Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 4 - Little Fox

Chapter 4 – Little Fox

Tang Yu hurriedly begged, “Xiao Qiao, I’ve thought and thought only you are the most suitable, you and Xiao Jing have such a good relationship, if you let her know, if you go and explain, she will definitely believe you. If I find another woman went and let Xiao Jing misunderstand, I have no hope at all.”

“You thought too much, really.” Xiao Qiao looked at him with pity, Leng Jing would not care about these things.

“Xiao Qiao Meimei, now my life is in your hands. If you don’t save me, I will hang on the door of your bedroom on Sunday to show my innocence!”

“Then go and die right now!” Gong Xiaoqiao kicked him with her foot, “The ability is big, even learned how to force people with death!”

” Xiao Qiao, Xiao Qiao, I’m begging you!” Gong Xiaoqiao was just about to leave when he pulled her trousers.

“You better regroup now, go and play on the side, Jie is busy! No time to care about your life and death!”

“Where are you going, take me with you ah hey” Tang Yu howled behind her.

Meizu bar.

The place was too big, additionally the light was dim. The lights flashed around her and she was dizzy. Gong Xiaoqiao knocked over two or three waiters, asked four or five people, turned six or seven bends, and was beaten eight or nine times and finally found the backstage, not knowing that her every move had fallen into the eyes of an interested person.

“Oh! You guys guess who I just saw? Isn’t it that little fox raised by Boss Gu?” Shen Letian hugged left and right hand, squinting at the little guy who lost his way in the wolves.

“As soon as she entered the door I saw her.” Sheng Yu had a look of great interest. In this kind of place, dressed as high school student in this difficult mess, so loud, it couldn’t attract attention.

“Do you want to inform the boss?” Shen Letian had an expression that looked like it was asking, won’t the world be a mess?

“A Tou, what do you think?” Asked Sheng Yu.

Both men looked at Leng Tou.

Leng Tou pushed up the glasses, “Call the manager first to find out what she’s doing here.”

Shen Letian immediately snapped his finger calling the waiter.

The poor little waiter came forward with trepidation, “Mr. Shen, what order do you have?”

It couldn’t be blamed on him for being so cautious, the three sitting here were S-class beasts, you could mess with anyone you but them or else you couldn’t live in A city.

A few golden card masters often come here to play, and Meizu bar was simply anxious to give them whatever they wanted.

“Go get your manager.”


Less than half a minute, the manager stumbled over, “What can I do for Master Shen? Are you dissatisfied with our service?”

“The little fox just now just now is she your employee?” Shen Letian asked.

“Little fox?” The manager was puzzled.

Shen Letian thought for a moment, then changed the word, “Rabbit.”

“Ra… Rabbit?” The manager was even more confused.

Sheng Yubai glanced at Shen Letian’s wicked look, “Just now the white T-sleeve, jeans, baby face, looks like a high school girl.”

“Oh…..” The manager suddenly realized that he was sweating and wiped it his face courteous, “She’s really our employee, but today is her first day, a little later she will be performing on stage. If you like it, when it’s over, I’ll ask her to come and accompany you.”

Leng Tou frowned, “She accompanys guest?”

“She is just an actor who performs in the the drama. She is not responsible for accompanying the wine, but it is her honour to be with you few lovers.” The manager went to great lengths to flatter himself.

As soon as the manager left, Shen Letian immediately pulled out his cellphone excitedly. “No, I have to ask brother to come and look!”

“Hello, brother, come to Meizu bar? All the brothers are here.”

“No, you guys play.” On the other end, Gu Xingshen replied coldly and quietly.

“Really don’t want to come? There’s a special show o! Very very special o!”

Looking at Shen Letian’s cheap appearance, Leng Tou and Sheng Yu all turned their heads and pretended not to know him.

“Not interested.”

“If the little fox is here too not coming?”


Shen Letian immediately knew that there was a play, his eyes turned and he deliberately opened his mouth, “I just saw her, working part-time work here. It is said that the best pole dance will be performed tonight……”

Gu Xingshen: “……”

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