Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 12 - We really love each other. Why?

Chapter 12 – We really love each other. Why?

“Then what do you like about my family’s Tang Yu?”

“Hey, Mom, what are you asking this for!” Tang Yu finally came back to his senses.

“The adults are speaking little children shouldn’t put their mouths inside.”

Gong Xiaoqiao glanced sweetly and shyly at Tang Yu. “Actually, actually I like it all….. Tang Yu usually looks naive and like a child. In fact, when he’s working he does it very seriously. My character is more introverted, and he is very cheerful, he also does not have the arrogance and pride of those rich children, so I get along with him very well.”

Oh… The whole person had become a crazy peacock man, Gong Xiaoqiao raising him so high was too technical.

Mother Tang heard this, smiled and squinted, “How long have you been dating?”

“One year, three months and eight days.”

“This long, why did Tang Yu keep saying he does not have a girlfriend?”

Gong Xiaoqiao hung her head. “Auntie Tang, you also know my situation. Although I am a member of the Gong family, I am only an illegitimate daughter, I am worried……”

“Good child, you don’t need to say it, I understand.” Mother Tang clasped her hand affectionately, “Don’t worry, we don’t have such ideas in our family. As long as you and Tang Yu really love each other, it’s more important than anything else.”

“Auntie Tang…” Gong Xiaoqiao quietly lowered her head, her shoulders trembled slightly, tears dripped onto the table.

“Good child, stop crying! In short, you can rest assured that auntie fully supports your affairs. As for Tang Yu’s father, he listens to me.”

Gong Xiaoqiao could not help but laugh.

Seeing her son standing there stupidly, Mother Tang knocked his head. “Stupid boy! What are you doing being dull-witted! Your girlfriend is crying you don’t know to support her! I’ve always worried about you, I don’t know what happened that you met such a good girl.”

“Alright, I’m leaving, won’t bother you young people dating.” Mother left contentedly.

“Auntie Tang goodbye.”


On the way back, Tang Yu stared at Gong Xiaoqiao with a tangled expression.

“If there is something to say, say it fast.” Gong Xiaoqiao gave him a look.

Tang Yu choked and hesitantly opened the mouth. “Xiao Qiao, I can’t believe you’ve been in love with me for so long, but the person I like is Xiao Jing….”

Gong Xiaoqiao staggered and twisted her feet in the high heels, “Are you kidding me, I didn’t get into the drama, yet you entered the theater!”

“Hey, are you alright?” Tang Yu hurried over to help her.

“Isn’t it you who did it! Bring your hand over here!” Gong Xiaoqiao’s had on a vicious look like a robber.


Gong Xiaoqiao requisitioned his arm angrily as a crutch.

The two had not taken more than a few steps when two glaring lights shot at them from the vehicle in front.

When they put down the arms that was shielding their faces, they could only make out a person in the dark.

“The important matter you were talking about, was this?” The man’s face was hazy.

“Gu Xingshen…” Gong Xiaoqiao was a little surprised that he would appear here.

“Didn’t you go to Gong Hannian’s birthday party?”

“If you weren’t found out by me, how long would you have kept it from me?”

The look that contained death by a thousand cuts scared Tang Yu like lightning that he hid behind Gong Xiaoqiao’s body.

The tone of Gu Xingshen’s questioning made her uncomfortable.

“Why would I hide it from you ah! I haven’t done anything bad. Tang Yu and I are really in love, why?” Gong Xiaoqiao touched Tang Yu’s head.

By now Tang Yu only wanted to cry.

“Are you telling the truth?” Gu Xingshen looked at her , his mood could not be seen, as if it was the calm before the storm.

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