Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 6 - I have clothes

Chapter 6 – I have clothes

Gong Xiaoqiao was stunned for a second, calmly stepped back, and then calmly took the door handle, and finally turned around calmly.

Then, pulled her feet and run wildly.

The whole incident took only a few seconds from Gong Xiaoqiao pushing the door open then pulling it closed.

Gong Xiaoqiao did not run out a few steps, before the ringtone rang, panting, the other end had just released a “hello” sound, Gong Xiaoqiao immediately hang up.

Then the phone began to ring again and she continually hang up, doing so repeatedly.

Finally a text message came in.

Gong Xiaoqiao opened it –

“Very good.”

When Gu Xingshen often said this two words to her, it was when he was mad at her, Gong Xiaoqiao knew that if she didn’t comfort his unbalanced scales, the road will only lead to death.

Gong Xiaoqiao agitatedly scratched the fake silver wig turned back and walked the way she just run from.

As soon as she pushed the door in, she was hit head-on by a shirt, the familiar scent letting her know that it was Gu Xingshen’s.

“Put it on.” Gu Xingshen, even naked, his aura was still strong.

“Why should I wear your clothes, I have to wear clothes…..” Although Gong Xiaoqiao resentfully grabbed the shirt, still under Gu Xingshen’s blazing gaze she put it on.

Anyway, it had already been discovered, Gong Xiaoqiao was not afraid, and with a tranquil face sat next to Gu Xingshen.

Tang Yu still covered his nose, and as if running from a beast sat far from her, from time to time peeking carefully at her through his fingers.

“It turned out to be the predators, I said, who was so big to cause a scene, letting someone come over to give a solo performance. I said I will not go, the manager immediately cried, and knelt down!”

Gong Xiaoqiao didn’t continue the rest of the sentence, if she had known earlier that it was them, even if the manager cried had cried down the Great Wall, she wouldn’t go.

“Who allowed to wear this type of dress?” Gu Xingshen looked at her coldly.

Gong Xiaoqiao touched the bunny ears on her head, ” The manager asked me to wear it ah! I think it’s cute.”

Shit! Where was it cute! This was so hot! Shen Letian silently observed a moment of silence for the manager in his heart, Gong Xiaoqiao added, “The manager said that the guests liked the bunny dress.”

“Who said that?”

“I didn’t say it.” Tang Yu immediately clarified the relationship.

Sheng Yu and Leng Tou looked at Shen Letian at the same time.

Gong Xiaoqiao also turned to look at him, “Ah, Shen Letian, I didn’t think you had this kind of taste ah!”

Faced with the cold windy gaze of the Boss, Shen Letian has nothing to say.

He just said the word “bunny” ah! Who did he provoke…..

“Boss, if you educate the child, we wouldn’t have bothered.”

Leng Tou coughed and stood, sending a wink, the four people went out together, Shen Letian running the fastest.

“Who is a child?” Gong Xiaoqiao glared at Leng Tou.

In the hallway.

Shen Letian sighed, “I know that the little fox is in good shape, I didn’t expect it so well!”

Tang Yu nodded in agreement, and then looked at Sheng Yu with worship. “I didn’t expect third brother to be so calm at the critical moment. Even second brother blushed.”

Leng Tou glanced at Tang Yu. “Old five, there’s also limit to retardation. This long you haven’t noticed the sexual orientation of Old three?”

Tang Yu held his chest in horror looking at Sheng Yu, “Third brothers, you, you, you……”

Sheng Yu faintly threw a glance at Tang Yu, “I’m not interested in you.”

Tang Yu: “…..”

Shen Letian touched his chin thoughtfully, then was immediately dismayed, “Third brother, it can’t be towards me…..”

Sheng Yu: “I’m not interested in you either.”

Shen Letian: “Third brother, are you indirectly confessing your love to second brother?”

Leng Tou: “Why can it not be the boss?”

Sheng Yu: “…….”

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