Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 17 - Do it first then say it.

Chapter 17 – Do it first then say it.


The rolled onto the bed, holding a pillow, watching Gong Xiaoqiao with vigilance, who crawled towards him in pajamas after taking a shower.

“You, you… what do you want to do to me? I knew it, I knew it was premeditated! Deliberately pretending to be weak, deceiving me into the hotel to conveniently attack…..”

Gong Xiaoqiao climbed over, slowly passed over him, and then pressed the switch to turn on the headlights, “What are you thinking?”

The man suddenly stopped speaking, his face red, staring at Gong Xiaoqiao’s chest.

Gong Xiaoqiao covered her neckline, went back and glared at him, “Wolf (lady killer)! No wonder Master drove you down the mountain!”

“It was me who run down the mountain on my own okay!”

Gong Xiaoqiao, this Senior Second brother of hers’ family circumstance was quite good. His father was dissatisfied with the fact that he was born too handsome and unmasculine. After the family discussed and his grandfather’s decision was approved, he was sent to the mountains to practice Taoism.

Gong Xiaoqiao went there at the age of nine, the year Gu Xingshen and Hannian went abroad to study together.

Without Gu Xingshen’s protection, that year Xiao Qiao was bullied.

Xiao Qiao’s grandfather thought he was old, afraid that he will not be able to accompany her for long, and Gu Xingshen will naturally have his own life in the future.

“It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish,” so he ruthlessly sent her to learn martial arts every winter and summer vacation from that year on, so that she could protect herself in the future.

At that time, the old people did not quite believe in the Taekwondo, judo, karate or kendo, but felt that their native martial arts were the most useful. When it comes to martial arts, it was impossible to not mention the Shaolin Temple. It happened that there was a branch in the A city. However, this Shaolin Temple was naturally a place were men stayed. In order to let Xiao Qiao get in, her grandfather went through a lot of twists and turns,

This Second Senior brother of hers sneaked down the mountain when he was sixteen years old. At that time, the young man was in a rebellious period, carrying his family into the entertainment circle, singing and acting, unexpectedly becoming a success in the limelight today–

It was Jin Mu Lin who was going to have a concert this Wednesday.

“What is there to prepare for, it’s annoying to prepare so many times! I will go back when I’ve played enough!” Jin Mu Lin hang up the phone impatiently, then removed the back of the phone.

“You’re terrible to your assistant!” Gong Xiaoqiao looked at him disdainfully.

When this was outside he looked bright and glamorous, in fact, his character was bad and extremely wayward, she really didn’t understand how such a guy could survive in the entertainment industry.

Jin Mu Lin threw his cellphone aside. “Today, thanks to your ex-boyfriend and ex-sister, I was able to escape. If they hadn’t attracted the attention of the media, I really would not have gotten spare time! You being so miserable today must have certainly been related to them, right?”

Seeing Gong Xiaoqiao’s face was not good, Jin Mu Lin touched his nose, and didn’t ask much. Usually when talking to this girl there would be no restrictions of any kind, as long as you didn’t step on her minefield.

“For you.”


“Tickets to the concert! If you dare not come, you’re dead, do you know!”

Gong Xiaoqiao silently took the tickets and chose not to say anything.

If you she told him at this time that she wouldn’t go, this guy will definitely be furious.

So, she’d first do it then tell him!

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