Epoch of Twilight

Chapter 590: War and Peace

Chapter 590: War and Peace

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A moment afterward, Luo Yuan had a huge leap in the understanding of his own ability armed with this knowledge.

After all these years, Luo Yuan had never fully discovered the true potential of his own ability. On one side, his potential was more than enough to oppress everything else he knew before he met the Pangurians. None of the civilization that he had met could ever pose a real threat to him. Naturally, with no threat came no desire to further pursue an even stronger power.

On another side, it was also a limitation due to his understanding. To him, he discovered his own potential from self-teaching, self-experimentation, along with the limited exploration of this world on his own. All of these were like pearls, scattered and fragmented around him. For a civilization like the humans, these experiences were already a great repository of knowledge. However, when compared to a super-civilization which was a product from tens of thousands of years of wisdom, the amount of experience could not even be compared.

A glimpse into the wisdom of the Pangurians had allowed Luo Yuan, to string up and connect the pearls from a certain perspective, allowing Luo Yuan to discover that he could be even more powerful!

With a single thought, countless particles in space flew toward a location and began to converge immediately. Within a few nanoseconds, another Luo Yuan had appeared close to the original. Next came a third, and then a fourth…

One after another, new copies of Luo Yuan rapidly formed throughout the void space. A few seconds later, the void was hosting thousands of Luo Yuans. About ten or so seconds afterward, the numbers had increased to about a few million and were rapidly increasing at an unknown rate.

Only half a minute later did Luo Yuan finally feel that he had reached his limit and proceeded to stop creating copies of himself.

His clones had occupied the radius of about one light year, and the numbers had reached up to more than 635 million, it resembled an army waiting for commands. A massive gravitational pull was formed by the gathering of such a number of individuals, causing a severe bending of the light waves that passed through this area.

Every individual clone could be considered as Luo Yuan but at the same time, they were not truly him. Perhaps, it could be said that the cluster of 635 million individuals was the true Luo Yuan.

All these individuals were the materialization of quantum probability and would only obey a single with their hive-mind.

Within this state, he was like a super calculator synced to hundreds of millions of smaller calculators. The computational ability of his brain had increased hundreds of millions of times and could even see more than a day into the future within a certain range. The will and power of the clones were unaffected by his use of his foresight and it was as if they had a common will.

However, Luo Yuan found out that this type of quantum probability clones had its drawbacks and caused a serious disadvantage.

Under this state, the rate at which he received information would be greatly increased, severely eroding his willpower.

A few seconds later, he was made keenly aware of the tendency to be absolutely rational in this state of mind. Fortunately, his mind was always warning him and any time he felt like he was approaching such a state, he would immediately take countermeasures.

With a single thought in Luo Yuan's mind, the clones disassembled into countless particles one after the other, dispersing through the vast void of space until there were only three of the clones left. It was then that Luo Yuan halted the disassembling process.

Three clones — this was the limit of his willpower before it was subjugated to informational erosion. Any more than that and it could easily affect him.

All three Luo Yuans looked at each other and immediately leaped into the fourth dimension, disappearing into thin air.

Based on the information obtained from the Pangurians memories, the location where the Pangurian civilization existed was not within the three-dimensional universe. Instead, they existed within a micro-universe at an even higher dimension. The micro-universe floated along an ocean of dark energy, and its geographical location was constantly shifting. Only the Pangurian's four-dimensional warfleet could accurately pinpoint its location.

Unfortunately, that warfleet had long been destroyed. It was annihilated in the destructive explosion of the last dimensional descent, and the explosion had completely obliterated all of the equipment, reducing everything to ashes. This rendered the tracking equipment useless.

Luo Yuan only had two clues that from the Pangurian memories.

Firstly, their three-dimensional position remained near the Silver Heart Zone.

Second, this micro-universe was relatively large, and its radius could reach up to a shocking 150 light years. This caused the micro-universe to cast a shadow onto the three-dimensional universe and form a black hole. This black hole was also the Pangurian equivalent of a mining planet that basically gave them access to materials they needed.

However, this clue was too broad. There were multiple black holes within the galaxy, and their ratio to the planets was about a thousand to one. The black holes numbered a few hundred million, and about half of those were located at the Silver Heart Zone.

The thought of searching for the location of the Pangurian Civilization within the hundreds of millions of black holes was like searching for a needle in an ocean.

However, Luo Yuan was not in a rush. The cruel truth was that he was now doomed to never be able to return to the human world in his current state. With the immense gravitational pull he gave off, he would cause a shift in the gravitational pull of another planet that would result in a massive disaster, let alone earth.

However, this meant he still had a lot of time, not to mention that he would never even dare to push forward, even if he clearly knew the location of the Pangurian civilization.

After all this time, the Pangurian civilization paid extreme attention to their self-defense mechanisms due to the severe survival crises. To defend themselves against possible attacks from a four-dimensional being, the Pangurians had set up countless canons and sufficient firepower to around the micro-universe. Even if a four-dimensional being attacked the Pangurians, it could possibly suffer heavy damage. Perhaps, they could even defeat it themselves, making it unwise for Luo Yuan to engage them.

With his current potential, he could easily gain the upper hand if he went against a four-dimensional warfleet. Even if there were two of them, all he needed to do was create a few of those quantum possibility clones, and it would still not cause too much trouble for him. However, he still lacked plenty of firepower to go against the home of the Pangurians.

He was currently able to create or disassemble countless quantum possibility clones with only his will. Even if the clones died, he could still instantly re-converge and form more of them. No harm would be caused to his true self unless all of the clones were wiped out at once. The only limiting factor was his willpower. The more clones he formed, the quicker he expended his willpower.

If he were to maintain a few hundred million clones while he was engaged in a battle within the fourth dimension, his willpower would be completely diminished within a few picoseconds. Even if he were to only maintain about three clones, he would not be able to maintain his willpower for even ten seconds in an actual battle, and without his willpower, he was like a sitting duck.

Fortunately, Luo Yuan's potential had been steadily growing even more powerful as time passed.

The four-dimensionalization this time around was different from the others. It was as if it was a breakthrough. Similar to the few occasions before, he would require some time to engage in a sort of accumulation of power before an event would occur.

However, after the last four-dimensionalization, his dimensional ascension was already at mid-point so the energy changes seemed to have led to physical changes. Luo Yuan discovered that during this period, he was inching closer to the fourth dimension all the time.

a month ago, he was only about 50 percent into the fourth dimension but in only about a month or so, he had already reached 50.1 percent. His height grew from two and a half meters to three meters, and his willpower had also acquired some sort of ability to enhance itself from this event, without which he would not be able to maintain three separate bodies that easily.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and it had been thirty years since Luo Yuan disappeared.

With confrontation lasting almost hundreds of years along with hundreds of probes and provocations, the human and Baja Civilization had finally declared war on each other. Each civilization sent hundreds of warfleets to engage in intense combat with each other. At the region around the Solar System, lay countless scraps of the warfleets and the ice cold carcasses of warriors and soldiers within the cold starry sky about ten light years away.

With a warfleet ten times the size of the human warfleet, the Baja Civilization began to attack the human's mining planet situated at the outer star sector. This limited the countermeasures the humans could take so their early advantage during the early stages of the war had diminished quickly.

Until this point, human technology had gradually become more advanced than the Baja Civilization. After obtaining an advanced warfleet and a firepower that grew ever more precise and accurate, the Baja Civilization that was still in the era of the Interstellar Cannon truly had a taste of the disparity between their civilizations.

Even in the early days, the exchange ratio between the two sides in the war was ten to one. Amidst the war, this exchange ratio reached a staggering fifty to one. Whenever the humans lost a vessel in their warfleet, the Baja Civilization would lose fifty.

Furthermore, after the human utilized eight vessels of the seemingly invincible White Dwarf Warfleet, the Baja Civilization's warfleet finally experienced a small collapse.

This warfleet was completely indestructible. Even when the Baja Civilization utilized their most powerful cannon to shoot at them, it would only send out a flash of white light. They had organized more than once and used a large number of vessels to ram against them for physical damage, kamikaze style. However, the vessels exploded before they even reached their target.

When the war reached the end, it was completely one-sided. At the same time, the humans had begun their counterattacks, causing the sparks of war to gradually spread to areas around the Baja Planet. After struggling to support itself for a dozen years or so, the Baja Civilization finally threatened to destroy the outer planets of the humans and requested a ceasefire.

Against this kind of threat, the humans had to carefully make their considerations.

The Baja Civilization was on the verge of collapse. Nevertheless, they were still in possession of a warfleet with three hundred thousand vessels. If they were to split up and escape toward their own home, there would surely be a small part of them which would manage to escape and attempt to begin the destruction of the outer human planets.

Those planets were not ornaments in the sky but were resources that contributed to the development and expansion of the human civilization. If an outer human planet was destroyed, the expansion that the humans envisioned would also be greatly affected.

After negotiations that lasted a year, it ended with the conditional surrender of the Baja Civilization. That had ended the interstellar warfare that lasted for about sixty years.

The humans had obtained all Baja Civilization technology along with their archives and eighty billion tons of anti-matter in a two hundred year installment.

This number was equivalent to the amount that a Dyson Sphere could provide in about eight hundred years of operation. It was an astronomical amount which resulted in about four-fifths of the annual production of the Baja Civilization to be compensated to the humans.

At the same time, this war had resulted in the human solidifying their position as the overlord of the Orion Cantilever Sector in the Milky Way.

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