End of the Magic Era

Chapter 24 - Abyssal Magic Diamond

Chapter 24: Abyssal Magic Diamond

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“Yes, yes, I swear I’ll clean up everything…” At this time, let alone the entrance, even if Lin Yun asked him to clean the entire Thousand Sails City, Larry would raise no objections and get straight to work.

Larry hadn’t dared to even think that this young mage would let him go so easily. No torture, no killing, he even didn’t lose a single hair and was able to walk away free. This was such good luck!

Thus, he quickly answered in the affirmative and then left the house. Moreover, after he freed the others, he had everyone help him quickly clean the entrance.

After sending away the interlopers, Lin Yun sat in the study for a bit, waiting for his meal to be delivered. After casually finishing his meal, Lin Yun closed the doors and instructed that no one was to disturb him. He then started stirring his mana whirlpool to let out Mage Eyes one after the other.

The Mage Eyes were condensed from mana, but they were different from ordinary spells. That mana wouldn’t separate from the mage in control. After coming out, it would still be linked to the mana whirlpool, and thus, each Mage Eye would be like a pair of eyes for the caster, and everything they saw would appear in the mage’s mind.

But the average mage could at most use three to five Mage Eyes, not many could be like Lin Yun, releasing over a dozen Mage Eyes, and apparently without feeling the slightest bit of strain.

Each Mage Eye needed extremely accurate control. That kind of control was even more difficult than what was faced when forming the mana whirlpool. Someone who had just advanced to become a mage wouldn’t dare to try to control one, let alone many of them…

Lin Yun spent ten minutes to release over a dozen Mage Eyes and then controlled them to squeeze their way into various corners of the house.

When Locke Merlin bought the house, he had spent more or less a hundred thousand gold. It could be considered a huge expenditure to the merchants of Thousand Sails City, and although it couldn’t compare with the vast ten hectares of the Monchi manor, it still wasn’t something that could be searched in a short amount of time.

A dozen Mage Eyes sounded like a lot, but inside such a big house, it truly wasn’t very conspicuous.

Thus, Lin Yun closed the doors to his study and entered seclusion, because he knew that this could take a very long time.

After the Mage Eyes flew out of the study, they all headed for various parts of the house. Some went to the living room, some went to the courtyard, some to the kitchen, some to the bedroom… Under Lin Yun’s control, the dozen-plus Mage Eyes started thoroughly searching the entire house.

Time slowly passed…

The great amount of mana consumed made Lin Yun slowly pale from exertion. After an hour, Lin Yun picked up the first mana crystal and quickly drew the mana from within before he continued controlling the Mage Eyes. But this time, Lin Yun only lasted 40 minutes before he had to use the second mana crystal.

Successively absorbing the mana from two mana crystals didn’t improve Lin Yun’s complexion, making it even worse.

Mana crystals could indeed supply mana, but this kind of mana had impurities. An ordinary mage wouldn’t dare to absorb it directly. Only Lin Yun, who once absorbed mana from the Netherstorm, would dare to do this.

But even Lin Yun couldn’t keep absorbing to continue his search. Lin Yun estimated that he would be able to absorb mana from one more mana crystal at most before he would have to stop the search and meditate for a while. Otherwise, the amount of impurities entering his body would cause some trouble for him.

After twenty minutes, when Lin Yun was just about to pick up the third mana crystal, one of the Mage Eyes flew into the study on the 2nd floor, before suddenly stopping as it saw something!

“It’s here!”

Lin Yun softly chanted and the dozen Mage Eyes instantly returned and converted back into pure mana before blending into Lin Yun’s mana whirlpool. At the same time, Lin Yun stood up and pushed open the door that had been closed for about two hours, before heading for a staircase that led to the 2nd floor.

The study on the 2nd floor was the place that Locke Merlin had used for work. Because it involved many business secrets, he normally hadn’t allowed anyone inside. Even his only son, Mafa Merlin, had only been inside a sparse number of times.

He hadn’t thought much of it before, but now, he felt like there was most likely something about this study…

After Lin Yun reached the study, he instantly glanced at the bookshelf in the rear. He noticed the 6th book on the 3rd row. It seemed no different from others at first glance, but to Lin Yun, who lived in a library for a long time, there was a huge problem with that book.

There were a lot of books on the bookshelf, but this one book had a lot more wear on its cover. Some people might assume that the damage had come from the book being read too many times. Was Locke Merlin not allowed to like books, and this one in particular? Indeed, this could have been an acceptable explanation. The issue was that this book’s pages were actually still brand new. How could Locke Merlin read a book without opening the pages?

If Lin Yun couldn’t notice such a big problem while using magical perception, then his life in the library could be considered to have failed him here.

Lin Yun walked to the bookshelf and reached out to see if he could manipulate that book. Sure enough, he heard a “kacha” echo out. Something had been opened…

‘A secret door, as expected…’

Lin Yun tried pushing the bookshelf, and surprisingly, the bookshelf was pushed back with a light touch, exposing a tunnel behind it.

Lin Yun looked inside and saw that it was very long and very dark. He couldn’t tell where this tunnel led. Furthermore, there were some magic fluctuations inside.

These kinds of fluctuations weren’t exactly strong, but they seemed extremely heavy and had a powerful sealing nature. Lin Yun guessed that this should be an alchemy array for suppressing or sealing something.

As for the details, he would have to go and see first.

Lin Yun casually used a Light spell and made the bright and gentle ball of light float half a meter in front of him. He followed it and entered the dark tunnel.

Lin Yun walked for about five minutes in the gloomy tunnel before reaching the end.

At the end of the tunnel was a tightly shut stone door, and the fluctuations he felt before came from behind that door.

Lin Yun tried to push that stone door open, but it didn’t move at all. He looked around, but there was nothing similar to the mechanism on the bookshelf. Lin Yun couldn’t help scratching his head as he thought, ‘Don’t tell me a key is needed? That doesn’t seem right, there is not even a small crack on that stone door, let alone a keyhole… Eh? This is…’

Just as Lin Yun was considering whether or not he should just force his way through, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be some strange veined patterns on top of the stone door.

Those patterns were quite faint and inconspicuous, especially in the darkness of the tunnel. Lin Yun originally thought they were just decorative designs on the door, but after looking at them carefully, he found out that this wasn’t the case.

‘It’s actually the Nesser Language!’

Before Noscent’s 3rd era, there had been two huge dynasties. One was the Yashan Dynasty that had already disappeared in the river of time. It was said that this was a dynasty that had been established from Divine Magic. Unfortunately, it was far too ancient an era, and the history couldn’t be verified.

And what followed was the Nesser Dynasty…

The Nesser Dynasty was formed through the joint rule of the Dragons and Elves. It was said that modern magic had been born in that era, and the two powerful races ruled Noscent for several millennia. It then slowly collapsed due to endless internal friction, to the point that for many years since then, very few people were able to find vestiges of the Nesser Dynasty.

But there had been one thing from then that was still passed down. The Nesser Language. This was a mix of Draconic and Elvish. It was concise and accurate, and many mages considered it the most perfect language for magic.

Even countless years later, at the peak of the magic civilization, the Nesser Language was one of the compulsory fields of knowledge that mages had to learn. Many advanced spells had to be written in Nesser Runes. Some profound fields of magic knowledge were even described only with Nesser Runes because the descriptions would become long, tedious, and very complicated. Even simple reading would be very convoluted.

But the Nesser Language had been very widespread… Well, that was after the plane colonies had been established. Those who mastered the Nesser Language were the mages at the top, Archmages at least.

‘So, who left the Nesser Runes on the stone door?’

Lin Yun looked over the rest of the door for a while but didn’t find anything else, so he started studying Nesser Runes on the door.

This was quite easy for Lin Yun, and he only needed ten minutes to decipher the Nesser Runes on the stone door.

Simply put, it was a puzzle, a puzzle using Nesser Runes.

Everything was very simple after that. Lin Yun just spoke the answer to the riddle in the Nesser Language. The shut door immediately confirmed the answer and opened!

‘Damn…’ Lin Yun’s eyes were nearly blinded when the door opened.

Three red diamonds were embedded in the stone wall, emitting a dazzling light that pierced into the darkness that had been surrounding him, and they were filling the air with fierce magic fluctuations, making it difficult to breathe.

Those were Abyssal Magic Diamonds. It was rumored that the eyes of a Demon would transform into those after death. Each one had an impressive amount of mana. Every mage would yearn for such a valuable treasure. Even in this era that was so abundant in resources, the Abyssal Magic Diamond could be described as a priceless treasure. If one appeared on the market, it would make countless mages go crazy, and even those High Mages would pay any price for them.

With huge amounts of pure mana and shocking mana conductivity, the Abyssal Magic Diamond was one of the best mana sources, and one of the easiest to use. Whether it was for direct mana absorption, or for operating an alchemy array, it could remove the step transforming the mana impurities. Because its mana was the purest, there was simply no need to worry about impurities.

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