Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 31 – Protective Grandmaster Wu Yu

Chapter 31- Protective Grandmaster Wu Yu

“My good disciple, don’t worry. Since you’re my disciple, Master won’t allow anyone to bully you. Just a single word from you, and I’ll go and viciously punish that brat.”

While thinking about how Mu Ru Yue’s marriage had been withdrawn when she had such appearance and talent, Wu Yu couldn’t bear it and wanted to immediately punish the brat that had overlooked a treasure.

‘How could my disciple be bullied? If anyone did so, I will kill them as repayment.’

“No need.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head and replied smilingly, “Even if he didn’t, I would have withdrawn from that marriage. That kind of stud horse filled with germs isn’t compatible with me.”

The young girl’s words appeased Wu Yu’s anger. He laughed. “That’s right, that brat was unlucky to have given up on my disciple. With your talent, you can find a man who is a hundred times, or even a thousand times better than him. Just a handsome man like him isn’t compatible with my disciple.”

A few glimmering lights shone in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. “Other than that, can you temporarily not tell anyone about me being your apprentice?”

“Why?!” Wu Yu doubtfully blinked his eyes. He initially wanted to let everyone in Qing Yun Sect know that he had found a good disciple, and even stun Grandmaster Tian Yuan and his disciple.

“It’s simple logic. I don’t need too much support in my path to maturity. You just need to protect and help me so that my growth could be more rapid than before.”

‘I just need to find a supporting mountain to deal with situations I can’t solve, rather than just letting my Master solve all my problems and dangers.’

‘Without danger, how can I grow up?’

She understood this logic.

“Haha! Alright my good disciple.” Wu Yu praisingly nodded. He really hadn’t found the wrong person. It could only be her that would say such words as though it were common sense.

This girl wasn’t a pampered young mistress from an aristocratic family, so she knew how to survive on the continent.

“Little girl, you should come and see me daily after today. I’ll teach you some methods you can use in pill manufacturing and cultivation. I only have a request that during the practitioner’s competition in the Phoenix City two months from now, you must come back victorious.”

Wu Yu smiled as he stroked his white beard. Perhaps, from now on, it would be the youngster’s era. They had already aged.

“The top position?” Mu Ru Yue smiled and chuckled lightly. “That’s what I had planned to do.”

She wasn’t interested in the competition, but she knew Mu Ting Er would definitely participate in the competition. Moreover, she also wanted to tell the world that she was no longer a trash!

Wu Yu looked curiously at Mu Ru Yue. Even though she was currently smiling, it sent a chill into a person’s heart.

It was night. The moonlight shone like the rippling waves of water.

Inside a house near the Mu family, a man had both his hands behind his back. His deep gaze looked towards the night sky, complex emotions within his eyes.

The man wore a long silver robe. With his perfect, god-like appearance outlined by the faint moonlight, he seemed so beautiful— beautiful enough to make people feel suffocated. He was so handsome that it seemed as though he could overwhelm the beauty of the moon.

“Master, shall your subordinate deal with the girl you’re going to marry?”

Behind him, there was a black clothed girl respectfully kneeling, her head lowered. She knew that her Master didn’t like people looking at him, even if it was just at his back.


“But, Master, if that girl comes to the manor, she might discover something. If others knew that Master is….”


His low voice contained a gloominess that made Die Yi’s heart shudder.

‘Master is protecting that girl? Why? That girl is just a trash. Why does my Master, who have never been affected by female charms, protect her?’

Die Yi’s head was kept lowered as she suppressed the trembles in her heart. “Understood, your subordinate will take her leave.”

She knew that she shouldn’t have such feelings, but sometimes she couldn’t suppress it. The only solution was to not let anyone know of her feelings….

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