Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Forgive your sister

As if she was watching a farce in an out of body experience, Gong Xiaoqiao’s eyes only had traces of ridicule, and coming into contact with Gu Xingshen’s pleading eyes she was so disgusted that she almost couldn’t wait any longer.

She actually wanted her to say it didn’t matter, saying to forgive?!

Gong Xiaoqiao pushed away from Gu Xingshen, stood up, threw his coat back at him and walked straight to Gu Xiao Rou.

“Gu Xiao Rou, the most worthy thing in your life to show off to me is not that you got Qin Yao, but that you have an indiscriminately good brother!”

With this one word, both men went pale.

“Forgive you? Okay ah! I’ll forgive! Forgive your sister!!!” Gong Xiaoqiao slammed the high heels in her hand one after another into Gu Xingshen’s abdomen, then run away barefooted.

“Xiao Qiao–” Gu Xingshen took the two high heels flusteredly.

Gong Hannian looked at Gong Xiaoqiao’s figure that was running away with hatred. Based on what did she dare to treat Gu Xingshen with that attitude?

Moreover Gu Xingshen did not look angry at all, just had a look of helplessness.

Subsequently Shen Letian looked on Gong Xiaoqiao’s bold actions with amazement, at the same time being deliberately cheeky, “Ah, oh,…..the little fox made a pun. Is this forgiving? Or scolding? How confusing ah!”

“That doesn’t seem to be the point. All I know is that we’ll be having a hard time after today.” Sheng Yu said worriedly.

Every time Xiao Qiao and Boss quarreled, it was the people in their lives that suffered.

Leng Tou released a soft sigh.

It was really a blessing in disguise. How could he not notice it? Shen Letian snickered silently to himself.

Anyways, he was about to go to Africa, to get close to nature. Compared to facing Gu Xingshen, he would rather go to the primeval forests of Africa to get close to the lovable beasts!

Gong Xiaoqiao brooded in Mu Wuxie’s car. She took the clothes that he had just bought and started to change without caring that he was still in the car.

Mu Wuxie was so frightened that he quickly closed his eyes, stumbling out of the car because he had accidentally hit his head.

It was after Gong Xiaoqiao finished changing her clothes that he was finally relieved to get off the ground and into the car.

Seeing Mu Wuxie’s reddish face, Gong Xiaoqiao pouted, “Color is empty, empty is color! You’re a monk, what’s there to be shy about…..”

Mu Wuxie cried without tears.

A monk so what?

A monk was also a man ah!

Besides, he had been secular for years, okay!

“What’s wrong with you? Who bullied you? I told you not to come, but you wouldn’t listen!”

“First Senior brother, don’t worry, no one bullied me. The Gong Xiaoqiao of now won’t be so easily bullied!” Gong Xiaoqiao touched her nose.

Although everything was in her plan, it was inevitable that she would get hurt, or aggrieved.

However, even if she killed a thousand enemies, and lost eight hundred herself, she would still not hesitate.

Late at night.

Qin Yao lay wet by the poolside, his arms across his forehead, the ‘heart of the cape’ lying in the center of his palm.

“Xiao Qiao, maybe you’ve forgotten, this is your own design……”


That night, Gu Xingshen was so entangled that he eventually didn’t chase after her.

He suddenly didn’t know how to face her, how to explain to her that he had deceived her.

Although he had prepared everything in the morning, including the response and the excuse for what had transpired during the middle of the day, when he thought back to the way she had looked at him with aggrieved eyes, he couldn’t come up with anything.

The next morning, worried about her health, Gu Xingshen drove to her school.

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