Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 5 - A disaster to the people.

Chapter 5 – A disaster to the people.

After the phone call, Shen Letian sat and swayed his legs in a good mood, from afar he saw someone coming towards him but it wasn’t Gu Xingshen.

“Yo! Tang Yu, your new look is not bad!”

“Generally average.” Tang Yu covered one eye and whispered to the waiter. ” Go and buy a pair of sunglasses.”

After speaking he looked at Leng Tou with sadness, “Leng Tuo your sister….. bullies people too much!”

“You run all day long sending yourself to be beaten who are you blaming?” Leng Tou without consideration gave him a merciless blow.

“Tonight there’s a lot of people, and by chance, Xiao Qiao is here too.” Sheng Yu said to Tang Yu.

“Of course I know she’s here, I followed her all the way.” Tang Yu took the sunglasses from the waiter and said.

“Followed her? What ate you doing following the little fox? It can’t be that because you can’t catch A Tou’s sister, you plan on hitting on the little fox?” Shen Letian asked in amazement.

“You care about me.”

“I don’t care about you, I am afraid that when the time arrives that you’re dying you won’t know why”

“Boss, hurry hurry! It’s almost the little fox’s turn.” Shen Letian saw Gu Xingshen arriving and got up to say hello.

The waiter on the side saw Gu Xingshen and shook like he had seen a ghost.

The CEO of Gu Group, the leader of demons and giants, first in the city of A, who was arrogant, who hadn’t come for a long time, today had suddenly appeared in Meizu bar.

He looked as terrifying as the legend, a disaster to the people!

Gu Xingshen sat down, gently leaning back, a pair of phoenix eyes slightly squinting, the slender corners of his eyes hanging beautifully, remaining calm and composed and darted a look at Shen Letian, “You know it is Xiao Qiao, didn’t stop it, but also asked me to come to the show. En, Shen Letian, you’re becoming very daring now!”

Shen Letian shivered all over, the red wine in his hand sloshing over the edge of the glass. “Boss, unfair, Sheng Yu and Leng Tou also here, there’s also Tang Yu! Why is it only…..”


“No- nothing… It’s all my fault, I don’t dare anymore!” Shen Letian was mourning and sorrowfully squinted at the other three men who looked innocently at the sky.

Wow! What a disgrace!

Obviously someone had already informed the lobby manager, who had just rushed over to greet, “Mr. Gu……”

Without waiting for the manager to spew out whatever flattering words he had brewed, Gu Xingshen with a faceless expression opened his mouth, “Gong Xiaoqiao, let her come over and see me.”

The manager was stunned then nodded again and again. “Yes yes! Furong Pavilion has been kept for you, few have gone inside for a while, I’ll call her right away.”


“Mr. Gu do you need anything else?”

“Don’t tell her who I am.”


Sheng Yu leaned to the side of Leng Tou, “It’s over.”

Shen Letian wiped his sweat, it was nothing, as long as the fire did not burn him.

Tang Yu contently suckled his juice.

There seemed to be no one on this floor, so the tapping sound of the high-heeled shoes hitting the ground echoed around.

Gong Xiaoqiao came to an end, confirmed the location, then knocked on the door and pushed it open—

A pair of slightly confused watery eyes swept over the five men sitting there in different styles.

Shen Letian was the first to lift his head, and red wine was sprayed on the spot.

Tang Yu hurriedly pulled paper towels to block the nosebleed.

Leng Tou coughed, and twisted his head, his face having a suspicious flush.

Sheng Yu was startled.

Gu Xingshen eyes turned into a raging fire, sitting there without saying a word, deep dark eyes like bottomless pits.

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