Epoch of Twilight

Chapter 589: The Fourth Dimensional War (Finale)

Chapter 589: The Fourth Dimensional War (Finale)

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There was a subtle disruption on the energy flow above the three-dimensional membrane, and rays of light sputtered out from the light pillars, emitting glaring rays as they lit up the entire dimension.

"There's a slight vortex on the time-accelerated reaction force field!" a Pangurian reported immediately through a telepathic channel, an expression of slight panic ran across its once ferocious face.

"Dark energy harvesting speed had dropped to fifty percent, circumstances are unknown."

"This isn't good, the four-dimensional warfleet's dimensional ascention point would continuously and precisely engage dimensional descent by half a degree every nanosecond. About a hundred nanoseconds later, there'll be irreversible damage on the four-dimensional being!"

Being an ancient civilization that had created a system about ten thousand years ago, Pangurians technology was deeply ingrained in the evolution of life.

In order to avoid the existence of another four-dimensional being in the galaxy, the ascention project for the dimensional creature had to be sealed and was strictly prohibited in the end. However, the experiments and projects exploiting the brains and other relevant genetic optimizations had never stopped.

Compared to the reliance the humans had on the popular wisdom elixir, everyone within the population could achieve an IQ of a 170 or even beyond 180.

However, the average Pangurian IQ could reach up to three hundred, causing their thoughts to be a hundred times faster than that of a human. It was also two to three thousand fold that of the humans in the ancient times.

However, even with the control center's accelerated time of about thirty thousand times, the Pangurians' thought process could only react at a speed that went as low as two nanoseconds.

During the time when all of the Pangurian reacted to the situation by thought, it had worsened at an incredible pace. Various bad news appeared one after the other, causing panic in the atmosphere among the people in the entire control center.

"Not good! Engage dimensional ascension now, retreat!" Finally, the warfleet's commander roared a series of command.

In only a matter of seconds, a layer of misty light shrouded the entire four-dimensional being. At the next moment, the vessel in the super warfleet had already leaped from their current dimension.

However, all of the efforts were wasted. The force was like the roots of a lush tree where it had spread to the countless dimensions surrounding them. Following the flow of time, it gradually tightened its grasps onto all dark matter and energy within reach, isolating the four-dimensional warfleet and causing the warfleet's dark energy harvesting rate to rapidly decline. Only a few nanoseconds later, the warfleet's harvesting rate was already unable to keep up with the expenditure.

Even so, that alone was not the only reason. Since they followed multple dimensions tightly, it seemed as if the dimensions had solidified and caused the fuel consumption for their dimensional ascension to be up to hundreds or thousands of times higher.

If this continued, this massive four-dimensional warfleet would be like cattle and sheep waiting to be slaughtered once the internal supplies had been fully depleted despite being in tip-top condition. At this moment, the attacks from the four-dimensional being had long stopped, seemingly trying its best to escape.

Unfortunately, how could Luo Yuan allow it to escape?

Within the radius of his will, he was like an almighty god and was the sole master of multiple dimensions within the radius of thousands of kilometers.

The only ones that could go against him were those who had a similarly strong will.

Although the four-dimensional being possessed a tremendous amount of power and an incomprehensible amount of energy, the sole thing that it lacked was willpower. Within this dimension, it was like a foreign object, a misfit which had the entire world as its enemy.

However the rate his will was being consumed was also astonishing when he was in this form. At that moment, Luo Yuan felt that his enormous will had been draining at a very quick pace, and that he could only hold this form for a second at most before he completely exhausted his will and get ejected from the fourth dimension.

Fortunately, the time he had in this form was more than enough for Luo Yuan.

A nanosecond later, the four-dimensional being had begun an irreversible dimensional descent as countless of spatial openings not unlike wormholes began appearing out of thin air.

Three nanoseconds later, these spatial openings were twisted into Klein passageways by Luo Yuan's will, causing a large amount of physical matter and energy to flow through these spatial passageways before they were thrown out of the dimension. Matter with four-dimensional properties would still be able to remain but as for matter with three-dimensional properties, they would be expelled from the fourth dimension.

Luo Yuan had witnessed it with his own eyes. One or two carcasses that just came out of the passageways instantaneously vanished into thin air and was expelled from the fourth dimension.

Five nanoseconds later, this four-dimensional being completed its dimensional descent.

Before the dimensional descent, Luo Yuan had sensed a warning from his clairvoyant abilities. With a simple though, he withdrew himselff from the fourth dimension.

As a kind of four-dimensional being, when compared returning to a lower dimension, to ascending into a high dimension, it was like the flow of a stream, his body completely followed his thought.

Just when he had entered the three-dimensional universe, severe waves had occurred within the space around the dimension.

Luo Yuan gazed into the dimension where the four-dimensional being was, he only saw an ocean of light, where the light had shrouded everything within a radius of ten or so light years. The vast amount of energy released during the dimensional declension of the four-dimensional being was simply comparable to a dark hole level, it had even caused space turbulence to multiple dimensions.

Luo Yuan saw the occurrence and was surprised. If he was near this level of disruption, it was estimated that he would have taken damage.

Luo Yuan only gazed for a moment before he looked away because there were still matters he had to settle.

He scanned his surroundings with a glance and discovered up to hundreds of corpses very quickly. The bodies were dispersed everywhere, and the body closest to Luo Yuan was a few million kilometers away while the furthest was several hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

There were time differences when those bodies were being thrown out of the fourth dimension, and with the effects of four-dimensional speed, it causes those corpses to become widely dispersed.

However, all the current Luo Yuan had to do was to use his thought and willpower for such distances.

The next moment, he had arrived near one of the corpses. Since the corpses were thrown out of the fourth dimension through the Klein passageway, the physical structure of its body, including cellular and genetic factors were turned inside out. Although only about a second had passed, there was no doubt that all of them were completely dead.

Fortunately, all of these had no effect to Luo Yuan's next move.

He had managed to find a memory cell that belonged to one of these creatures. His willpower quickly scanned through it. At the same time, he rearranged and analyzed the complex information contained within their memory.

Soon, countless light figures flashed through his mind, and within only a few picoseconds, he had learned the Pangurians language…

At first, he was somewhat distracted but very quickly he became serious and prudent.

The understanding the Pangurians had regarding the fourth dimension was far more advanced and in-depth than what he knew. Most of their knowledge had also been turned into theories.

For example, he could manipulate the space around him based on a whim and could begin to accelerate the time within a certain area. However, like a human baby that only knew how to drink milk despite being born into the world not long ago, it was his natural instinct as a four-dimensional lifeform, he did not know the system and theory operated behind it. He only knew that it was the way it was.

Luo Yuan originally planned to search for the location of their civilization through the memories, but he had accidentally found something even greater by accident.

On average, the lifespan of a Pangurian was about a thousand years, give or take; so, their brains were extremely developed and those who could pilot the four-dimensional warfleet were elites among the Pangurians.

Every one of them had received up to hundreds of years of education, especially in the field of the fourth dimension. Every single one of them had received specialized training and learning.

Since this type of super war fleet was cruising within the fourth dimension, it would be almost impossible to be able to pilot such a vessel. If they did not have any relevant knowledge in this field, no one would allow such an individual to pilot.

Although they were not the best researchers, even with some of that public knowledge and theory, there was still something to harvest.

Luo Yuan read through the memory of the Pangurian corpses one after the other while consolidating and summarising all the harvested knowledge and information. His understanding regarding the fourth dimension had become ever more so clear and thorough. Gradually, he formed a relatively more profound understanding of the system behind it all.

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