Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Becoming more and more ruthless

Because she didn’t like for him to go to school to find her, Gu Xingshen had to park his car far away and call Leng Jing.

If he were to call Gong Xiaoqiao, she would definitely not pick it.

To his surprise, it was Tang Yu who answered the phone.

“Ah? Boss, looking for Xiao Qiao ah?! Xiao Qiao is gone to D City.”

“What?” He had thought of countless of possibilities, thinking about what to say when he saw her, but he didn’t expect it to be empty.

“I heard Xiao Jing say she went to D city to audition with a crew, and won’t be back until a week later! She went without telling anyone. Xiao Jing said Xiao Qiao must have been angry. She abandoned her, breaking off relations with her, she’s so drunk at the bar!”

“A week later……” Gu Xingshen hung up the phone, unable to describe the feeling in his heart.

It would be Christmas in six days, his birthday, but she wouldn’t come back until after a week.

Gu Xingshen rubbed his eyebrows. That girl was becoming more and more ruthless…

Gong Xiaoqiao sat on the bus to D City, taking a nap against the window.

A few days ago, Gu Xingshen just lied to Gu Xiao Rou that she had gone to D City, then now she would do as he wanted.

Yesterday she was enveloped in the icy swimming pool, while having her menstrual period, and unexpectedly didn’t fall sick, even feeling refreshed after getting some sleep.

How could she fall sick at the drop of a hat, without qualifications, and without being able to afford a thing!

This time she went to audition for a part in the drama ‘World without demon’.

This fairytale was enchantingly chaotic, based on an old adapted novel, which spoke about King Jun Yi Chen of the mortal world, an extremely frivolous man who married a nonhuman, causing his original wife Guan Xian Yue to be killed by his little concubine Liu Yi, after which she reincarnated into a demoness, coming back for revenge.

Jun Yi Chen repented of his mistake, and in order to make up for it, readily abandoned everything, falling into the path of magic, accompanying his wife to beg for forgiveness. Finally there was a dog blood happy ending(hmm). When the punishment from the heavens arrived, Jun Yi Chen gave up his life, finally gaining the forgiveness of Guan Xian Yue. The two went through a lot of tribulations before they finally ended up together.

In actual fact, Gong Xiaoqiao did not like the end of the story very much. If she were the author, she would certainly have made that unfaithful king cannon fodder, how could he return the beauty into his arms in the end?

In short, she liked the mysterious devil who lured the female lead to become a demoness in the drama. Although he was dressed in a black robe from beginning to end, his face was never exposed.

Although it was officially said that all the characters were being auditioned for this time, how could an important role such as the male and female lead not be determined.

So, Gong Xiaoqiao decided to do what she could, and this time went for the role as the servant girl by Guan Xian Yue’s side when she became a demoness, Xiao Hong.

Different from the personal servant girl Yuxiu, this Xiao Hong was a walk-on. As soon as she came into the scene she killed by Liu Yiyi to as a way of killing the chicken to warn the monkey.

The audition scene was full of people, even the line for the walk-on little servant girl was so long.

‘World without demon’, whether it was the screenwriters, producers, directors or the investors, all of them were powerful, so it wasn’t a wonder why many people were flocking to the scene.

Two hours later, Gong Xiaoqiao walked out of the reviewing room dejectedly.

There was no technical assessment, the judges only looked at her and made a decision.

Although Xiao Hong in the drama did not look very good, her shape wasn’t too bad, that because Jun Yi Chen looked at her too often, Liu Yiyi, who was beautiful but had no figure to speak of was very jealous, she took a knife to her head.

Okay ah! She could comfort herself in part because of A City’s reputation.

Gong Xiaoqiao was just preparing to return to the hotel when a judge from the reviewing room rushed up to her, “Miss Gong!”

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