Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 8 - Hugs one

Chapter 8 – Hugs one

As soon as Gong Xiaoqiao walked out of the bar, she was hit by the oncoming cold air that she took a step back, slamming into the arms of Gu Xingshen.

“Oh, so cold…”

When she came the weather was still fine. How come it’s windy and raining at the moment, there was air-conditioner inside, everyone had especially worn summer dresses, and unexpectedly hadn’t felt it a bit.”

Gong Xiaoqiao was so cold that she trembled up and down, her teeth chattering, in contrast to Gu Xingshen, who was only wearing a thin black shirt. He didn’t even wrinkle his brows. Really an abnormal physique.

“Cold?” Gu Xingshen put his arms around.

She got into the car and turned on the heating.

“Damn winter is here again.” Gong Xiaoqiao complained maliciously, she wanted to hibernate in this cold weather.

“This late the dormitory should be locked right?” Gu Xingshen drove, asking casually.


“Go to my place to sleep?”

“Not going, I can pass through the window.”

“Didn’t you say there was an evil dog?”

“Nonsense, Big Black is the cutest.”


When the car was almost approaching the school gate, she received a call from Leng Jing.

“Xiao Qiao, have you gotten off from work?”

“En, I’m on the way back.”

“Oh, then don’t come back. The director of the class is blocking off the window tonight and catching people!”


Ultimately, Gong Xiaoqiao went back to the apartment.

“Gu Xingshen, I am hungry, make me a bowl of noodles!”

Gu Xingshen’s craftsmanship was very good, but it wasn’t easy to get him to cook, the only one that could ask him was estimated to be Gong Xiaoqiao with a thick face and thick skin.

“What benefits are there?”

Gong Xiaoqiao pulled a stack of cards out from the drawer. “Old rules, just pick.”

Gu Xing snorted and flipped the cards one by one , “Massage card, ten minutes. Housekeeping card, one day. Running errands card, once. Singing card, one song. Blocking the arrow card, once…..from the age of three to the present, really uncreative.”

Gu Xingshen interestedly leaned back on the sofa.

For a midnight snack, Gong Xiaoqiao was gallant. “Where is there no creativity? If you want something, just add it yourself!”


“En! I have always been very democratic okay?” Gong Xiaoqiao generously handed him an empty card and pen.

“No need to add, when you lose anew I’ll just add to it again” Gu Xingshen supported his head looking at her.

“When I lose?”

“Baby Xiao Qiao give brother Shen a kiss, baby Xiao Qiao to give brother Shen a hug, baby Xiao Qiao give …..”

“Stop stop stop!” Gong Xiaoqiao glared at him with anger, “that …… that was a play when I was a child, okay! Of course I cannot be so childish now that I’ve grown up.”

Damn ah! Gu Xingshen’s thoughts gave her goose bumps all over!

“I don’t think so.” Gu Xingshen looked at her flushed face with pleasure.

“Because you’re a pervert!”

Gong Xiaoqiao tumbled into the door and escaped to the bathroom.

Looking at her back, there was a trace of desolateness in Gu Xingshen’s eyes.

When Gong Xiaoqiao washed up and came out, Gu Xingshen had rolled up his sleeves, making midnight snacks in the kitchen, wearing the pink apron she had bought at the supermarket last time.

Gong Xiaoqiao immediately smiled and wrapped a tablecloth on the dinner table, waiting for Gu Xingshen’s feeding.

Gu Xingshen put down a big bowl of plain noodles, a really big bowl.

“A man who can cook is the most attractive!” Gong Xiaoqiao pulled the big bowl of noodles to herself, and did not forget to please Gu Xingshen with a few words.

“It’s still at home that you can be happy ah!”

“Then come back to live.” Gu Xingshen took off his apron and walked to her side to sit down.

“No.” Gong Xiaoqiao ate with joy.


“No reason.” Knowing that any reason would be rejected by his perverted logic, Gong Xiaoqiao simply had no intention of winning.

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