Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 20 - He’s my uncle.

Chapter 20 – He’s my uncle.

On the road.

“Xiao Qiao.”


“I’m busy these days, I may not have time to accompany you.”

Gong Xiaoqiao naturally knew what he was going to do, but when she heard the lie coming from his mouth, her heart felt as if it had been filled with lead.

“Don’t take notice of it, calling you today was just to get back at you for the other day!”

“Was it…..”

Yes, she had never been able to rub sand in her eyes, there would be revenge later, no matter how long it took.

Gu Xingshen loved Gu Xiao Rou so much, that she couldn’t imagine the consequences of what she was going to do.

But she had to do it, she already couldn’t control herself.

All these years she had pretended not to care, letting the hate fester in her heart, taking root, growing bigger and bigger, now it had finally broken through the wall in her heart, wantonly wandering……

There was no morning classes around 1 to 2. Han Yingnai and Yin Xidi were so bored that they were sitting down acting out a scene.

Han Yingnai created the shape of a heart with her hands “Your Majesty, do you still remember Da Ming’s Lake Xia Yuhe?”

Yin Xidi stared at Han Yingnai with a look of surprise and sighed, holding her hand excitedly —

“I only remember Da Ming’s Lake Mu mama (wet nurse)!”

Gong Xiaoqiao had just come back when she happened on this embarrassing scene.

Han Yingnai saw Xiao Qiao had come back and immediately stuck to her, “Xiao Qiao you’ve finally returned! The legendary superbeauty last night, was he your relative?”

“Ah? Who said that!”

“Xiao Jing told us! Xiao Qiao, you’re too unkind! If you have a beautiful boy you should bring him out so everyone can enjoy together!” Han Yingnai said looking disgruntled.

Last night, several people from the 303 dormitory also leaned out the window to watch the excitement. Seeing their Xiao Qiao savagely dragging the handsome guy away like a wolf, they all asked what the relationship between Xiao Qiao and the handsome guy was. Leng Jing only answered perfunctorily: “Her relative.”

Gong Xiaoqiao sucked in the corner of her lips, “What beautiful boy ah! He’s my uncle! There’s a lot of age difference!”

Hearing this, Leng Jing once again expressed her deep sympathy for Gu Xingshen.

“Shit ah! Your uncle looks like that? Don’t fool me!” Yin Xidi had a look of disbelief on her face.

Actually Gong Xiaoqiao also hadn’t exaggerated much, Gu Xingshen was 29 this year, and was about to add the big 3 in less than a few days.

Gu Xingshen’s birthday was on Christmas. That guy, he was actually born on the same day as Jesus.

“It can’t be, right! Really can’t tell!” Han Yingnai fell on her computer with interest, “I only have interest in Loli’s and beautiful boys.”

“Hey? Isn’t Meng Qin around? It seems that I rarely see her these days!” Gong Xiaoqiao changed the topic, sucessfully ending the discussion about Gu Xingshen.

Yin Xidi doing yoga at the side sighed, “Busy! You’ll not see her. In the future when she’s famous I’m sure you’d also not see her. You have to take a look now!”

The other had not even graduated but had already signed up with an entertainment company. It was said that she was noticed by the <Red makeup> crew’s director, whether she would get to act as a female lead or not was also not a certainty. Ai! One school, one major, one dorm, the gap was so big!

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