Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 18 - You female hooligans

Chapter 18 – You female hooligans

She had lunch with Jin Mu Lin, then the two went their separate ways.

Gong Xiaoqiao went back to the dormitory and took two classes in the afternoon. After class, she went to bed without eating dinner.

The call to Gu Xingshen was originally just to probe casually, didn’t expect that her aunt would really visit her in the evening.

Because of the rain during the day, her body was even more uncomfortable at this time.

Gong Xiaoqiao lay in bed, cold and in pain, having nightmares, it wasn’t until 9 o’clock that she fell asleep.

As soon as Leng Jing entered the room she asked, “Where’s Xiao Qiao?”

Wenya motioned to her to look at the upper bunk, “Asleep!”

Leng Jing released a relieved breath, “Why so early?”

“I don’t know, after class she just went to bed, didn’t even have dinner.”

Han Yingnai hastily raised her hand to answer, “I know! Her aunt came and she borrowed a sanitary pad from me before.”

Leng Jing went out and placed a call to Gu Xingshen, “She’s in the dorm room.”

“I’m downstairs.”

“Ah? But she’s already asleep now.” Leng Jing was a little surprised, unexpectedly her footstep had just landed when Gu Xingshen’s was behind.


Suddenly she heard a shrill scream coming out from the phone and outside the dormitory window at the same time.

“Er, Gu Xingshen, what happened downstairs?”


The continued screaming annihilated Gu Xingshen’s response.

Ma-ya! Was that girl learning to scream beautifully!

The matter was like this.

Just at the moment Gu Xingshen stood under 11 girls’ dormitory building and called, at this time, a girl carrying three bottles of boiling water came over. Seeing a bottle about to slide down and fall, Gu Xingshen kindly stepped forward to help her pick it.

Who knew that the girl would begin to scream as soon as she looked up, and the remaining two bottles of boiling water in her hands broke, only leaving Gu Xingshen standing in place innocently carrying the boiled water bottle, and the girl ran screaming all the way to the dorm room.

Three minutes later, the windows of the 11 buildings and the dormitory windows within 500 meter radius were opened one by one, heads also poking out one by one.

“Ghost, ghost…… ah bah! Handsome guy, where is the handsome guy!? Is he as handsome as you exaggerated ah?”

“He must be ah! The moment I came into contact with him, I almost thought I would die the next minute! His hand touched my hand, and I felt that my blood vessels were about to burst! It was terrible!”

“It’s terrible! I still think your description is more like you saw a ghost!”

Gu Xingshen’s brain was a little confused.

When the caretaker aunt saw a girl howling and covering her face, her first feeling was that she had been subjected to sounds from a coyote.

There happened to be a man standing outside and the righteous caretaker immediately walked over angrily.

“Hey! That guy over there, I’m talking about you! Yes, it’s you!”

Gu Xingshen turned around.

The caretaker aunt was stunned for ten seconds and then spoke decisively, “Young man, don’t be afraid, tell your aunt, did a girl bully you just now? That’s really going too far…..”

Gu Xingshen was pestered with all sorts of questions, when a petite figure suddenly rushed from the side, pulled Gu Xingshen’s arm and began to run.

The aunt behind stamped her feet and howled out her lungs, “In broad daylight, you these female hooligans…..”

It was not until she dragged Gu Xingshen into the woods, that Gong Xiaoqiao paused breathlessly.

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