Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 13 - I don’t want you to harm your acquaintances

Chapter 13 – I don’t want you to harm your acquaintances

“Of course it’s the truth.” As soon as Tang Yu tried to poke out his head to explain, he was violently stuffed back by Gong Xiaoqiao.

In Gu Xingshen’s eyes, it was an intimate act.

“No.” Gu Xingshen blurted out.

Really in love? That year she was also like this, standing in front of him, vowing to him that she and Qin Yao were really in love, moreover at that time he wasn’t able to stop it, this time he couldn’t let it follow the same route.

“Why is it not allowed this time?” Gong Xiaoqiao sneered.

“I just don’t want you to harm acquaintances nothing more.”

Gong Xiaoqiao’s face became dark and she reached out to ravage Tang Yu’s white and tender face. “Get it, right! Tang Yu himself is a disaster, I think the two of us together is quite a good match. Tang Yu, don’t you say so!”

“Can I say no…..?”

“Of course not!”

“Tang Yu, are you sure you want to be with her?” Gu Xingshen looked at Tang Yu, remaining calm and composed, asking.

“Of course!” Gong Xiaoqiao directly answered on behalf of Tang Yu.

“Good, from now on you are not a person of the Gu Group.”

“Boss! Don’t ah! Don’t abandon me!” Tang Yu howled as if he had encountered a great disaster, holding Gu Xingshen’s thighs.

“Then do you want me, or do you want her?” Gu Xingshen smiled charmingly.

“Of course I want Boss!” Tang Yu answered firmly.

Why did the question sound so ambiguous ah Hey! Gu Xingshen, it can’t be that you love Tang Yu…..

“Did you hear that, this is the man of your choice?” Gu Xingshen looked at her, seemingly mocking her with his eyes.

“Boss is wrong ah! I am not Xiao Qiao’s man. I don’t even have a dime’s relationship with her.”

“Tang Yu is right. We don’t have a dime’s relationship, but a dollar’s relationship.” Gong Xiaoqiao released the breath on her chest. Originally she was just joking, but Gu Xingshen angered her with his autocratic attitude.

“I say little sister Xiao Qiao, don’t harm me okay? Boss, my mother forced me to go on a blind date, but the one I like is Xiao Jing, don’t want to marry any another woman. I had no choice but to force Xiao Qiao to act!”

At the crucial moment, Tang Yu in order to save his life, potential outbreak, was articulate and clear-minded.

“Ungrateful guy! Don’t expect me to help you next time.” Gong Xiaoqiao kicked him and turned around and left.

Not too far out, she found someone behind her.

“Did you twist your foot?”

Continued walking.

“I’ll carry you?”




How can this man change his face faster than the flipping of a book!

Gu Xingshen: ” This Wednesday Jin Mu Lin is holding a concert, I have several tickets.”

Gong Xiaoqiao’s eyes brightened, she immediately turned around. “Where are the tickets?”

“Isn’t it tiring to stand like this? Come up.”

“First give me the ticket, then I’ll get on your back.”

“…..” This could also be counted as an exchange?

“I really don’t understand why your little girls always like those type of men who are neither men nor women!”

Gong Xiaoqiao grabbed the ticket and jumped on his back with a smile. “It is a must that you don’t understand, I have a generation gap with you.” ”

All these years the times she lost her temper with him wasn’t small, but it always came and went quickly, immediately giving a smile when he gave her a little sweetness.

“Gu Xingshen, don’t you hate my pursuit of Jin Mu Lin? Why would you give me this?”

“I’m giving it to you so just take it, why ask so many questions. I haven’t even looked for you to settle accounts for messing with Tang Yu, forget not wanting to attend Hannian’s birthday party, you also don’t need to avoid it in this way. As long as it’s a matter that you open your mouth to say, which part of me won’t comply with you. ”

“Oh, really hateful, if you don’t expose me, will you die ah!”

“If you had even a little smarts I wouldn’t have caught you, or just give me a little honesty.”

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