yu smiled as he swore this.

‘Benefits? Wouldn’t it be easy to give her what she wanted? With his presence, even the daughter of the Sect head wouldn’t dare to touch her.’

A glimmer lit up in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. On this continent, it would be better to have a supporting mountain for protection. Hearing that elderly tone, he seemed to be a great candidate.

More importantly, if there was a Master’s tutelage, there would definitely be less detours on her cultivation path.

“Alright, I reluctantly accept.”


Yi Xu almost fell off his feet. Grandmaster Wu Yu wanted to recruit her as his disciple, but she accepted it reluctantly? Everyone should know that being Grandmaster Wu Yu’s disciple would mean a status that overwhelmed that of a Kingdom’s princess’s status by many fold.

Would she dare to continue infuriating people with her words?

Wu Yu, however, didn’t care if she accepted with reluctance or not. The most important point was that Mu Ru Yue had agreed to be his disciple.

“Little girl, since you’ve become this elder’s disciple, can you tell me your identity?” Wu Yu expressed excitement in his eyes.

To be honest, on this continent, which expert didn’t want someone to succeed their legacy? But his sight was too high and no talent had entered his eyes until now.

Today, he finally had a successor. How could he not be excited?

Mu Ru Yue raised her hand to lift open her hood, momentarily revealing her exceptional looks. Even though her appearance was still immature, she already had a look that could overturn a country.

Elder Zhao sighed. This girl was really that peerless genius he’d seen that day.

“I’m Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family, the number one trash of the Kingdom of Zi Yue.”


Yi Xu couldn’t stand properly as he fell to the ground, hitting his head on the corner of the table. He didn’t seem to feel any pain as he was completely dazed.

The number one….trash of the Kingdom of Zi Yue?

‘Must she scare people like this? If that young girl was trash, then who in the world would be a talent or call themselves one?’

“Mu Ru Yue?” Elder Zhao was startled. He looked shocked at her exceptional appearance and asked, “You’re Mu Ru Yue? The girl that had her marriage withdrawn by Ye Tian Feng, the disciple of Grandmaster Tian Yuan? Previously, I had heard Grandmaster Tian Yuan and Ye Tian Feng’s conversation which said Mu Ru Yue was a trash that wasn’t compatible with him. He also fell in love with Mu Ting Er of the Mu family. Even though Mu Ting Er couldn’t be compared to the female disciples in the Sect, she can still be counted as a talent in the world. Who would have thought….”

‘Who would have thought that the young girl he’d despised and snorted disdainfully at was actually one of the most peerless geniuses from the start of time?’

Elder Zhao chuckled wryly, as he thought to himself, ‘Were some matters really predestined? When he realised that the person he’d withdrawn marriage with was so talented, wouldn’t he feel regret?’

“Withdrawing a marriage with my disciple?” Wu Yu coldly snorted. With a gloomy expression, he fumed, “He really was gutsy to even dare to withdraw from a marriage with my disciple. Does he think he’s omnipotent with Tian Yuan’s support? He really overestimated himself. My disciple is more important than that brat by countless fold.”

Elder Zhao shook his head helplessly. He knew that Grandmaster Wu Yu was really angered this time, but Grandmaster Tian Yuan and Ye Tian Feng wouldn’t know how they offended this elder. They didn’t even know Mu Ru Yue was his disciple.

Though, at that time, she hadn’t even become Grandmaster Wu Yu’s disciple. If they had known, then Ye Tian Feng wouldn’t have done that even if you gave him an immeasurable amount of courage.

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