Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 3 - Borrow me to use

Chapter 3 – Borrow me to use

Gong Xiaoqiao slept in the innermost upper bunk and Leng Jing slept in the upper bunk next to her.

While sleeping, Leng Jing pushed her, “Hey, are you really going?”

“A good opportunity, why won’t I go?” Last night she didn’t sleep well, this time she must sleep.

“Does your family Gu Xingshen permit you to go to that kind of place?”

“How does that concern him!” When she heard Gu Xingshen she was so upset that she almost couldn’t help getting up to do the test paper.

In other words, her grades were so good now, more than half of the credit belonged to Gu Xingshen.

The next night.

Gong Xiaoqiao found an unknown object in the grass as she went through the school woods to Meizu bar.

Moving quickly, she kicked at it.

The object with an ‘ow’ sound bounced.

“Tang Yu, how is it you again? You’ve taken A Big as your home, right! If you have nothing to do, run here. What kind of perverted thing are you sneaking around here doing this night?” Gong Xiaoqiao put her hands on her hips, looking as if she was about to replace the moon light? on the street.

Tang Yu looked up with tears in his eyes, with a few withered grass on his hair and a haggard face.

“What happened that you have black eyes? Were you beaten up by Xiao Jing again?”

Tang Yu covered in tears, had an expression as if he meeting a bosom friend.

Gong Xiaoqiao knelt and said, “If you have nothing to do what are you doing messing with her! Did I not tell you that our family’s Xiao Jing likes gentle and elegant gentlemen, if there’s nothing to learn from Leng Jing, don’t jump up and down in front of her all day, be mature and steady. You clearly know that she doesn’t like you to come to school so ostentatiously to find her, but always want to come, not to count, even bringing that broken saobao car, even forget bringing that broken car, you know that you long attract bees even standing there scratching your head, are you not looking to be taken out!”

“The assembly B was struck by lightning, I don’t want to be with that immoral Leng Tou guy! Xiao Qiao, don’t be mean to me, I really can’t help it this time.” Tang Yu cried. “My mom is forcing me to go on a blind date next week.”


“My mom gave me two choices. Either to bring a girlfriend back on the weekend, or go on a blind date. So I told Xiao Jing the truth again.”

Gong Xiaoqiao nodded and reached out to rub his disheveled head, “Poor child, no wonder it becomes like this.”

“Xiao Qiao, what should I do? If Xiaojing doesn’t accept me again, I really have to go to the blind date. Absolutely not, I can’t do something awful to Xiao Jing!!!”

“Ai! Should I say you’re stupid, or should I say you’re stupid!” Gong Xiaoqiao sighed.

“Xiao Qiao!” Tang Yu suddenly jumped up and looked at her eagerly and hopefully such a puppy like look like it was seeing her flesh and bones gave Gong Xiaoqiao a layer of goose bumps.

“What?” Gong Xiaoqiao stepped back and watched him with vigilance.

“Accompany me to see my mother!”

Gong Xiaoqiao immediately “whizzed” all the way away “Are you kidding me?”

“Just pretend to be my girlfriend, let me escape it first! You know me how terrible my mom is! Not even finished with the blind date on the weekend, and the next day I will be forced to get married! I am still young, I don’t want to die yet! Of course, unless I die together with Xiao Jing….. this immortal wants to die, hey hey hey……”

Gong Xiaoqiao turned his head and looked at his yy with pity. “If you dodge a calamity, I will be miserable.”

“You have no boyfriend, what does it matter if I borrow you?” Tang Yu, looked at her slyly.

Gong Xiaoqiao’s face was pitch black “That won’t work! Is Jie something you want to borrow and can just borrow if you want?”


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