Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 22 - Give them a surprise

Chapter 22 – Give them a surprise

At the engagement banquet, the fragrant incense burned sideways, the cups crisscrossed.

Gong Hannian had properly arranged everything for the engagement banquet. The second elder of the Gu family often nodded his head to the praise of the guests. Gu family not only had a good son-in-law, but it wouldn’t be long before they were estimated to add another good daughter-in-law.

“Sister Hannian, you’ve suffered, take a break!” Gu Xiao Rou appreciated her warmly.

“Thank you.” Qin Yao honoured Hannian by drinking a glass.

Gong Hannian replied, affectionately holding Gu Xiao Rou’s hands, “I haven’t seen you for a few years and you have become so beautiful! Qin Yao is really blessed!”

“Sister Hannian, you’re making fun of me again!” Gu Xiao Rou pouted.

“I really wish Sister Hannian would marry sooner! My brother is too slow, I’m afraid he’ll be taken away from you by others! He is always busy with work, why don’t you rush him!”

Gong Hannian looked away at the guests being greeted not far away, “As long as his heart is with me, it’s enough.”

Even his younger sister was engaged, but he still didn’t show any indication, she wasn’t in a hurry, but she was sullen.

“Do you think it’s Doctor Mu over there?” Gong Hannian looked at the distance.

“Ah! It really is! Doctor Mu!” Gu Xiao Rou cried out cheerfully.

“Xiao Rou, congrats.” Mu Wuxie went over.

Gu Xiao Rou : “Doctor Mu, long time no see.”

Mu Wuxie: “Yes ah! How is your body?”

“It has stabilized. As long as I don’t get too much stimulation, it’s possible it will not recur all my life, all thanks Dr. Mu who introduced me to the expert.” Gu Xiao Rou thanked him.

“It’s what I should do. Xiao Qiao’s friend is also my friend.” Mu Wuxie said politely.

That year, Xiao Qiao and Gu Xiao Rou were so close, better than sisters. Who knew that so many things would happen later.

“After all these years, is Doctor Mu still alone?” Gu Xiao Rou asked.

Mu Wuxie nodded.

“However, I brought a date today. She should be here later……”

Facing Qin Yao’s inquiring eyes Mu Wuxie’s expression was somewhat unnatural.

“Xiao Jing, stop drinking!”

Looking at the pair of dog couple showing off their happiness, Leng Jing couldn’t remain calm.

“Leave me alone.”

“Xiao Jing, do you think you think that because you betrayed Xiao Qiao by coming to Gu Xiao Rou and Qin Yao’s engagement without telling her that’s why you’re feeling bad in your heart?” Tang Yu asked.

Leng Jing looked at Tang Yu in surprise, her face frozen.

What was on her mind was actually guessed by this idiot.

“Do you think I wanted to come! If I didn’t, my brother will have arranged for me to go on a blind date.” Leng Jing furiously answered.

Tang Yu was immediately empathetic, “The elders are really cruel creatures!”

“The most brutal of all is Gu Xingshen. If it wasn’t for him pressuring my brother, my brother would not have put pressure on me! If I have to continue to fake sisterly affection with her, I’ll vomit on myself!

M*! A pair of dogs! How did Xiao Qiao treat her at that time, how did she return it, ungrateful bitch! There was also that Qin Yao, thought his behavior was different from other men, he turned out to be a savage beast!”

Leng Jing drank too much, so she began to spew nonsense. Frightened, Tang Yu hurriedly covered her mouth.

Outside the villa.

Gong Xiaoqiao couldn’t get inside without an invitation, so she gave Mu Wuxie a call.

Half a minute later Mu Wuxie rushed over, but did not immediately take her inside, pulling her aside.

“Xiao Qiao, what exactly do you want to do?” Mu Wuxie asked anxiously.

Gong Xiaoqiao smiled sweetly: “Of course to attend a good sister’s engagement banquet ah! They seem to have missed my invitation card, I’m going to give them a surprise.”

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