Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – You actually sold me

“Mr. Fan, is there something I can do for you?” Gong Xiaoqiao asked politely.

“Miss Gong’s qualifications are so good, why would you only apply for such a small role?”

“Everyone’s strength is very strong ah! To be able to land this role I’m already very satisfied.”

“Miss Gong is too modest, actually….. I think the role of Guan Xian Yue is very suitable for you. I don’t know if Miss Gong has the time for dinner. We can talk about it.” The man smiled gracefully, thinking that he was being charming, but Gong Xiaoqiao only felt it was obscene.

“I’m really sorry Mr. Fan. I have an appointment later.”

“Really? That’s a pity.” The man’s face was a little bad. He looked at her scornfully before leaving, seeming to be laughing at her pretend haughtiness.

Gong Xiaoqiao sighed. Was this the legendary hidden rules?

At best that guy was just a staff member, or even a judge for the walk-ons. When did he get the authority to decide who the female lead would be? Did he take her for a primary school student? What a good lie!

However she was afraid that after rejecting him, he would secretly become a stumbling block to her.

But anyway, it was no only a walk-on role, not really relying on acting skills, because it really wasn’t any pity to lose this kind of thing.

Gong Xiaoqiao tiredly went back to the hotel, opened the door and threw herself directly onto the big bed, but immediately felt that something was wrong. What was so hard on the bed?

Just as she was preparing to get up, she was knocked down and pinned to the bed. First seeing a naked chest, she looked up into a pair of eyes that were looking at her sadly and resentfully.

“Gong Xiaoqiao, you actually……you actually sold me…..”

“Ah— Why are you in my bed? How did you know that I was here? How can the hotel casually let anyone in! Where did I sell you?”

“You’re still denying it, why didn’t you come to my concert?” Jin Mu Lin continued to stare at her sadly.

Gong Xiaoqiao dismissively turned her head with a light cough, “What, it was the tickets for the concert that I sold okay! Why are you so stirred up ah! I had something on so I couldn’t go. It’s was a waste to keep it anyway, so I sold it ah…..”

“Then what was my last song? You must have no idea, right?” Jin Mu Lin gnashed his teeth in anger. He had found it in his heart and lungs to write a song for her, trying to surprise her at the concert.

“Well, what is it……”

“Gong Xiaoqiao, I hate you! How could you do that to me, why…….”

The corners of Gong Xiaoqiao’s mouth twitched, pushing away the man who was lying on top of her with only a towel wrapped around his body howling, “Second brother, have you been possessed by Brother Roar….”

“Right, I haven’t asked you yet, what are you doing here?”

“Came to audition for a role in ‘World without demon’.”

“Oh? Really? Did you succeed? ”


“Aaah! Then I’m going too, I’m going to be the male lead! The agent gave me the script before, but I really wasn’t interested in the character of the female lead! If it’s Xiao Qiao, then it will be different. In the drama, Guan Xian Yue is soft and obedient to Jun Yi Chen ah! Oh hehe….”

The most important thing was that there were a lot of intimate scenes.

Gong Xiaoqiao’s face was black, “Hey! I think you’ve got some things wrong! At first Guan Xian Yue was very good to Jun Yi Chen but in the end he repayed her with evil. Moreover, I didn’t audition for the role of the female lead, but for a little servant girl who has only five minutes in the drama!”

Jin Mu Lin was stunned for a long time, then grasped her shoulders, shaking it. “Little sister, are you crazy? You’re actually going act as a walk-on! How can my, Jin Mu Lin’s person be a walk-on!”

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