Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 21 - – I’m a good girl

Chapter 21 – I’m a good girl

After Leng Jing came back from class in the afternoon she went home. Gong Xiaoqiao went to the costume design department, borrowed a dress from a Senior and then dialed her First Senior brother’s number.

“Ten……eleven, what’s wrong?” The man on the other end had a stiff, nervous tone, seeming to be overwhelmed by something, there was a series of clanging sounds.

Xiao Qiao was ranked 11th at the Shaolin Temple, because she was a girl, and was no legal number to give to her, everyone in the Temple called her eleven.

“First Senior brother, have you received an invitation for the Gu family’s engagement banquet for tomorrow?”

“Have, have ah! What’s up?”

“Then do you have a date?”


“Great! First Senior brother take me!”

Although her First Senior brother had been away from the Temple for many years, he still hadn’t quit, so she knew he would definitely not bring a date, which was why she had this opportunity to sneak inside.

Since he was born, Mu Wuxie had been continually sick, and don’t know the rumours the family had heard of the world’s high-ranking Temple, they sent him there, never thinking that his sickness would return anew even after entering Buddhism.

It wasn’t until he reached adulthood that the Mu family let him come back to take over the family business. He was now the director of Universal Love Hospital. Before going abroad, Gu Xiao Rou was his attending doctor so he being invited earlier was within Gong Xiaoqiao’s expectations.

The Shaolin Temple was really a good place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons ah!

“I, can I say no?” The first senior brother plucked up the courage and painstakingly refused.

Gong Xiaoqiao smiled evilly, “You can ah! If you don’t take me, I’ll just tell Master about you stealing a kiss from me!”

Mu Wuxie asked urgently, “When did I……”

“Low blow! First Senior Brother, why don’t you want to take me there? Don’t tell me you aren’t afraid that I will eat you!”

“Cough, I’m afraid…”

“First Senior brother, I’m a good girl……”

This her first senior brother was so delicate, a reincarnation of a Tang monk, you couldn’t blame her for teasing him, it had come to the point that as soon as he saw her, he looked as if he had seen a monster.

“Here are your clothes, don’t forget what you promised! That’s my favorite design, here, seeing as it fits your body I’ll lend it to you once.”

“Senior, you’re asking me to dress up as a maid for Christmas to make money for your design department……”

“Ai-ya, Senior is just making a reasonable request on behalf of all the boys in the school! Haven’t you even been to the school forum? I uploaded the latest design of the maid dress, and investigated which girl in the school the guys wanted most to dress up. The result, Xiao Qiao’s vote was 90%!”

Gong Xiaoqiao’s mouth twitched, “I can’t believe there’s such a boring vote system going on…..”

After getting rid of her crazy senior, Gong Xiaoqiao changed her dress and took a taxi to the coastal villa in the prime part of A City.

Before Gu Xiao Rou and Qin Yao had even arrived in the country, the two families had already prepared a luxurious villa along the coast for them.

Facing the ocean, spring blossoming.

It was said that this series of villas were designed by Qin Yao himself.

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