End of the Magic Era

Chapter 23 - Questioning

Chapter 23: Questioning

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He was a powerful 9th Rank Mage, so how could he not know the casting time of these spells?

That Rotten Swamp was already very abnormal. A mere 5 seconds to materialize this 3rd Rank spell, even as a 9th Rank Mage he couldn’t do something like this. Not to mention that the following Icicle spell had been cast without any incantation at all. This was definitely Instant Cast or Quickened metamagic.

It was only metamagic, and for Mages that had reached the 5th Rank, who didn’t have one or two metamagics? But it was just that they normally couldn’t be used casually. Using metamagic with a spell greatly increased the amount of mana consumed, and an ordinary mage couldn’t support the cost, so they simply wouldn’t be used except at critical moments.

Someone like Mafa Merlin who had used two metamagics so quickly was definitely an inexperienced newbie in the eyes of the 9th Rank Mage. If one used his trump card first and expended all their mana, what could they use to turn the situation around?

Of course, he wasn’t going to warn this youngster about his bad habit.

He would just let this youth learn that the consequences of angering a 9th Rank Mage were too much for just anyone to handle.

He began chanting his incantation.

He didn’t use any metamagic, and he didn’t even further tax his mana whirlpool to hasten the casting speed. He wanted to knock this fellow down a few pegs with a display of strength, making him understand why the magic world was so hierarchical. Just one rank of difference would be a huge factor. It wasn’t something that could be bridged with just two metamagics.

The 9th Rank Mage was chanting the incantation for the Thunderstorm spell. It would take twenty seconds and a large amount of mana, making Thunderstorm one of the most powerful spells below the Great Mage realm.

As the 9th Rank Mage chanted, the originally clear sky became covered with black clouds. Lightning started surging amidst the clouds and gathering together, the fierce, fluctuating electricity letting out screeching and crackling sounds.

Thunderstorm’s power was that frightening. Even if that spell had yet to be completed, just the scene of it materializing was enough to make people feel numb.

But it all seemed to have no effect on Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was still standing at the side of the Rotten Swamp with a relaxed expression, as if he hadn’t noticed the sky being covered in black clouds. He raised his hands and another Icicle flew out, just like before, no incantation, no gesture, and another Archer was nailed to a tree.

‘How could he still have mana?’ The 9th Rank Mage couldn’t help frowning as he continued with his spell.

‘Seems like I must hurry…’

The 9th Rank Mage silently urged his mana whirlpool to speed up the completion of the spell.

But as he did so, that young Mage cast another Icicle.

Yet another Archer was pinned to a tree. This was already the third one.

At that time, the 9th Rank Mage was a little regretful. If he had known earlier that this young mage had enough mana to support four uses of his metamagic, he wouldn’t have cast his Thunderstorm normally. That way, he could have at least saved the third Archer from his fate.

‘No good, have to be faster!’

But Lin Yun was faster than him…

Another Icicle followed…

Followed by one more, and another one, and another one…

The 9th Rank Mage’s Thunderstorm was still not ready when a rain of Icicle spells pinned a dozen archers to trees or just the ground. Once they were all immobilized, Lin Yun also cast a Frost spell, and just like when he handled Fario, he froze all the Warriors in the Rotten Swamp.


He had finished preparing the mighty Thunderstorm, but the 9th Rank Mage was staring at the scene foolishly, a blank expression on his face. Shock could be seen in his eyes, as he stood there in a daze, feeling alarm and dread as he looked at that young mage…

That young Mage let out about a dozen Instant Cast Icicles, incapacitating all those Archers.

What kind of concept was that…

The 9th Rank Mage had considered himself quite powerful, and could even cast a Thunderstorm in just 20 seconds… but Instant Casting a dozen Icicles during that time, he didn’t even dare to think about it. This was already something beyond what a Mage could do, whether it was the use of metamagic or normal casting, it was impossible.

The 9th Rank Mage even felt that it was impossible for most Great Mages. Perhaps only those who had advanced to that realm for a long time, or those peak existences preparing to break through to the High Mage realm could Instant Cast a dozen Icicles in 20 seconds.

But now, there was a young, 20-year-old mage that had managed to do so in front of him.

He could feel that he had chosen to fight a battle that he never should have.

For a mage with such powerful abilities, it would be really simple for him to kill a 9th Rank Mage. And let alone himself, the entire Viper Nest might not even be worth his time.

‘What should I do…’

The Thunderstorm was still ready and flickering with electricity. The black clouds covered the sky and thunder surged. He only needed to shout the last word and direct the spell to come down to raze everything within ten meters.

But the mage held back that last word.

This foe’s display of magic had driven him to the edge of despair…

He didn’t even have the intention to struggle now, he just stood there in a daze, fear and helplessness filling his thoughts. He wasn’t that powerful Mage standing at the peak of his realm anymore, and instead looked like a lamb ready for slaughter.

“Follow me inside.” After dealing with the dozen Archers, Lin Yun didn’t continue to make things difficult and beckoned the 9th Rank Mage to follow him into the building.

Of course, there was no need to make things difficult. At this point, they were all scared out of their wits. The others weren’t fools or lunatics, and they didn’t dare to make any trouble. Even the loudly yelling Fario was now hiding on the side, not daring to even breathe.

Lin Yun went through the door with the 9th Rank Mage in tow, before running into the anxious old butler.

“Young Master, Fario brought many people over this time, did they make things difficult for you?”

Hearing the old butler’s question, the 9th Rank Mage’s heart nearly stopped. ‘Grandpa, can’t you see? Those Warriors in the frozen swamp outside, those Archers nailed to the trees, who is making things difficult for who?’

“It’s alright, I sent them away. Oh right, Uncle Pave, can you get us something to eat? I haven’t eaten since I woke up…”

“Of course, take a seat, I’ll send someone to get you something to eat.”

After sending the old butler away, Lin Yun led the 9th Rank Mage to his study.

“Introduce yourself first.”

“Yes, yes…” The 9th Rank Mage stood in place trembling with fear, afraid that he would somehow carelessly anger that powerful mage that had such frightening abilities. With Lin Yun questioning him, how could he dare to hide anything from him? “I am Larry, one of the four Vice-Leaders of the Viper Nest, I’m 40 this year, I reached the 9th Rank two years ago…”

“Okay, stop there…” Lin Yun didn’t have the time to listen to this guy being so long-winded. After learning about his identity, he directly cut in and asked, “So, Larry, you brought so many people to surround my house, what was your intention?”


“Oh right, don’t even mention something like capturing a thief.”

“I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare…” Larry was truly terrified. Those Archers outside were still pinned down and perhaps dying. How could Larry dare to still insist that he was there to capture a thief? After a slight hesitation, he explained everything. “Boss Sossu sent us, mainly to protect Fario…”

“Just protect?”

Seeing Lin Yun’s unpleasant expression, Larry suddenly heard his own heart beating faster. “N-n-no, no, not just protection, Boss Sossu said that if needed, we could also use force to get the house!”

“What does this Boss Sossu want to do with this house?”

“I… I’m not too sure…”

“You are not too sure?”

“Yes, I really don’t know!” Larry was very anxious. He was afraid that Lin Yun would lose his patience and just punish him, so he blurted, “Boss Sossu always worked like that, he rarely tells us the reason for anything. This time too, he only told us that whatever happened, we must seize this house.”

“Must seize this house…” Lin Yun nodded, but did not say anything else.

After making an example of the dozen Archers, Larry shouldn’t be lying to him. In other words, he really didn’t know what the secret of the house was. That answer somewhat surprised Lin Yun, as this 9th Rank Mage’s position shouldn’t be considered low. As one of the four vice-leaders of the Viper Nest, he should be considered a core member. If even he didn’t know, this suggested one thing…

This house’s secret was very shocking, shocking to the point that even a 9th Rank Mage didn’t have the qualifications to know. Perhaps only Great Mages or High Mages would be allowed to know about it.

It seemed that Mafa Merlin was far from knowing his father well enough.

In the young Merlin’s memories, Locke Merlin was only a simple businessman, and although monopolizing the alchemy business had earned him a huge amount of wealth, he hadn’t reached the point where he could directly talk to a Great Mage or a High Mage.

But it now seemed that this wasn’t the case.

After Lin Yun thought for a bit, he waved his hand. “Okay, Mage Larry, you are free to go.”

“Eh?” Since he hadn’t given a very good answer, Larry, who had been on edge for a long time, had all kinds of thoughts haunting his mind, wondering how that young mage would deal with him, maybe torture, more interrogation, murder, and so on. Such thoughts had made him go a bit weak in the knees.

Suddenly hearing that he was free to go, Larry almost felt like he had misheard out of wishful thinking and fell into a daze for a long time, blinking in disbelief. “Did you just say… That I was free to go?”

“Yes, Mage Larry, you can leave. Remember to clean up the entrance on your way back.”

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